Hoover H-FREE 500 review: a super compact cordless stick vacuum cleaner

With this containment, it is likely that your homes have never been so clean. To do this big cleaning, are you more of a broom? Vacuum cleaner ? Well we have chosen to test a stick vacuum cleaner for you! Good complement to robot vacuum cleaners, the broom vacuum cleaner Hoover H-FREE 500 is also connected, even if it is not compatible with Alexa.

We do not present the Hoover brand, one of the most recognized in the world of aspiration. She is increasingly interested in bagless, connected vacuum cleaners in a medium / high-end segment with this reference. For around 225 €, winner of the Red Dot 2020 for design, the Hoover H-FREE 500 comes with an interesting set of accessories, it's compact, it stands on its own and it was developed with lots of great ideas in mind. But is it enough?

HOOVER H-FREE 500: a compact and stylish cordless vacuum cleaner

Le Hoover H-FREE 500 is delivered in a cardboard box with the brand's color code: red and white. Of good quality, it highlights the technical characteristics main features of our vacuum cleaner:

    • WIFI connection,
    • Compact product,
    • performances equivalent to a vacuum cleaner operating on the mains,
    • Autonomy of 40 minutes,
    • Removable battery,
    • Standing position for storage ...

The H-Free 500 is in good quality plastic, thick, with very good finishes. All the small elements fit perfectly, no dripping injections, no peaks… We are on matt black except for the top of the engine and the handle, in silver. The lime green and gray colors go together very well. The metal suction hose as well as the various accessories are just as well finished.

The battery fits into the back of the vacuum cleaner as such. It is removable and can therefore be loaded while being on the vacuum cleaner or not. The charger cable connects directly to the battery and not to the H-Free. From there, load wherever you want.

Regarding the accessories, the HF522NPW version is delivered with:

Un rigid pipe in metal of about 50 cm:

A turbo brush for animal hair:

A standard brush with two cleaning rollers : one for less fragile floors such as tiling or carpets / rugs and the second for parquet and tiles, etc ...

A double suction brush for floors and furniture:

Un wall mounting kit is also there if you wish, as well as a charger.

All these beautiful people are well wedged in recycled cellulose type egg box. All the accessories are easily assembled and disassembled by pressing the small anise green buttons "Lock".

On the design side, we like it or not. Let's just say that we are not in the standard visual of the stick vacuum cleaners of one block, massive and mastoc. One thing has surely jumped out at you: it looks a lot like a hand vacuum cleaner. This is normal, it is! The main block consists mainly of the handle in the extension of the induction motor, filter system and dust bin, as well as battery on the underside.

The whole is quite compact with its 46 cm long, 13 cm high, 8 cm wide and weighs 1,3 kg. But then again, this is not a manual vacuum cleaner with that old 50s design. On the contrary, it is quite modern with its legendary video game weapon form!

One of the highlighted features of this Hoover is its compactness. When it is dismantled, it fits without any problem in the transport bag that the brand had the good idea to provide. But the most glaring advantage is the fact that this vacuum cleaner can be stored upright once assembled in its entirety, towering over you in its entire size (108 cm) or in compact mode thanks to a built-in system engineer (69 cm in this case).

"A modern and inspired design" The Alexians

You can see very well in the previous photos, once fully assembled, your Hoover is a real stick vacuum cleaner, with modern and inspired design. We are really a fan of mixing metal, plastic, mat, shine, colors… It is thin, very modern and at the same time seems powerful.

The H-FREE likes buttons a lot. There are the anise green buttons which are used to unclip the different parts and accessories, there are buttons to open the dust bin (simple emptying by opening above the bin) and also four buttons on the handle for:

  • Choose the suction mode via two selectors,
  • Switch on the vacuum cleaner and switch it off,
  • Activate Wi-Fi.

"A product with an innovative design (hence its Red Dot 2020 trophy)" The Alexians

On each side of the handle, two semi-circular LEDs will give you the state of charge of your battery and the chosen suction mode:

  • Engime : 4 levels each with their own color. Silent, turbo, normal and auto.
  • Battery : from green to red.

At first glance, we are therefore on a product with an innovative design (hence its Red Dot 2020 trophy). What about its characteristics?

Features of the cordless stick vacuum cleaner

For this type of product, it is always a little difficult to fish for information regarding the characteristics. No suction force available, no very clear power… We must be satisfied with rather succinct data and for some only involving Hoover.

21,6 mAh 1500V Li-ion battery. This type of battery has a fairly high energy in terms of restitution but a low autonomy.

  • 250W power,
  • H-Lab induction motor allowing constant suction with exceptional suction performance on all types of dust (fine, large, hair, animal hair). The combination of powerful motor, airflow and new brush ensures optimal cleaning performance, combined with the freedom and convenience of cordless (Hoover says, based on internal dust suction testing on hard floors, hard floors with nozzle and carpet measured according to standard EN 60312-1 and reaching the maximum performance of standard (EU) N ° 666/2013.
  • Washable foam dust filter,
  • The different brushes are powered by the motor in order toturn on the LEDs allowing a better visualization of the dirt to be sucked up. Really, it's great!

