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"Here is the summer, here is the summer ... All those drowned, the sea what crap" ! The Green Negresses are right, the baïnes, it's crap. You might as well enjoy the swimming pool if you have one or even your Spa, but it is quickly possible that this little pleasure becomes a real chore when the water starts to turn. The Alexians have thought of you by looking for your well-being at a connected pool probe which will not only allow you to monitor the quality of your water, but also to be proactive by offering you treatments to apply to avoid swimming in the Ganges. We present to you the connected island ICO Ondilo, a company French please !

Created in 2016 and having sold its first products in summer 2017, it is located near Aix en Provence. The French manufacture has a cost, 399 €, but also a great quality: individualized, qualitative product, working in Wi-Fi and compatible Alexa. Let's take the plunge with this test of the Spa version (there is a swimming pool version and inevitably your version)!

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ICO Ondilo: a connected island for swimming pool or spa


Ondilo chose a premium packaging for his island. It comes in the form of a box 18,5 cm square and 12,5 cm thick for nearly 900 grams. It is surrounded by a " sleeve " promoting the advantages of the products (measurement, recommendation, diagnosis and trends) and highlighting its design. Once the box is open (box-type opening), you will find the island well wedged in a plastic shell as well as a quick guide and another box with various tools: flat screwdriver, charger with cable (micro-USB) and a key to change the probes. At first glance, the qualitative aspect of the product is quite marked by its packaging. But we have learned not to rely too much on it.

The second impression when taking the object in hand is its heaviness. The Spa Partner is heavy, with around 700g. It is also imposing with its 15 cm high and almost 12 cm in diameter. Its inverted sugarloaf design is quite sober and at the same time well thought out. This shape and its weight allow it to have a low enough waterline and therefore take measurements at a distance far enough from the surface so as not to distort them. Like it or not, but once in the water only the emerged part of the island will be visible! That is to say 2 small centimeters, with a ladle.

Its dark red color is specific to the ICO (Ilot Connected) for Spa. The ICO for swimming pool will be Blue.

It is made up of 3 parts:

  • The base, red, which protects the sensors. Holes allow water to pass through.
  • The body, white, with the entire data processing system.
  • The top which hides the buttons, LEDs and charging plug.

The plastic is ASA (acrylonitrile styrene acrylate), a plastic anti-UV, resistant to oxidants like chlorine and solid. It is used for windsurfing boards for example. No finishing defects were seen. Everything is thought out down to the smallest detail. The top cap closes completely hermetically with a gasket and a sub-protection, allowing the ICO to assert an IP68, that is to say allowing a total immersion.

Let's see the features in more detail:

  • Each ICO has 4 sensors which we will come back to, of which 3 are interchangeable.
  • It has a battery that charges in 6 hours and can last 1 year !
  • Usable from 5 to 45 ° C
  • Accountant WI-FI 802.11 b / g / n en 2,4 GHz
  • Bluetooth X
  • Complies with the requirements of European directives 2006/95 / CE and 2004/108 / CE necessary for CE marking for the electrical part
  • Complies with directive RoHS aimed at limiting the use of six hazardous substances.

Using the Ondilo ICO connected probe

Now let's tackle what interests you most, not that our prose is hard to read, but we know the urge that is yours.

The ICO is a connected bathing water analyzer : it will allow you to follow four parameters different to help you to anticipate problems giving you instant information t and by anticipating future developments. Not only will the connected island be based on live data of your water but also of forecast weather in the days to come. Indeed, if the temperatures increase, the disinfectants can act less effectively, if it rains, the solution will dilute it ... And thanks to this, you can do preventive.

As part of this test, we reviewed the Spa version of the ICO. But know that there is a swimming pool version. The operation remains the same and the explanations can be extrapolated. The advantage of this product is also that it is custom assembled according to the treatment you use. When ordering, select the type of treatment used (salt, chlorine, bromine, etc.), if you have a swimming pool or a spa, and let's go. Delicate attention from Ondilo, you will find the nominative quality control report (controller name) regarding sensors, battery and connection. The ICO is therefore delivered pre-calibrated, which is great if you don't have the ability to ensure its reliability.

Before setting it up, we recommend that you load your ICO. It may take 6 hours maximum (less in practice because it is preloaded). When the orange light goes out, it's good. To access the micro-USB charging port, remove the cover with the screwdriver provided. You will also find the ignition button under this same cover as well as the small light (an LED) we were talking about (green everything is good, orange we stop).

