IRobot Braava Jet M6 review: a robot mop to say goodbye to your mop?

The world of robot vacuum cleaners is full of models of all kinds and at all prices, that of robot mops is much smaller. At iRobot, the family has grown with the arrival of the Braava jet m6. As a reminder, the Brava range consisted of Jet 240 (reserved for small rooms) and 390T (oriented for larger spaces with navigation via module "Northstar" to be placed in the center of the room). With a fairly aging range, the Braava jet m6 brings a breath of modernity to these robot mops.

iRobot Braava Jet M6: presentation of the robot mop

Unpacking and presentation

The Braava Jet M6, offered around € 529 on Amazon. Fr, differs from the rest of the range by incorporating elements that make the success of the brand's robot vacuum cleaners: a WIFI connection, for an camera navigation system and better autonomy.

By opening the box, we find the Braava Jet M6 robot, to basis, power supply cable, for an detergent bottle of 118 ml, a set of two disposable mops, a washable mop, disposable microfiber (for the scan function) and a last washable microfiber.



Braava Jet M6 (M6134)
Drums :
27 cm x 25.2 cm x 9 cm
2.2 kg
2 hours
Loading time :
Remote control:
app and voice control
Charging station :
dock type
Accessories :
1 x 118ml detergent bottle, washable mop x1, disposable mops x2, washable microfiber x 1, disposable microfiber x 1, water tray x 1
Water tank:
Wi-Fi IEEE802.11 b / g / n 2.4 GHz
User manual

Complete review of the Braava Jet M6 Premium robot mop from iRobot


iRobot Braava Jet M6134: installation and configuration

The installation of the robot is simple, it is enough to position and assemble the "collecting tray" to the base and to connect this one to the sector. Good point for the cable-management offered by the robot base in order to avoid unsightly lengths of unnecessary cables.

Once the physical installation is complete, all you have to do is configure the robot through the iRobot app. Again, the operation is simple. Simply follow the instructions step by step of the application, it guides us through short, effective cinematics.

For this we need add a new robot, choose the model:



The application then gives us some recommendations for choosing the optimal location for the robot base ...



In pursuing we must choose the name of the robot, then on which Wi-Fi network connect it and enter password.


Once these steps are completed, we arrive on the main screen of the application, it asks us to attach a wipe to the robot.

Le Braava jet m6 recognizes for itself what type of wipe is in place and will therefore apply the cleaning mode according to it (dry cleaning or mop mode).

We also find the same functions as for vacuum cleaners of the brand "Program" "History" "Maps" "Help" and "Parameters" we will come back to this a little later.

Now that the robot is ready to operate, it's time to start the first cleaning. The application then describes the operation of the mapping technology "Imprint ». The principle is simple, during the first cleanings the robot works in "training" mode: the robot learns to know its environment and maps the parts on each pass so that this map is as realistic as possible. It took me in total 4 passages for the mapping to finish (a percentage indicator is indicated in the application to monitor the progress of learning).

The map is very precise, we can assign zones to be excluded et virtually partition the area to define different parts:

It is of course possible to also program the robot's passages to the day and time as we wish and to choose in which room (s) this one must pass. He is possible to combine programming with a Roomba S9 so that the latter gives the GO to the Braava to perform a task when Roomba has finished his. Note that I was able to benefit from this function with a Roomba 980 but not in programming: when I manually start the robot, the application suggests that I start washing with the Jet M6 when Roomba has finished.

 »It is possible to combine the programming with a Roomba S9« 

The historical function allows to have some statistics on completed tasks : task history, duration, surface area in m², number of tank recharges, charging time if necessary and duration of breaks (tank recharging for example).

The help function includes some advice on use, maintenance, documentation, contact with iRobot after-sales service and an FAQ (note that the FAQ and the section on advice for use, maintenance are in English and the documentation regarding it can sometimes refer to other models in the range (240 notably), a small point to improve for iRobot).

