Connected switch test for TEEPAO roller shutters: the 3rd generation TEEKAR

Our first test concerning connected switches for roller shutters focused on the TEEKAR WF-CS01. A very good product rated 8,2 / 10. There is a new generation of this switch, the TEEPAO. The TEEPAO model (EU, Standard CE and FCC (US)) is the third generation of TEEKAR switches, allowing to improve synchronization to the network and to avoid problems related to mechanical parts of the second generation, among other things. Let's see if this upgrade has paid off.

TEEKAR TEEPAO: even more elegant

We already see that our TEEPOA comes in a box of better quality than the TEEKAR WF-CS01, without being madness yet. It is indeed supplied in a glossy white cardboard box without illustration, in an insert with an introduction to the product on one side and the QR-code to download Smart Life on the other. There is still better compared to the old packaging. Even if it is still quite frugal, the essential is there: connected via Smart Life.


In addition to our switch we find two screws and a quick installation guide in English and German. This guide is quite detailed concerning the Wi-Fi installation and Smart Life. There you will find an explanation of the time and calendar functions for opening the shutters, pairing with Alexa and GH… ​​The connection part is still very little detailed. There is a simple diagram, relatively small.


Design level, we are still on a beautiful product. There are more or less subtle differences with the previous version. The front of the switch is in 4mm tempered glass with a white background, three pressure zones and, a novelty, the logo of the model. The open / pause / close symbols are also updated. They are more suitable for this kind of switch than those with horizontal arrows, which are reminiscent of switches for mechanical curtain rods. It sounds more "pro". Good initiative, nice product. Dimensions are standard for the front (8,6 cm side) and an 2,5 cm deep for the transplanting system. Once set up and well glued to the wall, count one centimeter thick.


The thread transplanting system is standard size and adapts to placo boxes on the French market. However, we must highlight new features. Once the facade has been removed, there is four holes on the sides of the internal face allowing to screw it in the embedding box, and this in the direction you want (sideways, right ...). The wiring is now done on the side and not the top like most switches. And there, this is not necessarily an advantage depending on the arrival side of the son. This can add an inch or two which can be the difference between a simple installation and some pretty painful wiring.

Technical characteristics level: it works on 100-240V at 50/60 Hz, so no problem. 600 W rated power. At the connection level 2.4 GH Wi-Fiz only, IEEE802.11b/g/n. So in principle, it is suitable for most installations. And of course, it only works with shutters having 4 wires (neutral, phase and two returns).



We see, once the cover is removed, that the contact mechanism is not made with small springs which will end up settling and therefore make false contacts, but contact pads. The mechanical part is limited to the maximum to avoid premature aging of the elements but electronic problems can take over. No system is perfect. It seems that one of the lots had experienced problems but this has been fixed. Personally, this modification seems to us to be very good for the life of the product.

Regarding the installation, we refer you to our tutorial, this is done very easily once you have found the arrival of cables for your roller shutter and the arrival of your own wires. Allow 10 minutes per shutter.

When you install the switches, be careful to test the wiring. First of all, if the phase and neutral are wired correctly, the switch will turn on (the up arrow will flash to show that it is pairing mode, if not, press the pause button for 5 seconds, which is very simple). Then, before tightening everything, press on the upper and lower pads to see if the returns have been put in the dedicated notches. If it goes up by pressing down, swap the brown and black wires.



TEEKAR TEEPAO: a little limited by Smart Life

Teekar use the app Smart Life for its switches and Teepao is no exception. No difficulty to install it, but do not hesitate to go and see the roller shutter switch installation tutorial if necessary.

As soon as it is powered on, the switch is in pairing mode. Activation of the skill Smart Life is of course necessary.


As for the older generation, TEEKAR asks to have the switch recognized as a standard wall switch and from this follow the subtleties:

  • In native mode, to open or close the shutter, you have to say on or off. Not very practical, eh? It will therefore be necessary to create routines under Alexa to use a more intuitive vocabulary (see the tutorial for the routines).
  • At present, il is not possible, under Smart Life, to control the "pause" function during descent or ascent (the middle button). This will require going through a scenario under Smart life and then put it into a routine under Alexa (see tutorial). 
  • Also cannot turn off the blue light of the switch, which can be annoying when he's in a bedroom.


Apart from that, once the routines and scenarios have been created, controlling your shutters by voice is very simple. It is even possible to create a scenario so that the shutters close at sunset time or open at sunrise time, without any intervention on your part. You can also create groups of panes under Alexa to ask him to close them all at the same time, or to open them all at the same time. Do not hesitate to use and abuse the routines for each shutter in order to adapt its “schedule” according to its location (eg: open the shutters of the kitchen at 7:30 am and that of the bedroom at 8:30 am on weekends).

So, what to think of this 3rd generation of connected switch for roller shutters? It is a little more expensive than the WF-CS01 version through the elimination of mechanical parts among other things. In terms of design, we prefer it because more in line with the use of rolling shutters and no mechanical curtain. In addition, the mark at the bottom brings a little cachet that a neutral facade does not have. On the other hand, changing the wiring locations can make installation a bit more difficult if the wire lengths are already right. But in the end, it's a very good product, very easy to install and design.



25,80 €









Price quality



  • Fairly easy installation
  • Replacement of mechanical parts
  • Design

The lessers

  • Smart Life and Alexa a little limited for this type of device, without hack
  • Unable to manage backlight brightness
  • The location of the wiring terminals
Did i choose Alexa or did she choose me? Let's say that as a beta tester, it's a bit of both! And I do not regret having met our favorite assistant nor this adventure undertaken with Alexien Modo. Technophile, self-taught and loving popularization, I try to make our common passion easy to access!