Jimmy H9 Pro review: the most powerful of the range?

Clearly, the world of stick vacuum cleaners is constantly changing and brands update their ranges very regularly. One thing is certain, this shows that this market is very competitive and far from being a niche when we see the references and the brands competing. A brand that we know well is no exception to the rule and comes back to us with a new product: the Jimmy h9 pro.

The mark of the galaxy Xiaomi renews its high-end device, the series H, including an H9 Pro, an improved version of the JV85 Pro. This new model incorporates the main characteristics of its predecessor, which makes it one of the most powerful vacuum cleaners on the market, if not the most powerful (ahead of the Dyson V11 or the Dreame V11 for a much lower price)! Indeed, for barely € 425, you will have a vacuum cleaner 600W, 25 KPa suction and… 200 AW ! But that's not all, the brand added innovations and little touches very nice!

JIMMY H9 Pro Flexible Smart Portable Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 200AW 25000Pa Powerful Suction, 600W Motor, 80 Minutes Battery Life, Auto Power Adjustment LED Display Removable Battery with Rechargeable Stand Holder for Cleaning Floors, Furniture from Xiaomi

Jimmy H9 Pro: vacuum cleaner unboxing

Faithful to its marketing line, the Jimmy h9 pro comes in a pretty disappointing packaging compared to the competition: relatively weak white cardboard, a product visual in glossy printing, an anemic synthesis of product characteristics… and that's it. In short, can do better. Besides, the cardboard does not support transport well. Fortunately, the various elements are well wedged in polystyrene protections. It is relatively big and heavy with 67,5 x 29 x 30,5 cm for nearly 9 Kg

And when we talk about different elements, we could even say “the very many elements”! Indeed, the Jimmy H9 Pro comes with many accessories. Judge instead:

  • A motorized main brush. This is the main element of the vacuum cleaner. All-purpose, it will be useful to you on a daily basis for floors. The motorization means that the "roller" which is inserted in it will also rotate at a speed depending on the suction force of the vacuum cleaner. It is also made to avoid as much as possible the entry of large debris into the vacuum system, which could damage the engine and filters.

It is equipped with a "fluffy" type roll for tiles, parquet, fragile floors ... and another for carpet.

La Fluffy brush, brown and black in color, is specifically designed to prevent hair and body hair from surrounding it. It is covered with a soft coating with two types of hair. The flexible ones (orange and glitter) will help bring back fine dust and small debris into the suction mouth. The black hairs are shorter and harder. They will allow " to scratch »Soil and surfaces.

The carpet brush will allow, with its flexible plastic strips, to dislodge dirt deep in the carpet. The rows of bristles will then lead the dust towards the suction. Changing from one brush to another is easy by pushing the tab on the underside of the main brush and pulling out the roller. Be careful not to peel the tops of your fingers during the operation, the system to prevent the hair from rolling up (the little comb) likes fresh flesh.

  • A mini motorized brush for mattresses, sofas, sofas ... It works on the same principle as the carpet brush, but smaller. You can therefore perfectly use it on small carpets but also on your armchairs or in your car. Its roller will allow to attack fabrics and coverings in depth but be careful not to use it on fragile materials.
  • A 2 in 1 crevice tool, a 2 in 1 cushion nozzle and a soft brush. These little accessories will help you get through the narrow or delicate spaces. The soft brush will be useful to you to pass on the keyboards or the curtains for example. The crevice tool on the cushions ... On the other hand, the quality of these elements is really not at the same level as that of the rest of the vacuum cleaner: plastic of very average quality, acceptable finish at most and difficult to use because very hard to unlock. It is therefore always the same weak point on all the brand's products.
  • A flexible and expandable hose. This 35 cm long hose will allow you to go through hard to reach places such as in a car for example. You will insert it at the level of the suction of the vacuum cleaner and you will be able to put the nozzles that you have just seen there. No electric brush that can be used with.
  • A fitting. It will come to the end of the main pipe in order to reach furniture tops for example. As for the hose, it will not be possible to use the motorized brushes with it.
  • The main tube which is a bendable metal tube (aluminum). It can be folded in half to allow you to go under furniture. There is also a small caster so that it can slide without rubbing the floor. This is a very big strong point of this product. Its salmon color is really pretty.
  • A battery with 8 modules for 3000 mAh in order to have a significant power over a significant period of time for this type of product. Small specificity of the H9 Pro version, you will also have a charging dock for the battery, in addition, of course, to the proprietary charger.
  • The advantage of this Pro version is also the fact that the brand offers, for the first time with the “H” range, a storage / loading stand. It consists of two aluminum tubes, one foot of 32x 27,5 cm for 2 Kg, a storage stand and a hanging dock which will also allow you to charge the vacuum cleaner. You will also have a bag of screws to consolidate everything. You can therefore store your vacuum cleaner without having to attach a support to the wall. The intermediate shelf will allow you to carry all of the vacuum cleaner accessories. Nothing will drag!

