Innr test Smart Candle Color: a flame bulb in colors and in ZigBee

Our opinion on the color flame Innr bulb

Innr Smart Candle Color E14

Innr E14 Color smart LED bulb, compatible with Philips Hue * & Alexa (connected hub required) RGBW, RB 250C

Price as of: May 20, 2022 2 h 52 min

If LEDs have become the prerogative of lighting, it is because they consume much less than our old incandescent bulbs, the sale of which has been banned since January 1, 2013 (but we still find some, some exhausting their very old stocks). LEDs are thus found in all forms, whether in classic E27 bulbs or vintage filament bulbs as we saw during the test of vintage filament innr bulbs or hidden under the opalescent globe of classic bulbs like here with the flame bulb Innr Smart candle color E14 offered at € 29.99 excluding promotion. She is type RGBW that is to say color and with the white dimmable from 1800 k to 6500 Kelvin.

Innr Bulb Smart Candle color


Bulb Innr Smart Candle color is presented in a red box, characteristic color of the brand's ZigBee products. The cardboard is thick and displays a photo showing the bulb and the colors it has. On one side, we find the peculiarities of the product such as the intensity of the flux, the color rendering index (CRI), the Kelvin temperature, etc. On the other side, the main functions. The underside of the packaging indicates its energy class A +

When you take the bulb out of its box, where it is well wedged between two cardboard boxes cut out for the base and the top of the flame, we find two flyers: one offering other products of the brand and the other acting as a on the one hand, from the user manual, to indicate the procedure in the event of a reset: turn the bulb on / off 6 times at 0.5 second intervals (you will see it if this is done correctly, it will start to flash once) and on the other hand a certificate of conformity.

This bulb has an E14 base and is of type RGBW this means that it will be able to light up in one of the 16 millions of colors possible but it is also dimmable to be adorned with a warm to cold white between 1800 to 6500K. If at the level of the template it is slightly larger than our old incandescent bulbs, it is up to the standards of LED models with its 11 cm x 3.8 cm x 3.8 cm for a weight of 44 grams.

The flame, the illuminating part of the Innr bulb Smart Candle Color, is in an opalescent plastic of 5.5 cm avoiding glare and projecting a flow of 470 lm at 300 °.  However, this area only represents 50% of the bulb. Its favorite place will be an auxiliary lamp, placed on a bookcase or a desk, where it will provide significant visual comfort, but it can also find its place in a relaxation area or on a chandelier. On the back, the CE and ZigBee markings are affixed next to the reference.

The finishes are excellent, as is the quality of the materials used. Its significant lifespan of 25 hours minimum corresponds to a permanent ignition of two and a half years, as much as the Innr bulb Smart Candle Color is a priori sustainable!


  • Brand: Innr
  • Model: Innr Smart Candle color
  • Form:  Flame
  • reference: RF 250 C
  • Dimensions L x W x H:  11 cm x 3.8 cm x 3.8 cm
  • Bulb Weight: 44 grams
  • Materials : Plastic
  • Protection sign : IP 20
  • Supply : 220-240V, 50-60Hz
  • Power : 6 Watts
  • Equivalent to incandecence:  40 Watts
  • Luminous flow :  470 lm
  • Colours: 16 million
  • Whites: 1800 - 6500 Kelvin
  • dimmable : Yes
  • Lifetime :  > 25.000 hours
  • Beam angle : 300 °
  • Reaction time : <0.5 sec

Installation and use of the Innr bulb Smart Candle color

ZigBee Innr bulb Smart Candle Color can be installed in different ways:
  • Via a device Amazon Echo with a ZigBee bridge for the voice assistant Alexa : Echo Plus 2nd generation,  echo 4, 2nd generation Echo Show, Echo Show 10, Echo Studio.
  • Via a Philips Hue bridge to control them either with Alexa or with Google Assistant.
  • Via a ZigBee gateway of home automation box: with ZigBee2MQTT on Home Assistant or Domoticz, or the new ZigBee Jeedom plugin ...

Via a device Amazon Echo

Regarding the pairing mode of the bulb to a device Amazon Echo the procedure is exactly the same as the one we described for you in the bulb test Innr Smart Bulb Filament.

When Alexa recognizes the bulb, it flashes 3 times to indicate that the pairing has been taken into account. If you have an Echo Show device you can view the pairing and change the name of the bulb (here second light) from the screen to a simpler name for voice control.

