Jimmy JV85 Pro review: the most powerful of the stick vacuum cleaners?

We know Alexians are neat and tidy people. This is why they like them a lot. connected robot vacuum cleaners but also stick vacuum cleaners, excellent complements to the range. These are not connected, but we must admit that this would not bring much. So we set out again in search of the best products on the market. The brand belonging to Xiaomi, has released its new device, the Jimmy JV85 Pro.

The latter is bluntly advertised as the most powerful upright vacuum cleaner on the market, ahead of the Dyson V11 and the Dreame V11 for a lower price! Almost half the price of the American brand, the Jimmy JV85 Pro is not a vulgar copy of its direct competitor, but a real technological innovation as we will see in this test.

Jimmy JV85 Pro: a high-end stick vacuum cleaner


Our vacuum cleaner comes in relatively disappointing packaging compared to the competition. Apart from a visual of the product in glossy printing, this is the only touch of cheerfulness on this bland and bland packaging. disagree with the premium that we expected. A starving synthesis of the characteristics of the product is also noted, but of little interest.

The various elements are well wedged in cardboard cells and surrounded by plastic in order to protect them as much as possible. However, when we see the number of accessories that come with the Pro version, we quickly forget this lack of marketing sagacity. Indeed, it comes with:

  • A motorized fluffy brush for tiles, parquet, fragile floors ... and a carpet roll. It is the main brush of the vacuum cleaner. All-purpose, it will be useful to you on a daily basis for floors. The blue and red roller is specifically designed to prevent hair and body hair from surrounding it. The Fluffy is covered with a soft fur through which we find rows of soft, but denser and longer hairs. The latter (in red on the photo) collect the smallest waste, as would a conventional brush, while the soft surface (blue on the photo) catches large residues and flaps them towards the suction port. So it's an improved version of Dyson's creation. The carpet brush will allow, with its flexible plastic strips, to dislodge the dirt deep inside the carpet.
  • A mini motorized brush for mattresses, sofas, sofas… It works the same way as the carpet brush, but smaller. You can therefore perfectly use it on small carpets but also on your armchairs or in your car. Its roller will allow to attack fabrics and coverings in depth but be careful not to use it on fragile materials.
  • Un 2 in 1 crevice tool, for an 2 in 1 cushion nozzle and soft brush. This trio of small accessories will help you get through tight or tricky spaces. The soft brush will be useful to you to pass on the keyboards or the curtains for example. The crevice tool on the cushions ... However, while the quality of the other utensils is excellent, it is clear that the quality of these three accessories is disappointing: plastic of very average quality, acceptable finish at most and difficult to use because they are very hard to unlock. Too bad for a vacuum cleaner of this level.
  • Un flexible and expandable hose as well as a fitting. This hose is an excellent initiative because it is perfectly suited to pass through hard-to-reach places such as in a car for example. The connector will allow you to put the brushes directly on the body of the vacuum cleaner to use it as hand vacuum cleaner. It will also allow you to modify the tube to reach furniture tops.

- A flexible metal tube. Other big highlight of the Jimmy JV85 Pro, the vacuum's main tube is "flexible" in the sense that it can bend in half to allow you to go under furniture. There is also a small caster so that it can slide without scratching the floor.

- A rechargeable battery with 8 modules of 2500 mAh in order to have a significant power over a significant period of time for this type of product.

- A wall mount charging with AC adapter. It is both a strong point and a weak point because the Jimmy JV85 Pro can only be charged with this support. It is therefore necessary to hang it on the wall, especially since it does not stand alone.

Except for the three suckers, the quality of these different accessories is really excellent. The finishes are very good and qualitative. The plastics are of very good quality and the metals perfectly painted with the purple color specific to this product. And this conclusion is equally valid for the body of the vacuum cleaner!

Technical specifications  :

JV85 Pro
Drums :
Li-ion, 8 x 2500 mAh. This type of battery has a fairly high energy in terms of restitution but a low autonomy.
200 Air Watts maximum
Air flow :
1,35 m3 / min
Engine power :
550 W
340 x 190 x 150 mm
Suction force:
25.000 Pa
1,9 kg without accessories. Almost 3 Kg with.
up to 70 minutes in Eco mode without motorized brush. (30 minutes in turbo mode, 15 in max mode) and 55 mins with brushes in Eco mode (25 min in turbo mode and 13 in max mode).
Loading time :
5 hours
Sound level :
82dB max
Charging station :
wall mount accessory holder
Tank :
Accessories :
HEPA filters x1, brushes x2, nozzle with brush x3, flexible hose x1, tank x 1, carpet roller x 1, extendable hose x 1, fitting x 1
Power supply x1, stand x 1, user manual x 1

Le Jimmy JV85 Pro therefore differentiates itself from these competitors in several aspects, in particular its suction power and the size of his tank of 600 ml where others make 400 or 500 ml. Regarding the suction power, it is expressed in Air Watt, which is a good unit of comparison. With 200 AW, the Jimmy is the first on the market, where the Dyson develops 185 AW and the Dreame V11, 150AW.