The part " Settings " includes the main robot settings: the installation date of the robot, the serial number, software version. It is also possible to ring the robot to find it if it got lost. A setting of the "Floor washing mode" is also available: this allows you to choose between 3 cleaning modes and the desired spray level.

Then basic functions: choice of wifi network, robot tongue, a part policy (which makes it possible to deactivate the mapping), the choice or not of the use of metric measurements and finally a restore button in the robot's factory settings.


Braava Jet M6 Premium: full review of how the robot works

Let's get to the heart of the matter: cleaning is still its primary function! To know that this is my first robot floor mop, but I was initially surprised by the sound level of the robot, it can work without problem when you are in the room (listening to music or watching TV) the noise is not disturbing and quickly forget. I also tested in the middle of the night, it's bearable if you sleep upstairs and the robot turns on the ground floor (when you close the door you can't hear it). Note that the robot loses operating quality if it turns in the dark (confirmed by iRobot).

As for navigation, this one is quite satisfactory: the robot recognizes obstacles well, avoid them intelligently, goes along the baseboards and above all do not forget areas. Her height of 9 cm allows him to go under my furniture and under my sofa like his friend Roomba.

The cleaning is carried out effectively, the passages leave no trace, the robot makes a first pass, backs up, sprays its liquid and passes forward again. Most of the stains are cleaned with the exception of old dried stains in the kitchen (I can assure you that I had intentionally left these stains the week between my order and the reception of the robot for the test). With a daily passage the floor remains clean, Madam is delighted and me too! This is no substitute for a good mop once a week, or even every two weeks, to thoroughly disinfect the soil. As for the consumption of the liquid, the sample vial of 114 ml was used during these 4 passages. The tank can hold 2 passages of 45/50 m2 and the robot signals when it needs to be filled (as a preventive measure and of course when it is empty). Regarding the time needed for my 50 m² of living space, count two hours. I don't particularly have enough perspective to judge whether or not it's too long compared to other models and brands of robots.

Be careful though, the liquid is sprayed horizontally, in fact the nozzle is not oriented towards the ground. You may encounter some disappointments with multiple sockets if they are near the robot (I have not had a problem personally but I have already read it on other tests). This problem can be avoided with the use of mapping exclusion zones.

Small problem coming back to the detergent to use, I can't find any, whether on Amazon or on the internet (Boulanger sells them but no shipping possible, only a bottle available in a store more than an hour away ...). After asking iRobot for confirmation, they tell us half-heartedly thatthis liquid must be used for the warranty to be respected if needed.

As for the wipes, the mops are available on Amazon : count 12 € for a set of 3 reusable mops, 20 € for a pack of 10 disposable wipes. On the other hand the availability of the liquid is really problematic for me, if iRobot passes by here, please make it available at least on your site ...

Alexa save me time!

About the skill Alexa, all that is more banal « Alexa, start the mop ", « Alexa, stop the mop ". For me the interest is to integrate it into the routines: « Alexa, I'm going to work ” : turns off the light, turns off the TV or music, turns on the robot (for example). Rather unusual, I had some difficulty detecting my two iRobots devices with the skill, I had to do it three times.

To summarize this week of testing: I am overall very satisfied with this robot and madam too. A huge time saver combined with breathing machine, a house that is always clean when you come home at night. We who run after time, it is really appreciable. The cleaning time may seem a bit long, but if like me you spend your days at the office, the magic duo will run in your absence so not too annoying. I recommend it all the same in addition to a vacuum robot, I would not have seen myself using it without having a robot, for me the surface must be clean of all rubbish, dust before its passage and unless you vacuum or even every day it does not seem playable. Finally, this robot convinced me but I still find the price a little prohibitive, if you want to be tempted to seek as much as possible the good deal to reduce the bill.

iRobot Braava Jet M6134

around 699 €









Price quality



  • Precise cleaning and navigation
  • Comprehensive and intuitive application
  • Quite quiet (48 dB)

The lessers

  • Slightly long cleaning time
  • Problem to find liquid
  • Horizontal spraying, watch out for your multiple sockets!
  • Price still high to avoid a chore