You have two ways to charge your Jimmy H9. Either by hanging it on storage stand (which is the most practical), either by removing the battery and putting it on the unitary dock. But the latter will no longer be used to charge a battery in advance for example.

Except for the three suckers, the quality of these different accessories is really excellent. The finishes are very good and qualitative. The plastics are of very good quality and the aluminum parts perfectly painted with the salmon color specific to this product. Indeed, the brand always uses a specific color code for each reference.

Let's take a look at the body of the vacuum cleaner.

Jimmy H9 Pro: the body of the vacuum cleaner

With the H9 Pro version, Jimmy has decided to reconnect with his patented horizontal bi-cyclone engine. The latter gives its characteristic shape to the H9, which is the same as that of the JV85. Difficult to remain unmoved by this design round and futuristic enhanced with a salmon color. On the other hand, it is good wider than most other products (34 cm long, 19 cm wide and 16,5 cm thick) but also heavier. The handle on the top allows an easy grip despite its almost 1,9 kg (without the accessories in which case you will have 3,1 Kg about).

Engine 600 W digital brushless allows him a 55% efficiency for 110.000 rpm and develops a suction power of 25.000 Pa or 200 AW..

Le patented horizontal cyclone system avoids suction losses, by limiting the vortices in the dust collector, homogenizes the air flows and avoids the constrictions. Where some vacuum cleaners will generate 12 cyclones, the H9 Pro only develops 2 in order to limit the resistance of air flows and therefore gain power.

You can remove the main body easily in order to have access to the dust bin and to the whole system of cyclonic filtration. It is indeed noted that the emptying of the dust container is done easily by opening the side cover via the small valve but this is not so simple. Hair and hair will have difficulty getting to the end of the tray, will wrap around the filter grid and will need to be removed by hand, pulling on it. They will not fall alone when opening the bin. Hence the need to remove the entire filtration body.

There is of course a HEPA filter (high efficiency airborne particle filter) allowing capture 99,97% of particles 0,3 µm or more. Ideal for pollen. You will disassemble it by turning the metallic plastic salmon cylinder. He is removable and washable in order to allow it a longer lifespan. Moreover, the brush rollers and the cyclone are also washable. But be careful to dry it well before reassembling everything because otherwise your vacuum cleaner will suck the water remaining in the elements and will burn.

Regarding the technical characteristics:

  • Brand : jimmy
  • Model : H9 Pro
  • Battery : Li-ion, 8 for 3000 mAh. This type of battery has a fairly high energy in terms of restitution but a low autonomy.
  • Aspiration : 200 Air Watts maximum
  • Air flow : 1,35 m3 / min
  • Engine power : 600 W
  • Dimensions : 340 x 190 x 165 mm
  • Suction force : 25.000 Pa
  • Weight : 1,9 kg without accessories. More than 3 Kg with.
  • Autonomy : up to 80 minutes in Eco mode without motorized brush (30 minutes in turbo mode, 17 in max mode) and 60 mins with brushes in Eco mode (25 min in turbo mode and 15 in max mode).
  • Loading time : 3 to 5 hours
  • Sound level : 82dB max
  • Charging station : accessory holder stand and unit charger
  • Tank-Jug : 600 ml
  • Accessories : HEPA filters x1, brushes x2, nozzle with brush x3, flexible hose x1, tank x 1, carpet roller x 1, extendable hose x 1, fitting x 1, single charger x 1
  • Other : Power supply x1, storage / charging stand x 1, user manual x 1

Le Jimmy H9 Pro is a boosted version of the JV85 Pro and differs from its competitors in several aspects, in particular its suction power and the size of its 600 ml tank where others make it 400 or 500 ml. It will have a powerful 600 W motor allowing it to develop 200 AW to the maximum. Air Watt is a unit of measurement for suction allowing comparison. With 200 AW, the Jimmy is the first on the market, where the Dyson develops 185 AW and the Dream V11, 150 AW.

