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THEconnected bulb in Wi-Fi is very often the first connected object that one acquires when one decides to equip oneself. Simple to install, it does not require a bridge, unlike the so-called ZigBee and therefore requires a lower initial investment. Easy to install, it is within everyone's reach, but choosing it is often a challenge ... Unless you rely on brands whose quality is well established. As such, the Dutch brand Innr is now a benchmark. Best known for its lighting using the ZigBee protocol, as we saw in particular during our Innr White E14 bulb tests, the brand founded in 2012 has recently offered a Wi-Fi range. Sold for € 29.99 per pack of 2 excluding promotion, let's see more closely if the bulbs Innr Wifi White & Color

Innr Wifi White and Color: simplicity and efficiency


The range of bulbs Inn Wifi has a turquoise blue identification to differentiate it from the red of the ZigBee range.

The packaging is still as qualitative as ever, made of thick, glossy cardboard which gives a rather premium impression. A visual of the bulbs and their main assets are highlighted. On the back, we will find all the features of the house application with a highlight, to say the least, of their compatibility Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, the two main voice assistants on the market today. On the side take place the main characteristics: lumens, kelvin, lighting angle, etc ... Innr is not stingy with information and also tells us the energy class A + of its products.

Let's take them out Innr Wifi White & Color E27 bulbs from their box where they are perfectly maintained. Type A60, they are 11 cm long (including 3 cm of base) for 6 cm in diameter and weigh only 71 grams. On the front, the make and model are clearly displayed in a very sober gray tone.

The body is made of polycarbonate, the globe is in opaline plastic letting the lighting filter through. The quality of the materials is good and the finishes are clean.

On the back the CE labeling, the luminous flux of 806 lm (equivalent to a 60W incandescent bulb) or even the RGBW characteristics for Red, Green, Blue, White are included. Benefiting from a good power and 16 million possible colors with changeable whites between 1800 and 6500 Kelvin, the Innr Wifi bulb will easily find its place in work areas (office, kitchen or reading area, etc.) with customizable color and intensity.


  • Brand: Innr
  • Model: Innr Wifi White & Color
  • Reference:: WRB 785 C-2
  • Type : LED E27 dimmable
  • Material : Plastic
  • Dimensions: 11 cm x 6 cm x 6 cm
  • Weight: 71 grams
  • Luminous flow : 806 lm
  • Power : 9.5W
  • Supply : 220 / 240V
  • Colours: 16 million
  • White temperature : 1800 Kelvin - 6500 Kelvin
  • dimmable : Yes
  • Color Rendering Index : CRI ≥ 80
  • Protection sign  : IP20
  • Durée de vie :> 25 hours
  • Illumination angle : 240 °
  • Reactivity time : <0.5 seconds
  • Compatible with voice assistants : Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant


Innr Wifi: use of connected bulbs

Installation with the Innr app

The company specializing in connected luminaires has developed its own application for managing its Wi-Fi products. A new feature will also support products designed with the ZigBee protocol, like the Swiss Army Knife application Smart Life which supports both protocols on its application. Indeed, the brand should soon market a ZigBee bridge, but while waiting to find out, let's get back to the installation of these new ones. Innr Wifi White & Color bulbs.

To get started, download the app from one of the stores: Android ou iOS. Open there, grant access to the GPS and click on " create an account". Accept the terms of use (in any case if we refuse, we will not be able to use it) and enter an email address and a password. Go to your inbox, an email is waiting for you with a link to validate your registration. Come back to the app. Click on "connect »And you are on the home page of the application, ready to install your new bulbs.

The presentation is clear and well thought out. The routines of the application, 7 in number at the start (slide your finger from right to left on the pads), are in the foreground and in direct access. Each is easily identifiable, It is a very good thing.  At the bottom right, there is an “automation” menu for programming. But, before seeing in detail the one and the other, we must pair a first Innr Wifi bulb. And, you'll see, it's not complicated at all.

Click on the "+ " top right. On the bottom of the screen, choose " add device". There, it's a bit of a surprise, we are asked to allow access to take photos. To continue, no choice, we accept. And there, oh surprise, we are asked to scan the QR code placed on the body of the bulb. Place the objective of smartphone at about fifteen centimeters and make sure that only the QR code is in the frame, the bulb makes a few color flashes (red, yellow, green, blue and white) indicating that it is and ready to be installed on your network Wi-Fi 2.4GHz . Enter your password. It is done !

In case of difficulty, a manual procedure is planned by going to the Wi-Fi settings of the smartphone to select the type of device and install it. The reset is done by turning the bulb on / off 6 times which will then perform its color round to indicate that it is ready again.

Recognition happens very quickly. When the pairing is ok, the bulb flashes once and the operation is complete, it appears under the name "Innr WifI Bulb Color_1". The same procedure is to be carried out, of course for each bulb. You are offered, at the end of the installation, to choose a destination part, but you can do this later in the parameters just like changing the name, by clicking on the pencil because it is frankly a bit long to ask Alexa or even Google an action. From the outset, it is also proposed to incorporate the ampoule into a routine. If, like us, you have between the two additions installed the Innr skill, you can see thatAlexa goes up the bulbs well in its application.

A click on " Parts> "  allows you to add ... a room. By pressing one that already exists, it is possible to modify its name and we took the opportunity to rename “Default” to “Stay”. By selecting the badge at the top right, the display order can be changed.

From the home page, let's click on a room, for example the one we have renamed "Living room". On this page, you can turn on / off each or all of the bulbs attached to it as well as individually change their light intensity.

At this stage, a click on the toothed wheel, also allows rename the room.

