KONYKS Priska + Mini test: the mini connected plug that does the maximum!

The Alexians continue to explore new from Konyks, the French High Tech brand created by Olivier Medam (see our interview). Follow us this time through the connected plug test Konyks Priska + Mini.

There are already a few sockets in the Apynov brand range: the Polyco power strip, the Priska + and Priska Mini. The Priska + is a 16A socket with consumption monitoring while the Priska Mini is a 10A socket of reduced size. The Priska + Mini is a synthesis strengths of the 2 sockets: 16A with consumption monitoring in a mini size. As a reminder, the brand's keywords are " easy to use ", " useful " et " cheap ", but always with a optimal value for money, without compromising on the components to lower the prices, but still less than 50 €. This is the case with this plug which is € 27,90.

Like all Konyks products, it respects the CE and RoHS standards (European standard for the reduction of hazardous materials in electronic products). They also operate under theKonyks home app but quite usable with Smart Life or Tuya. And as this take caught our eye, it will also do it for you via this test, largely in video.

KONYKS Priska + Mini: an exceptional catch ...

You will find the Priska mini in the famous yellow / orange card from the Konyks brand. By the way, don't look for a particular meaning for this name, it was created by the director of Apynov to represent high tech, to be easy to remember and to be a snap! A synthesis of plug characteristics is noted on the back as well as a small spread on the application.

The socket is wedged in a plastic cell and in a protective plastic bag. The notice in french is well detailed and clearly explains the installation in 3 steps: installation of the application, installation of the socket and connection to Alexa. The Priska + Mini is guaranteed for 24 months, like all the brand's products. We also find what makes the strength of Konyks: the CE declaration of conformity (Directives 2014/53 / EU and 215/863, among others)… and the production batch number !

What jumps out at the moment you open the box are the colors. Finally a take with a little madness! Finally some color! But why are smart plugs always white or gray? To compete with Robert Doisneau? Well it was missed ... Konyks finally puts a little color and it is well seen!

Konyks is finally putting a little color and it's seen! The Alexians

The plastic is in glossy white, thick and very solid. The orange is a little transparent, also shiny and completely joined to the first. No defects found, no deburring problem ... Perfect finish. The male and earth studs are made of metal, of course. It's a E-type plug totally adapted to our electrical devices, including the Schukos because it has the metal earthing tabs on the sides, which are now the norm. The female part of the socket presents, embedded in the bottom, the characteristics of the beast, an earth stud and, a guarantee of quality, a "Child protection" who will avoid coming to introduce objects and sticking to them ... Another guarantee of quality if necessary, some sockets with this type of protection are almost unusable because it is almost impossible to come and plug something in there, This is not the case. Several tests, several types of male plugs were inserted without problem.

Let's talk about the features. She is really light (58 g), small and will quickly be forgotten with its 4,6 cm diameter and 7 cm deep (3,3 cm if we remove the entire male part or 5 cm if we remove only the plugs). It really is a mini size which will help many people who want to put a connected outlet behind or under a piece of furniture, in a small space (next to that damn TV cabinet for example!). It supports a maximum current of 16 A or 3520 W, which is very very good, especially for a grip of this size. This is the maximum of the current connected sockets. It works of course on 220 240-V and with a 2,4 GHz Wi-Fi, IEEE 802.11 b / g / n. Do not put outside, it is not made for that and even avoid humidity of more than 80%. Ditto, do not put too close to the radiator because it does not like temperatures over 45 ° C.

KONYKS Priska + Mini: consumption monitoring via the home app (that's a lot of “we”, isn't it?)

As you know, KONYKS has developed its own application smartphone and its own skill to control its devices. Core based Tuya Smart, it is not for all that a copy and paste because the brand comes to bring its personal touch either on the design or on the specificities. More, data storage is located in Europe, at AWS, that is to say Amazon. So again, a detail that is important for the security of your information and the reliability of interactions.

Installation is very easy. In the app, tap the "+" and " electrical outlets ". Put the plug in pairing mode by pressing the physical button for 10 seconds so that it flashes its pretty golden color. Select your 2,4 GHz network and let it be. When it is done, rename it because it is the name that will also follow it on Alexa for voice commands.

Installing the Konyks Priska Mini + smart plug

If you have activated the skill Konyks, Alexa automatically discovers it. Otherwise, search by Alexa to find it. You can see in our Konyks Pirska + Mini video test a quick overview of the application. We will say that the base is identical to what we find for all connected objects. By clicking on the socket you will turn it on or off, you have access to a schedule for switching on or off. But the big plus is the consumption monitoring. And again, Konyks amazes us with the details! Where the few competitors will only follow the consumption in kWh instantaneously and cumulatively, Konyks will also allow you to instantly follow the voltage, the power in W, the cumulative in kW and the intensity in mA.

This is really great for several reasons:

  • Visual on the actual consumption of your devices. You may be surprised (try plugging in an electric kettle to see),
  • Visual on the power and total amperage if you put it at the end of a multiple socket in order to make a safe connection.

Consumption monitoring is done per day and per month. The history since the outlet was commissioned will be stored locally on your smartphone but only the last 30 days are in the cloud.

It is responsive, does not drop off the network, monitors precise consumption that makes you want to test it everywhere! The Alexians

We give you the opportunity to see the plug connected Konyks Priska + Mini in action through this test and installation video. It is responsive, does not drop off the network, monitors precise consumption that makes you want to test it everywhere!

In conclusion, Konyks did not disappoint us! We are on an excellent product: design, quality and with the little extras, the details that make this brand know how to differentiate itself from the others: child protection, color, direct consumption monitoring and above all on 4 different criteria. The only weak point could be the higher price than that of the competitors, but it is the price of the quality.

Konyks Priska + Mini










Price quality



  • Intrinsic quality
  • Monitoring of the various parameters live (4)
  • A touch of color

The lessers

  • Price a bit high
Did i choose Alexa or did she choose me? Let's say that as a beta tester, it's a bit of both! And I do not regret having met our favorite assistant nor this adventure undertaken with Alexien Modo. Technophile, self-taught and loving popularization, I try to make our common passion easy to access!