“It is very pleasant to clean with the help of the three LEDs which light up the floor in front of the brush. " The Alexians

Regarding the filter, we are a polymer foam filter and not a HEPA filter. It will not retain the smallest elements such as allergens for example. The filter can be removed very easily in order to be washed under water. Everything is easily disassembled. Allow about 500 ml for the drip tray.

The batteries are advertised for a period of use of 40 min and a charging time of 5 hours !!! We are therefore on the main weak point of the product. Because the 40 minutes are the maximum and you might as well tell you that it is for eco use in hand vacuum mode. As soon as you put on the brushes (especially with the LEDs), you divide the lifespan by 2. In Turbo mode and Wi-Fi activated, you will not exceed 10 to 15 minutes. If you then count 5 hours to recharge it, it's simply mind-boggling.
Indeed, our H-FREE 500 is a connected vacuum cleaner! But what will this bring us? To be frank, apart from an unnamed headache to pair the vacuum cleaner to Wi-Fi (over an hour for a basic operation !!!) and basic or even laughable information, you gain nothing from it. all. Don't take the risk of tearing your hair out for the little added value.

You can indeed see the charge level in the application your battery (also given by the color code on the vacuum cleaner), the filling status of the bin (for once, you just have to look at the bin) and theclogging of the filter (only information with interest). At the laughable level of information, you can calculate calories burned vacuuming based on your weight. Yes… There you go! Considering the battery life, it's not going to be heavy… Ah, and yes, there is parental control if your child is ever a vacuuming psychopath and spends it day and night.

HOOVER H-FREE 500: using the vacuum cleaner

This test is based on a period of use of several months and the results are therefore intended to be representative. First of all, the grip and the ease of use of the vacuum cleaner are excellent: very easy to pass, it is thin enough to squeeze everywhere and is truly multi-use.

  • Hand vacuum cleaner, even if it is not the use that will be preferred because it remains quite bulky and heavy for this use,
  • Le broom vacuum mode is both very good and disappointing. Let's see why.

First of all, once mounted as a stick vacuum cleaner, it is very pleasant to clean with the help of three LEDs that illuminate the ground in front of the brush. The grazing light really “highlights” the debris so it's easy to see if everything has been vacuumed up. It works extremely well on dust and animal hair. The motor gives all its power to pick them up thanks to the various brushes but also the suction as such to bring them to the tank through the filter. On the carpets, it is fabulous!

However, where the Hoover H-Free 500 is less good is for vacuuming medium to large solid debris. The brush will come and eject them and not suck them up. It is necessary to help him by coming to put it on the filth to have a chance to capture them, but it is not sure… Of course, we made this test with the two brushes and the result is more or less the same. If only with the brush for "fragile" floors, it is more a refusal to vacuum up large debris than an ejection. Another problem with the latter is that it tends to crumble a little and the fibers wrap around itself, making it suitable for filming a bondage scene ... Too bad.

It is also not good at all on autonomy. As seen earlier, the batteries are advertised for a use time of 40 min. But during all the tests done, the average lifespan did not exceed 15 minutes. If you then count 5 hours to recharge it, it's simply mind-boggling. The emptying with a simple button is very well seen. We press, the bin opens and everything falls. Watch our video for a presentation of our Stick vacuum cleaner:

What to say in conclusion of our test? It's a fairly mixed result because there are some very good and some very bad. At the very good level, we have the design, the multifunctionality of the H-FREE 500 and its suction associated with rotating brushes quite efficient on hair and dust, especially on carpets. Its standing storage mode, in its compact form or not, is really well regarded! However, Hoover was unable to overcome real flaws like laborious and uninspiring Wi-Fi connectivity, the difficulty of the vacuum cleaner to suck up moderately large debris and, above all, its poor battery life. For 225 € on Amazon. Fr, the Hoover H-FREE 500 is a fairly good vacuum cleaner that has seduced in many aspects, but its autonomy is a real weak point so that for this price, we could expect much better. Rather, we tend to think of it more as a broom vacuum than a broom vacuum. Let's say to be more precise, it's a hand-held vacuum cleaner that has been modified to be used as a stick vacuum cleaner and it shows in the performance. The difference is size, that is to say that it's a great add-on but not a main vacuum. Favor a purchase during sales.

HOOVER H-FREE 500 - Cordless stick vacuum cleaner

NS. 249 €









Price quality



  • Design
  • Quality
  • Very good performance for dust and hair
  • Compact
  • Stand alone

The lessers

  • No HEPA filter
  • Battery life too low
  • Laborious pairing and application without much interest
  • Difficulty vacuuming up larger debris
  • Hand-held vacuum cleaner transformed into a stick vacuum cleaner
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