Innr test SmartPlug SP220: the connected ZigBee plug that ensures!

Innr Smart Plug

Innr SmartPlug, Connected Socket, compatible with Philips Hue * & Alexa (connected hub required) SP 220

Price as of: January 22, 2022 1 h 14 min

The connected sockets, it's good. With Wi-Fi, it's convenient. In ZigBee, it's better. But more difficult to find in the European format, the offer being much less substantial, and the prices often much higher like the model offered by Philips Hue at € 29 each. It is from this observation that the Innr brand set out to design its Innr connected socket SmartPlug SP220. Compatible with Philips Hue bridges and Amazon Echo, this model has everything to please, let's see what it is all about.

Innr SmartPlug SP220: the price of efficiency?


In the rare shelves where it can be found in France, the Innr brand stands out with its red packaging that we recognize at first glance. Unsurprisingly, the Innr connected socket SmartPlug SP220 is presented as its congeners. Here in a pack of two, the reference is therefore SP220-2, but the packaging is nonetheless compact.

The presentation is simple, but neat, the impression of quality is there when we discover these two ZigBee sockets with a really sober design, the brand is even almost difficult to find on it. Although showing only 75 grams on our scale (and not 60 g as indicated on the product sheet Amazon), the Innr connected plug really exudes quality if we compare it to Tuya models / Smart Life.

Measuring 48 x 48 x 72 mm SP220 fits in the hand and stands out as the most compact ZigBee model spent in our lab '. A small button is used to activate or deactivate manually and a very discreet green LED indicates its operation.

The connection is type E / F and therefore, we remind you, perfectly compatible with French electrical installations since it ensures a grounding via two SchuKo pins on the front and the presence of an earth female plug on the back.

From a technical point of view, you might have guessed it, but the Innr SmartPlug integrate an SP220 radio chip allowing them to communicate in ZigBee on the 2.4 GHz band with a 8.57 dBm radio power. They operate in 230V with a maximum power of 2300W at 10A as specified in their technical sheet below ...

Innr SP220 tech. Sheet

Smart Plug SP 220
SchuKo E / F
AC 230V
2.4 GHz ZigBee
Nominal current
Max power
48 x 48 x 72 mm

Innr SmartPlug SP220: a simple and effective ZigBee plug

Certified by the ZigBee Alliance, this connected socket is in fact compatible with "connected home" hubs present in the speakers Amazon Echo (Plus / Studio / Show 2), but also with the Philips Hue bridge, the mark being part of the rather restricted circle of "Friends of Hue".

Since we have two outlets, we'll be testing one on each of the systems and our two voice assistants: Alexa and Google Assistant.

Use with Alexa on bridge Amazon Echo

To tell the truth, it is the solution which we preferred so much it is easy and fast to implement. As it is a simple connected socket, in any case we can only order it to do on / off and simple programming that the assistant ofAmazon is quite able to provide. But, the big advantage is that we will be able to benefit from the local voice control, and even if our Internet connection fails, our voice assistant will still be able to control the Innr SP220 connected socket. This is a real plus!

“[…] Even if our Internet connection fails, our voice assistant will still be able to control the Innr SP220 connected socket. This is a real plus! " The Alexians

We chose to link it to a Amazon Echo About us, here is the procedure:

  1. Plug in the connected plug,
  2. Ask: « Alexa, detects new devices ”,
  3. Push the button power until it flashes red,
  4. LED flashes red then quickly turns green,
  5. It is done ! The outlet is operational in a few seconds ...

Difficult to make simpler and faster, we did not even have to open our application to Alexa, but it is well there as you will be able to see it… Our assistant named it here "First take" because it is the first associated with this Echo Studio, but we can of course rename it as we see fit.

We find the classic menu " socket " of the application Alexa with the possibility to activate or deactivate it, to create routines, to assign it as a light if you wish (this allows to use the voice commands Alexa like " turn on the light ") and even use it in " master " (the outlet will also control other devices in this case).

Now let's see how it happens at Philips Hue and Google Assistant.

Use with Google Home and the Philips Hue ecosystem

The Mountain View assistant being less gifted in home automation than his Seattle colleague, we had to install our second Innr SP220 connected socket on the Philips Hue hub and use the app. However, this does not present any difficulty and the installation is done just as quickly.

  1. Push the button your Philips Hue bridge,
  2. Open the application Hue,
  3. See you in " Settings " and "Light configuration",
  4. Press " To research ",
  5. It is done ! There too It's quick and easy...

Control via Google Assistant voice commands is very effective, the extremely low latencyis the strength of ZigBee and the Philips Hue ecosystem. Note that the Innr socket SmartPlug SP220 goes up as light, but you just need to change device type if you want it to be considered taken in the app Google Home.

Our opinion on the Innr SmartPlug SP220

In conclusion, what to say except that it is abouta great product? Both sober and compact, the Innr connected socket SmartPlug SP220 is particularly responsive. Whether with Alexa and a bridge Amazon Echo, or with Google Home via the Philips Hue hub, it indeed offers a minimum latency and turns out pleasant to use daily. We just regret that it is limited to 10A and therefore to low power devices, but its robust design suggests excellent durability and much more important than for Wi-Fi sockets. At 22.99 € per unit, it is certainly a bit expensive, but you should be able to find it like us on sale for about thirty euros the pack of two. In our opinion, the additional cost compared to a Tuya Wi-Fi socket is justified and we can only advise you to opt for ZigBee.

Innr SmartPlug SP220 - connected socket compatible with Philips Hue * & Alexa (connected hub required)

from 24.99 €







Price quality



  • Robust product and qualitative design
  • Simple and compact design
  • Very low latency
  • Philips Hue compatible and Amazon Echo
  • Local operation

The lessers

  • Still a little expensive maybe
  • No monitoring of power consumption
  • 10A max
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