If you remove the base, you will find 3 Plug and Play sensors (the temperature sensor, smaller, cannot be changed). Which means you can change them if they become faulty or if you decide to change the treatment system during the life of your pool / spa or your ICO. The probes are therefore available for sale individually or in a pack, depending on your treatment. Here are the probes:

  • Temperature : it is a small growth directly molded on the body.
  • PH probe : it is the blue probe. It will measure the hydrogen potential of your water, so its acidity. See our insert for more information and if you don't have a headache.
  • Redox probe, the yellow / orange. This probe will measure the concentration of oxidant in the water. Pool or spa disinfectants are halogenated compounds that will act by oxidation on miasmas. Ondilo has decided not to measure the rate of active disinfectant directly but to give a measure representative of its activity: the antioxidant level. It is a relevant choice when you know the chemistry but much less speaking for people having no notion and used to the bondelles giving directly the content of Cl- or Br-. It would be useful to have in the application a relationship between the value recorded and the concentration of disinfectant used. There are probes for treatment with bromine, chlorine or salt. Or 3 different choices depending on the treatments. Active oxygen does not have a dedicated sensor because it is rather used in punctual treatment given the price.
  • Probe conductivity, grey. This probe will allow you to measure the TDS or rate of dissolved solid. This will inform you about the content of your water in various suspended matter such as minerals, organic waste, etc. The higher the TDS, the more the water will be cloudy and the more your disinfectant will have to react with (hence the smell of chlorine) before it is available to disinfect. A high TDS therefore goes decrease the effectiveness of your oxidant.

If you don't know what the minimum and maximum acceptable levels are, don't worry, Ondilo has defined these parameters for you. However, in our case, the optimal pH target (7,2 to 7,4) corresponded to an optimal pH for a chlorine pool while we are using bromine. But it is possible to modify it. In our case, we have set a pH between 7,5 and 8,2 which corresponds to the optimum efficiency pH of bromine.

Let's see the commissioning together if you don't mind:

ICO application for connected swimming pools and spas It is first of all necessary to download the ICO application on the Google Play Store orApple Store, the application being compatible with Android and iOS. Create your account and then validate your email address (look in your spam emails just in case).

Then press the + to pair a new device. This is where you will have to choose whether you are going to install it in a spa or a swimming pool, then enter your address (for the weather), the material type et volume.

Then choose your type of treatment : bromine, chlorine or salt. You will see the list of preset parameters appear. You have the possibility of coming to modify them if you wish it according to your knowledge, or that of your brother-in-law Stéphane who knows everything about everything (this big beauf).

You must now associate your island. In principle, it is not complicated. First of all, you will need scan the QR code that you have inside the packaging (where Gilles signed in our case) then press the power button to turn on ICO and then press 2 or 3 seconds to flash the green light 3 times. That being said and that being done, let's continue. Enter your Wi-Fi access and wait for it to happen. You will most certainly have an update to do, which is done fairly quickly. The little animation of our sugar loaf friend is extra. Once properly closed, paying attention to the key, you can give your ICO its first bath. He will then do his calculations in his corner for a few minutes and come back to you to give you a quick update (real time data) and a little later (it is best to wait an hour) to a first expertise. In our case, the spa having gone almost 2 weeks without use or treatment, he suggested increasing the pH. Done. But beware, thanks to the volume you provided upstream, ICO gives you the amount of pH + to put!

You see that very quickly, ICO will give you suggestions to improve the water in your wading pool. But it doesn't stop there, Ondilo goes much further:

  • You will be able to follow the evolution of the different probes over time and watch the evolution of the pH or other. It is possible to have a view at the day, week and month. Perfect surveillance!
  • There is also a weather monitoring with the temperature or the UV index which can have a significant influence on the quality of your water depending on the treatment used. In this case, ICO will take this into account for offer you appropriate treatments if necessary.

By entering the settings, you also have the option of calibrating, or at least calibrating, your probes. We did various tests during testing to ensure the accuracy of the data. For temperature, with a long probe thermometer, no particular difference was observed except that it is necessary to take an average temperature because the convective flows (you will look in the Petit Robert this evening, or the big one, but it is not for the same reasons) that it is quite fluctuating.

For the pH, a strip does the trick and for once, it sticks (as far as the color reading is concerned). But, by acquisition of conscience, we did it on a litmus pH paper and a strip, for the same cross result.

For the level of disinfectant, bromine in our case, we made a link between strip measuring free bromine and the rate of oxidant measured by ICO. Without being in the finesse, it was possible to see that the Bromine level was consistent but low and the oxidant level followed the same curve. So we validated that.

