Konyks Priska Duo test: the connected plug that multiplies

For the Konyks, summer rhymes with novelties! After the release at the end of June of the Konyks Priska EU connected plug, the French company comes back to us with a product of the same type: the Konyks Priska Duo that we were talking about last week. Quickly arriving on our test bench, we were quick to put it to the test to see if the brand remained true to its mantra: simplify the automation and make it accessible to everyone.

Konyks Priska Duo: two connected sockets in a compact and elegant format

Unboxing and presentation

No surprise as to the packaging, Konyks takes back its codes and that's good. You can immediately identify your brand and the perceived quality is good. Always as exhaustive, the packaging of the Priska Duo presents a visual of the product and its main characteristics, namely a double plug connected, operating in Wi-Fi, allowing the scenario creation and compatible with the two main voice assistants on the market: Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

At the opening, we thus discover a double connected socket in a compact format and with very pleasant rounded curves. Unlike a power strip that we tend to hide, the Konyks Priska Duo will not drag on the floor or swear when placed on its wall outlet.

10.5 cm long connected socket only measures 8 cm wide plugs included and therefore only exceeds 5 cm when inserted. Light but above all very well balanced, it only displays 142 grams on the scale and will not weigh too heavily on your wall outlets. The two modules are separated by 2 cm, allowing easy placement of two power supplies.

De SchuKo type, acronym of SchutzKontact, the two sockets are mixed European format E / F and therefore perfectly compatible with French sockets. We clarify it once again because the question is often asked: yes, it will perform a grounding of your devices using its two pins on the front face - 99% of our devices are compatible - and it is 'will fit perfectly with the land plug found in France. You can also connect two within the limit of 16A, be one maximum power 3680W.

Finally, in the case of a double connected socket, the Konyks Priska Duo of course offers two switches arranged on either side of the device and allowing them to be actuated manually.

That being said, let's get down to practice after a little technical recap for amateurs ...


Priska DUO
Double SchuKo socket type E / F
Input voltage
AC 100-240V
Wi-Fi band
2.4 GHz
Nominal current
Max power

Konyks Priska Duo: a complete home application

Installation and use

For this new test, we have chosen to use theKonyks app available on Android and iOS, it uses Tuya cloud technology which also allows you to use theapplication Smart Life if you already have devices connected to it.

  1. Open the Konyks app,
  2. Press the "+" top right,
  3. Choose " Electrical outlet ",
  4. If the LED of your Priska Duo EU does not flash quickly, reset it by long pressing its button,
  5. Enter your Wi-Fi code. Don't forget to connect your smartphone to the Wi-Fi network on the 2.4 GHz band.
  6. It's done, your Priska Duo is installed!

As always, the installation was as quick as it was simple, it's nice when everything goes without a hitch! Now let's see what the Konyks app offers.

  1. On the main screen, you can very classically turn on or off each of the takes. The updated design of the app lets you see at a glance whether they are on or off.
  2. A pictogram "Planning" allows you to define simple time schedules.
  3. A second pictogram "Timer" allows you to count down,
  4. Finally, and this is a big plus, the Konyks Priska Duo offers a monitoring of electricity consumption.

The functionalities are therefore quite classic with an undeniable advantage that should appeal to more than one user: the monitoring of electricity consumption. Although undifferentiated, the two takes being counted together, this measurement allows you to know the instant consumption as well as the average consumption. The data is stored in the cloud and you can follow your consumption months after using any mobile device. Convenient, although what follows is even more ...

Priska Duo and voice control

The Priska Duo is an object connected to voice assistants. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant allow you to fully control your devices by voice and, it must be said, this is usually the reason why we buy this type of product.

With Amazon Alexa

The ascent is immediate and theapplication Alexa allows the control of each take and a general switch. Unlike a multiple socket, here we have three different devices, this is the only point that we regret because it would have been practical to find the two “slots” on the same screen.

You can create routines, customize them voice commands Alexa. : « Alexa, turn on switch 1 " ou « Alexa, make the coffee ” if you have plugged your coffee maker into it. It's simple and efficient, as always with the assistant ofAmazon. If you run out of ideas, check out our tutorial on routines Alexa !

As always, owners of connected screens Echo Show will find the Priska Duo in the “Connected home” section of Fire OS under the tab "Take" obviously. The latency is really very low for Wi-Fi, which is appreciable.

On Google Home

With Google Home also, no problem. Like at Alexa, the ascent is done in three devices: each plug is controllable individually and one general switch allows you to control both simultaneously. Again, it's a bit of a shame but it's "normal" at Mountain View.

The Google Assistant voice commands are always the same and the latency is rather low. To turn them on, you just need to say, for example, "Ok Google, turn on switch 1". If you have prepared a little routine for turning on your coffee maker, you can also say "Hey Google, make the coffee" and your assistant will turn on one of the Konyks Priska Duo sockets.

Although less easy to implement due to a Google Home app always a little messy, the routines are effective. You will find the switches of your Konyks Priska Duo on Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max where you can control them at your fingertips.

Our opinion on the Konyks Priska Duo

La Konyks Priska Duo is, like the other products of the brand, a convincing model. With a compact and elegant design, it solves the problem of the lack of sockets by doubling them. Benefiting from a full application and a perfect compatibility with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, its very low latency makes it very pleasant to use and its Wi-Fi protocol allows it to be installed quickly on any router or box. Offered at € 29.90 on the Konyks.com website as well as on top Amazon. Fr  Konyks Priska Duo EU offers excellent value for money and is likely to multiply with you very soon!

Konyks Priska Duo EU










Price quality



  • Compact and elegant design
  • 2 sockets connected in 1 block
  • Individual power buttons
  • Monitoring of electricity consumption
  • Works with Google Home and Amazon Alexa

The lessers

  • Raising of three takes on the voice assistants: the multi-socket type would have been more judicious
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