Air-Watts, denoted AW, correspond to the ratio between air flow, suction and power consumption. They therefore indicate the efficiency of the engine and allow the devices to be compared with each other.

Jimmy JV85 Pro: a vacuum cleaner body that is out of the ordinary

While the other market leaders have all opted for vertical cyclone engines, Jimmy developed a horizontal motor. This is a 550 W digital brushless and this technology allows it a 55% efficiency for only 100.000 rpm. Despite this new technology, the size of the vacuum cleaner itself remains within the market average with 34 cm long, 19 cm wide and 15 cm thick. But this horizontal cyclonic system allows the Jimmy to have a differentiated look from other vacuum cleaners. Difficult to remain unmoved by this round design, appeased, and this pretty pretty purple color. The handle on the top allows an easy grip despite its almost 1,9 kg (without accessories).

Le patented horizontal cyclone system helps to avoid suction losses, by limiting vortices in the dust collector, homogenize air flows and avoid throttling. Where some vacuum cleaners will generate 12 cyclones, the JB85 only develops 2 in order to limit the resistance of air flows and therefore gain in power.

This system can be easily removed in order to have easy access to the cyclone on the one hand and to the dust bin on the other hand. This is all the more welcome as the hairs and hair will have difficulty getting to the end of the tray and will have to be removed by hand, by pulling on it. Access is made by pressing a small clapperboard which allows all the waste to drop into the trash can at once. Usually.

There is of course a HEPA filter (high efficiency airborne particle filter) allowing capture 99,97% of particles 0,3 µm or more. He is removable and washable in order to allow it a longer lifespan. Moreover, the brush rollers and the cyclone are also washable.

Daily use of the stick vacuum cleaner

After several days of use, the strong suction force of the Jimmy JV85 Pro is undeniable. You can see in our YouTube video (don't forget to subscribe friends) a scenario by having him suck up flour, hair, cat hair and litter. Flour is bad enough for this type of vacuum cleaner because it can pass through the HEPA filters and damage it by lowering the suction force by infiltrating the vents. Likewise, the purpose of the hair and bristles was to see if the Fluffy brush really helped to prevent them from curling up in it. Finally, the litter was tested to see the behavior of Jimmy with large enough particles.

It shows that it behaved very well with the flour, even if the latter was present everywhere in the cyclone, the hairs and the hair. On the other hand, the pieces of litter tested generated some problems not by a lack of power but by the fact that the size, too large, prevented the particles from passing into the suction system because of a safety pre-filter. Pay attention, therefore, to the size of the dirt that you are going to suck. We are not on a vacuum cleaner that swallows everything. There, you can block the suction system and possibly run the cyclone empty, with insufficient air flow.

The LED screen is a very big highlight of the JV85 Pro. You thus have a visual on the percentage of remaining battery and the suction mode used: Eco, turbo or Max.

It is also very practical to follow the duration of use. With daily or twice daily aspiration, the average of battery life was 35 min, always with a motorized brush and alternating between Eco and Turbo mode. In terms of noise, we measured a maximum of 80 dB, one meter away but in a small closed room. We therefore made the measurements by putting ourselves in a situation, by holding the vacuum cleaner in the hand and in a standard room. We passed in this case between 76 and 73 dB in Max level, between 73 and 70 in Turbo level and between 70 and 67 in Eco level. Which is really great for this type of product.

The negative points that we could find in use concern the difficulty in sliding the nozzles and their quality. release system is very poorly thought out. It is quite a shame for this type of product. Also note the incomplete emptying of the dust container because of the cyclone which takes up a lot of space (negative aspect of avoiding dead zones leading to air turbulence).

Considering the quality and the premium aspect of our vacuum cleaner, the fact of providing only a recharge on support without also allowing a direct charge of the battery, for example, is a shame but less than theno storage bag. Indeed, there are a lot of accessories, and only two places on the wall bracket… Where to put the rest? … Oh ! … I heard !

What to say in conclusion? The Jimmy JV85 Pro is a hit and one of the best cordless stick vacuums we've tested. Its performance is theoretically exceptional, making it the most powerful on the market with 200 AW, an air flow of 1,35 m3/ min and 25000 Pa suction for a reduced noise level. It overtakes its direct competitors without too much problem. His design is also to be highlighted although this is largely due to its patented dual horizontal cyclone technology. It has all the accessories that it is possible to have even if the quality of some of them is not at the level of this product. A few extra touches like a storage bag or a second mode of loading would have been a plus. Even though the drain system could be revised, the daily use of the Jimmy is a real pleasure! For less than these main competitors, and better, why hesitate to invest in the best quality / price ratio on the market ?

Xiaomi Jimmy JV85 Pro - Stick vacuum cleaner

343.99 € (excluding promo)



Care instructions






Price quality



  • Superb design
  • Multi accessories
  • Excellent suction
  • Price

The lessers

  • Difficult emptying
  • Quality of some accessories
  • No storage bag
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