For the conductivity, therefore the rate of dissolved solids, it is a little more complicated because we do not have a conductivity meter on hand. It would be possible to calculate a little trick with salt of known concentration and make it bubbled Ondilo ICO inside, but hey… The aim of this is to avoid cloudy water, so we started with the clarity of the water. The conductivity was quite low and the water quite clear, which correlates.

Routinely, ICO will do one measurement per hour and make you a synthesis every four hours. You can force the measurements by going to the last tab. But for that, you have to activate your GPS and Bluetooth because the calibration, network and other functions are only accessible by this type of connection (ICOne of the remote control at the bottom right.

The ICO application is really complete. You even have the option to select the size of pebbles, brand, etc., that you use in order to refine the island recommendations. Difficult to make an exhaustive whole of all its possibilities ...

A compatible connected probe Amazon Alexa

Alexa Skill for Ondilo ICO ICO Ondilo is not yet compatible with Google Assistant, but there is a multimodal skill for Alexa and your Amazon Echo. Look for the "ICO" skill and activate it with the username and password you created for the application.

To put it into service, we must say « Alexa, launch my connected island " et non "Launch ICO" which is too close to the word "Echo", so thatAlexa does not make a difference.

This skill is multimodal, cala means that on an Echo Show, you will have access to a written version (not graphic) announcing and presenting the water temperature or current recommendations. But be careful, the information does not stay displayed for long.  Let's bet that the skill evolves and brings more added value like the other variables than just temperature. However, it has the merit of existing, and it is already very good!

Our opinion on Ondilo ICO

To get an idea of ​​the product and its installation, take a look at our video test of the ICO Ondilo !

After several days of use, it is possible to draw a number of conclusions about our ICO. First of all, it is very precise. The various measures that we were able to control have been confirmed. The data is really relevant in the sense that Ondilo will provide relatively clear recommendations based on the trends of the 3 main sensors, but also the weather. The advantages are multiple as lower consumption of products maintenance and therefore avoid overconsumption for unnecessary or too extensive treatment. In our case, this has not yet led to a drop in consumption, on the contrary, but rather the implementation of more suitable preventive treatments. The water in the Spa test tended to turn very quickly (cloudy) because of insufficiently rigorous monitoring of the various parameters (in particular the pH and an oxidant level therefore changing very quickly). So more than a gain in cleaning products, the water in our Spa is safer. Indeed, there is a color code in the values ​​given by ICO: green or blue, let's go, orange, we act, and red, we don't swim! And for that alone, ICO is making a big splash.

Support forAlexa is for the moment quite limited but it has the merit of going to the essential with the recommendations put forward.

No weakness ? Yes, of course. First of all the first installation can be quite difficult, in particular to do between Ondilo ICO in pairing mode. It is noted on the on-screen instructions to press for a few seconds… But if you don't remove your finger, nothing happens. If you take it off too late, nothing happens. Too early, same ... So 2-3 seconds is fine, once the ICO is on of course.

Another point, and not the least, network loss and its consequences. We tested the ease of our island in recovering a network once lost. We therefore unplugged our box, plugged in again and waited for information to come back ... which did not arrive. He had indeed remained offline. The solution was therefore to switch to Bluetooth, with GPS, and manually reconnect it to the network. What was working ... long enough to stay on Bluetooth. Despite the fact that the network test reconnects it to the initial network, the device still appeared not to be connected. So we reconnected it manually. Without success, Ondilo ICO forgetting the network in the process. We therefore decided to make a reset. Without more success. It was therefore necessary to remove it and start the installation again for it to work. The advantage is that despite all this, history has not been lost. But it is imperative to make this reconnection automatic or in any case much simpler.

The last expected improvement concerns the management of connected assistants. Indeed, Google Home does not have the right to its Action and the Skill Alexa would benefit from being more successful. As we have seen more, once the request is made, the skill stops. It must therefore be relaunched. You only have access to the temperature and the recommendations, nothing pH, redox or conductivity ...

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Connected swimming pool: 5 connected objects to control water quality

ICO Ondilo - connected swimming pool probe










Price quality



  • Ease of use
  • Build quality
  • Precision
  • Clear and relevant recommendations
  • Peace of mind

The lessers

  • Quite expensive
  • Reconnection in the event of a difficult network loss
  • Integration of voice assistants to make more robust
  • Parameters not very accessible to non-experts
Did i choose Alexa or did she choose me? Let's say that as a beta tester, it's a bit of both! And I do not regret having met our favorite assistant nor this adventure undertaken with Alexien Modo. Technophile, self-taught and loving popularization, I try to make our common passion easy to access!