By clicking on one of the bulbs you access color / intensity presets:

  • Gig : White cold
  • Read : daylight white
  • Family : a warmer intermediate white
  • Relax : warm white but with less intensity
  • Rainbow : a turnstile of colors: yellow, orange, red, pink, mauve, dark blue, sky blue, green. Very pleasant rendering and speed slow enough not to make you dizzy and appreciated the scrolling.
  • Fireplace : the lighting flickers, a bit like when a light bulb will flicker but here it is planned. The visual is also very nice. Lacks more than a fireplace. The function offered on a flame bulb and installed on a candlestick will be amazing.
  • night light : a streak of yellow light
  • Cherry flower : a small color chart of red, pink and orange

You find the five main functions  on the coin page direct access with the buttons " of presets »

You can also access the individual settings: whites or colors of each. For whites you have  preset tablets with indication of the temperature corresponding (for whites). If you move the button on the slider, you get the information about the temperature. Very good idea to learn to recognize the direction of hot / cold graduation. For the colors, 7 patches are already registered. Note, however, that these different tablets cannot be modified, replaced or deleted. It cannot be added either.

At this step, a click on the toothed wheel allows you:

  • Rename bulb
  • Change icon. By clicking on it, a page opens with 21 possible choices.
  • Select a room. Please note, this is to select an already existing part, not to add a part.
  • Firmware version : to check if an update is available
  • Remove device to remove it from the application.


Let's go back to the home page, " My house And let's go into it a bit more.
On the top corner left, the menu opens the settings page for your account.
  • If necessary, you can change your password or check the devices that are connected to the application.
  • You also have the basic information of the two voice assistants taken into account: Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Clicking on " My House>“, You can create a new house, for example for a second home or access its management, give access to a third party… You can also choose another wallpaper for the house among the three available. All are on a "blurred aspect" not necessarily great, a matter of taste nonetheless ...

Clicking on Routines>, you access 7 pre-established routines and to which you can add news. Assign one or two bulbs by selecting them from the list. You can also modify the settings of the proposed brightnesses to obtain the ones that suit you. You can choose the pastille that suits you by clicking on it, around twenty models are available. Remember to save the changes made.

Finally at the bottom right of the home page, the menu " Automation »

Here, you can adapt the automation to your needs and modify parameters such as: name, times, rehearsal schedule.

But you can also create others according to criteria:

  • Timer.
  • Localization.
  • Alarm clock function with dawn simulator.
  • Gradual extinction of lights.

We particularly appreciated these last two functions which make it possible to perform an extinction in the evening or a gentle awakening with the light by modulating the proposed timing between 1 and 30 minutes. Define, for example, at what time you want the lamp to go out and the time after which the intensity will decrease. It's very nice.

In summary, the application offered by Innr is a real success and does not have to be ashamed of its competitors. Much nicer than Tuya / Smart Life, it is reminiscent of the Philips Hue reference. You just have to get the hang of the different settings of the star wheel, but this makes the app even easier to use.

With Amazon Alexa

If you have not already installed the skill Innr now is the time to do it. Once the account Amazon linked to that of the application, the Innr Wifi bulbs go back immediately to the application. You can also click to turn on / off, modulate the intensity or change the color among the five whites and 15 colors offered. Routines are of course possible.

You can ask Alexa

  • « Alexa, turn on / off [bulb name] "
  • "Put [name of bulb] in [desired color]"
  • "Turn on [bulb name] at 20%"

The scenarios are also going up.

With Google Assistant

You must also install the Innr add-on on Google Home to be able to act vocally with the bulbs. You will find it by clicking on the " + "At the top left, then" Configure a device " and " Works with Google". Click on the magnifying glass and type: Innr you will directly access the application. Select it and link the accounts by indicating your email and password used when creating your account for the Innr application. Go back to the main page of the Google Home app and you will see the light bulbs appear. You can also here from the application, manage the intensity or the colors. Integration into routines is also possible. The scenes go back up here too.

In voice, the commands are the same as with Alexa.

Our opinion on Innr Wifi White & Color bulbs

Day-to-day use in Innr Wifi bulbs is extremely easy with voice control. They react perfectly and very quickly to requests. The brightness of 806 lm is felt: the lighting is powerful and these Wi-Fi models will not suffer from being placed under lampshades which will slightly reduce the beautiful power for your visual comfort. You can use them for lighting a work area or even for lighting an entire room as they are efficient.
Warm white really is, so is cold. The app even allows you to check exactly what temperature the bulb is at, and that's really great! Below you will see a warm white at 2200K, an intermediate at 4150K, and a cold at 6500K (the maximum). There is a real gradient of tones between intermediate white and cold white.
In the photo below, the red has an orange halo, but it is a deep and pronounced red in reality. The blue is deep, the cyan shimmering a soft sky blue, but the green duller and the yellow a little rough.
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In conclusion, the Innr Wifi White & Color bulbs are a real success. Efficient, they deliver beautiful power of 806 lumens. The colors are good, but can still be improved on green and yellow. They heat up a bit, but nothing to worry about and this is very often the case with WiFi models anyway. In short, if you are looking for Wi-Fi bulbs that are easy to install and offer a powerful application, then do not hesitate! Le pack of 2 Innr Wifi White & Color bulbs at 29.99 € is an excellent choice to discover the joys of connected lighting of quality products.

Simple user and novice fallen into the pot Alexa, this one fascinates me and thanks to the boys, Jean-Christophe and Alexien Modo, I learn a little more every day. Loving the different aspects ofAlexa, I turned to skills to share my discoveries with you.