Air-Watts, denoted AW, correspond to the ratio between air flow, suction and power consumption. They therefore indicate the efficiency of the motor and allow the devices to be compared with each other..

Jimmy H9 Pro: everyday use

The different tests we have done with the Jimmy h9 pro, but also its daily use, allowed us to become aware of the qualities and defects of this product. And let's be clear from the start: it is very efficient. It is in our opinion the best vacuum cleaner of the brand that we have tested. Its strong suction force is undeniable and is even better than the JV85 Pro.

The aspiration of dust, hair, hairs or pollen (thank you pines…) does not pose any problem to him. Not only is the power itself excellent, but brush motorization helps get rid of fiber clumps. None of these have actually wrapped around the Fluffy roll. Avoid sucking up particles that are too fine, such as flour, as you will damage the engine, they will pass through the filters. Likewise, excessively large particles, such as chippings, will get stuck at the inlet of the filter and will fall out once the vacuum is turned off. It is a cyclone body protection system.

The carpet brush also works very well with thick rugs or carpets.. On the other hand, it happens that fibers wind up there from time to time. This roller is preferred for soft surfaces and not hard floors on which it will perform much less well than the Fluffy.

We did not insist on the H9 Pro's LED display. This one is however interesting. First, you will see the percentage of battery remaining and the suction mode used. There is also something new with this version: there is 4 cleaning modes.

  • Eco mode : the one that makes the least noise, sucks the least and uses the battery the least,
  • Turbo mode : contrary to what the name suggests, it is the standard mode, with good suction and acceptable autonomy.
  • Max Mode : to use on the most difficult grounds such as a thick carpet for example. The vacuum cleaner will run fully but the autonomy will melt visibly.
  • Auto mode : this is the novelty of the range. The vacuum cleaner will adjust its suction force according to the floor on which it is. In fact, it is more a function of the resistance to the suction, but it comes to the same thing. It will go to max on a thick carpet, will stay in Turbo on a carpet and in Eco on a fairly clean tile. It is very good.

Having a visual of the remaining charge is very practical to follow the duration of use. With daily or twice daily suction, the average autonomy was 30 to 35 min, always with a motorized brush using Auto mode exclusively. At the sound level, we measured 81 dB in MAX mode one meter away in a small closed room. We therefore made the measurements by putting ourselves in a situation, by holding the vacuum cleaner in the hand and in a standard room. In Eco mode, we were around 70 dB. This remains in the average for products of this type.

In spite of everything, we have put forward things to improve, such as the difficulty in sliding the nozzles and their quality (still the same problem on all vacuum cleaners of the brand). It goes without too much difficulty because it is very manoeuvrable but it is nevertheless quite heavy. Also note the incomplete emptying of the dust container because of the cyclone which takes up a lot of space. It is therefore necessary to disassemble the cyclone to empty it and clean it completely.

Get an idea of ​​how it works thanks to our video test (feel free to like, it's nice). You will see in particular the suction tests on significant amounts of dust.

What to say to conclude the test of this Jimmy H9 Pro? It seems that we had in our hands the most powerful brand vacuum cleaners. He is simply excellent. Its performances are remarkable and Jimmy knew how to take the best of the old versions while adding interesting and necessary innovations. Auto mode, An even more powerful engine, du storage rack… His 200 AW and 25000 Pa of aspiration its really present and felt. It overtakes its direct competitors without too much problem. His design is also to be highlighted although this is largely due to its patented horizontal double cyclone technology. It has all the accessories that it is possible to have even if the quality of some of them is not at the level of this product. His affordable price for a product of this level will allow you to invest in a device made to last, efficient and versatile!

Jimmy H9 Pro Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


Use Case


Care instructions






Price quality



  • Design
  • Multi accessories
  • Excellent suction (200 AW)
  • Storage rack
  • Auto mode

The lessers

  • Difficult emptying
  • Quality of some accessories
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