IKEA TRÅDFRI review: a low-cost ZigBee motion detector

In the IKEA series, Les Alexiens have already introduced you the TRÅDFRI LED bulb 1000 lm E27. Today, we continue our discovery of the universe automation of the Swedish giant with the motion detector IKEA TRÅDFRI. Very practical when we want to turn on a light without having to use voice, let's see what this connected object has to offer us.

IKEA TRÅDFRI : a cheap ZigBee motion detector


The packaging of this motion detector is in tune with that of the bulb: simplistic or even sad. A simple white cardboard punched in the shape of the article to indicate the contents. Simple but effective, from IKEA! Only the brand, the wireless symbol and the indication "Works with IKEA Home Smart » are printed on the front. As for the back, it is just as poor in mentions, but nevertheless contains the most interesting in our eyes: the ZigBee logo, this home automation protocol that we appreciate so much.

Once opened, the contents of the box reveal: the movement detector of course, made of ABS plastic, to which the two CR2032 batteries necessary for its operation. Thanks IKEA for the attention. 3M adhesive to attach it to the wall is present, but no screws, although this method of attachment is also offered. Finally, we have the traditional little booklets for installation, use and declaration of conformity with directive 2014/53 / EU.


Oblong in shape, it is of a relatively imposing size with 7.4 cm long in the front for 6.8cm at the back and a 3.7 cm thick sensor included.

By opening the cover on the back, you have access to the three "function" buttons:

  • on the left, the one for setting the operating mode day and / or night;
  • in the center, the pairing button;
  • on the right, the one for adjusting the light intensity.

Note that once closed and fixed to the wall, it will not be easy to modify the day / night mode. Possible of course, but by opening the valve too much with a spinner or blade, the plastic risks chipping, this Tradfri motion detector not being the pinnacle of quality. It will therefore be wise to make your adjustments before closing and putting in place so as not to come back too much.

A screw on the central cover provides access to the compartment for the two supplied CR2032 batteries.


The overview is quickly done. Let's see the technical sheet


7.4cm x 4.4cm x 3.7cm
ABS plastic
2 CR2032 batteries included
Detection angle
60 ° at 10 meters / 120 ° at 5 meters
Protection sign

Installation and use of the IKEA TRÅDFRI detector

The problem begins now. Indeed, this detector works by pairing with a bulb. Once this is done, the voice command for the bulb is no longer taken into account. The two systems are not compatible, so you will have to choose which bulb to couple the detector with and do without voice use.

The principle of going through the application Hue essentials to recognize the detector and use it with a Philips Hue bulb is possible, but if your bulb is dimmable, you will have to do without the various settings such as the scenes in the Hue application. It is regrettable. However, we will explain the procedure to you.

If you haven't already done so, install the Hue Essentials app available on Google Play orApp Store. You will find the first steps of the installation of the bridge in our previous one IKEA TRADFRI smart bulb test.

This time we will use the fonction "Touchlink". To access it, from the opening page of the application. click on "Devices" at the bottom of the menu bar to select the bridge on which to pair the detector, then on the blue dot "+". In the 1st pop-up that appears, to choose " accessory ", then in the second " other ". Then the instructions are given step by step. :

  • Eteindre the lights
  • Reset accessory (press the pairing button 4 times within 5 sec)
  • Associate the Tradfri detector at the bridge and click at the same time on "touchlink"
  • Turn on the bulb with which you want to pair
  • Click on search the lights.

Here is the motion detector IKEA TRÅDFRI and the bulb are twinned .... But did that bring a plus? No ! THE'paired bulb loses all functions : modification of the white temperature and intensity. A video in the Hue Essentials app shows a bulb adjustment, but we were unable to make any temperature changes.


The possible settings and scenes appear well, but when you want to make a modification, an "error code" appears. Logical since the detector is only configured for a brightness of 30 or 100%.


Maybe with theIKEA Home app Smart such restrictions are less, but its use is conditioned on the suitable bridge that we did not wish to acquire. We therefore made the choice to pair the motion detector TRÅDFRI to the IKEA bulb. The installation could not be simpler:  place the detector near the lit bulb, press the pairing button on the back of the detector, and the pairing is done.

The settings with the two buttons located on the back of the detector allow the choice of detection: day (movement detection), night (switching on of lights at nightfall and movement detection), a red LED lighting up according to the choice at next to a sun or a moon.

Regarding the light intensity, a choice is also possible, but tvery restricted: 30% or 100%. No intermediary possible. Just like the temporization which is of a fixed duration of 3 minutes. Once the choices have been made, it is recommended to install the detector at a height of 2 meters. Although it is indicated as IP 44 with an illustration showing it installed outside under the shelter, it is specified in the instructions that it is intended for indoor use only, that it can only withstand a temperature range from 0 to 40 °, that it should not be exposed to direct sunlight or humidity ... In short, it could do the job without a garage, but little more.

What about this IKEA TRÅDFRI motion detector?

Although a little imposing, it will be useful like any motion detector. But it will be minimum service. It is not not recognized by voice assistants, so no routine possible on Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Pairing with a bulb loses the benefit of voice control and only two choices of intensity are possible: 30% or full light. That's all ! While this may be sufficient for occasional use in a passage or corridor with a time delay blocked at 3 minutes, the inability to keep the mode in ON will be prohibitive for use in a room. Despite these more negative than positive points, if you choose the lamp with which it should work well, it can still be worth it knowing that it detects movements very well, makes the IKEA Tradfri bulb react without latency, and does not costs only 9.99 €. But if you want to keep the voice control, the basis for us, and have the possibility of investing more, it is better to move towards a motion detector such as the Philips Hue Motion Sensor or Earthsmart ZigBee PIR Sensor, also ZigBee, but fully functioning with our voice assistants.


IKEA TRÅDFRI - Wireless motion detector








Price quality



  • Little price

The lessers

  • Not compatible with voice assistants Alexa and Google Home
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