Otherwise, you can change the name from the application where you find the “Second light” bulb (in our case, but depends on the number of bulbs already installed) by clicking on the toothed wheel. Here you can use the central button as a remote control to turn on / off the bulb or change the color and choose from one of the 5 white or 15 colors offered but also adjust with the cursor the intensity of the flow.

For voice commands, just say:

  • Alexa, turn [bulb name] on / off.
  • Alexa, turns on [bulb name] at 20% for example.
  • Alexa lights [bulb name] in blue for example.

The bulb can be incorporated into routines.

With Philips Hue

As stated previously, the Innr bulb Smart Candle Color is compatible with the Philips Hue bridge which welcomes brands "Friends of Hue" working with ZigBee protocol. Thus it is possible to register it on the application and to take advantage of more resources, especially for a color bulb, than when it is paired directly to the ZigBee bridge of a device. Amazon Echo.
For the handling of the bridge, we refer you to our Philips Hue bridge installation tutorial. If necessary, reset the bulb as indicated previously, it will flash several colors and then light up white at its maximum. In the application go to " Parameters "And then" Light configuration". On the next page, press " Add a light And finally on Search". During detection, the bulb flashes again indicating that the Philips Hue bridge has taken it into account.
The Innr bulb Smart Candle Color is compatible with the Philips Hue bridge…
Here the bulb is named: Extended color light 1. It can of course be renamed and its icon changed to make it easier to spot when it is in the middle of other bulbs built into a room. If the Philips Hue skill is already activated on your voice assistant and the notifications allowed on your smartphone, at the same time as pairing you will receive a pop-up indicating that the bulb has been reassembled in the application Alexa.

As always from the Philips Hue application, it is obviously possible to refine the color settings and a slider allows you to modulate the intensity. You can finally choose predetermined scenarios or create them at your convenience.

With Amazon Alexa

So that the bulb goes back into the app Alexa, you must activate the Philips Hue skill and link the accounts. If, like us, you paired the bulb first with a device Amazon Echo, then decided to install it on the Philips Hue bridge, turn off the 10 min so that it "clears its memory" before moving on to relocation. This is essential. Without this, all functions will not go back to the application. Alexa. The bulb is displayed as "ex-factory". It will also have to be renamed in the application Alexa for simplified management.

The voice commands Alexa remain identical to those we have seen previously.

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With Google Assistant

In the application Google Home the Innr bulb will go up directly if Philips Hue has been activated beforehand. If this is your first integration, you must go and find it by clicking on the "+" At the top left, And then « configure a device«  et « Works with Google« . There, find Philips Hue and link the two accounts. If you've integrated it into a room and renamed it in the Philips Hue app, you'll find it in the same room in the app Google Home with the new name also (here Flame) otherwise it goes back with the factory name.

Google Assistant / Google Home commands

Our opinion on the Innr bulb Smart Candle color

Here is a rendering of three whites starting with warm white, then an intermediate white and finally a cold white. If the difference between intermediate white and cold white is not very obvious, it is clearly marked between warm white and cold white, passing from a slightly yellow tone to a "daylight" white.

In color, the rendering is clear, for red, green and blue. For the yellow, it must be admitted that it is a little pale and that it draws more on the warm white than on a clear yellow. Cyan is a shade of blue and gives the bulb the ability to take good quality mid tones well.

In use, we found that the body of the Innr Smart Candle color tends to heat up. The intensity with 470 lm is good for additional lighting but will not be sufficient for the main lighting of a large or even a medium room. On the other hand, for a small room where you do not want a lot of lighting it is perfect. Prefer the installation on a Philips Hue bridge if you want to mix the colors yourself to get THE special color you want and which is not in the list of 15 that the application Alexa offers you or if you wish to benefit from the scenarios.

Sold approximately € 30 per unit or a little less in sets of two, the Innr bulb Smart Candle Color is relatively expensive, but at this price you get a quality ZigBee bulb and, as always, quality at a price. The colors are clear and good, except in the yellow tones which are not marked at all. Nevertheless, it will find its place without problem in a table lamp as a bedside lamp, or why not associated with others on a chandelier or a chandelier to create a colorful atmosphere.
Simple user and novice fallen into the pot Alexa, this one fascinates me and thanks to the boys, Jean-Christophe and Alexien Modo, I learn a little more every day. Loving the different aspects ofAlexa, I turned to skills to share my discoveries with you.