LSC test Smart Connect Security System: an accessible and efficient package, but no miracle

The last LSC brand products test Smart Connect really blew us away. Their connected filament bulbs are really very good. We therefore wanted to test another part of their range and in particular all the connected devices that can be likened to a security system. We insist on the notion of "being able to be likened" because this does not apply to a real system with alarm, third-party surveillance and the like. But it takes something for everyone. We do not offer you one, nor two, but three tests in one !!!

Indeed, Action currently offers 3 LSC products Smart Connect can be combined with each other to set up a homemade system at a lower cost: a opening sensor, for an movement detector and smart siren ! Each element is available for € 9,95 making it the cheapest on the market. Now it is necessary to see what happens… one by one please!

Smart Door Sensor: compact but efficient

Our Smart Sensor is presented in the qualitative packaging of the brand LSC Smart Connect. There is really nothing to complain about. We find the cover with the illustration of the product, the fact that it function under Tuya, compatible Alexa and that it can also allow scenarios with the siren, light bulbs… The background will present its technical characteristics.

Unboxing allows us to discover: the body of the opening detector, additional module and set of two batteries (delicate attention, thank you). We are first of all surprised at the size of the detector. It is really compact: 8 x 3 cm for the main module and 5 x 1,3 cm for the secondary, 1,5 cm thick. In comparison, a Zemismart is 9,5 x 4 cm and 9,5 x 1,5 cm while Konyks displays dimensions a little smaller than the LSC (7,5 x 2,5 cm). It is “logoed” LSC in large and gray. Well ? Not good ? For you to see but something more discreet wouldn't be worse. That said, its small size is very appreciable because having a concrete block instead of an opening detector is quite inconvenient ...

It is made in matt white plastic of fairly good quality. No fault found on our product. Each module has fairly effective double-sided. The back cover of the main unit is removed by pressing the top button. The batteries insert without problem and the reset / pairing button is very accessible as you can see. The small hole on the front side, at the bottom, is actually a red LED for connection status.

Pairing is done with Smart Life (and not LSC app because there is no skill) On 2,4 GHz Wi-Fi, IEEE 802.11 b / g / n. Choose "Protection sensor" et "Door sensor" in the adding part of Smart Life. Pairing is done very quickly by pressing the button, let it flash quickly, select your network and presto. Change the name, do some opening and closing tests to see if it communicates well and let's go! You can then bring it up under Alexa with the Skill Smart Life (see the other tests and tutorial for more info).

During these tests, we were quite surprised at the detection distance. Count about 1 cm in horizontal spacing and easily 1,5 to 2 cm in sliding. This allows you to put the sensor in the correct position, unlike others that must be adjusted to the hair. The magnet used is therefore of good quality, but be careful, if the door is at the limit of closing, it may not tell you (hence proper placement). Look at these photos, we are still in the closure detection zone!

In use, not much to complain about: it is easily put in place, captures openings and closings quite well even if it sometimes seems to react with a little delay. You have the possibility to receive notifications on your smartphone or via Alexa if you are doing a routine. The application allows you to view the status live: open or closed, as well as the history of openings and closings. The settings allow you to enable or disable notifications.

To conclude on this opening detector, we are on a great value for money : It is compact, with a large detection area, easy to install and pair, and works very well. And that for € 9,95! Do not hesitate a second!

Smart Movment Sensor: it moves ... it detects ... it's good

Our motion detector is presented in exactly the same way as the other products in the range, and in particular the opening detector. We are therefore not going to dwell too much on it. We discover: the motion detector, a support and a set of two fairly clean batteries (CR123 / A). The sensor is a washer 6 cm in diameter (evening a radius of 3 cm and a circumference of 18,84 cm and a surface of ... ok, but it will soon be back to school too) and a maximum thickness of the dome of 4 cm. It is therefore in the average market size.

Material level, it is made of the same white plastic than the others for the body and another translucent opaque plastic with golf ball patterns. We find the small LSC logo much more discreet than the cupboard placed on the opening detector. The back has a small metal plate that will allow it to hold by magnetization on the support delivered. The support is also in thick plastic and quite well designed: it has a double-sided but if you put it on a metal surface, it will also hold by the magnetization of the module. The module will not simply come and land there but insert itself there in order to hold on well.

The back cover of the detector is removed by rotating it. As for the opening detector, the batteries are inserted without problem and the reset / pairing button is very accessible as you can see. It is the module that will glow a little for pairing mode and not an LED.

We are not going to insult you again to tell you how to pair with Smart Life because there, if you have not yet understood with the first explanation, the only way is for us to come to your home ... Simply choose "voice / light sensor".

How does it work ? Where to put it? We are on a passive sensor, so with an infrared system that will just check if something in front of the sensor does not have the same thermal signature as the atmosphere. It therefore works in the dark and is given for a range of use in 0 and 55 ° C. You can therefore put it in your hallway so that you can then activate a siren thanks to a scenario or a light thanks to a routine. The possibilities are really varied.

The start of the test was not really conclusive because if it is in a zone of very frequent passage, see permanent, it will not activate regularly, see only once. Which is quite logical in principle, the goal being to activate in the event of a change of environment. In our case, we installed it at the bottom of a letterbox. As soon as an envelope is slipped into the window, it will activate and send a notification on the smartphone or on Alexa if you set up a routine like "you have a letter". It is indeed much easier to adjust than a door opening detector on a BAL slot.

The app also allows you to see the history of detections, like other sensors.

What to say about this product? Here again, very good surprise for the price / quality ratio. It works quite satisfactorily, it installs very easily and notifications arrive fairly quickly (even if there are sometimes latencies). For 9,95 €, you do not risk much and for once, it's all good.

Smart Siren: will we resist his song?

The last object in the range is the one that must bring them all together, it is round, a red ring is… a mermaid! Indeed, thanks to routines and scenarios, it is up to you to set up a homemade system to twist the eardrums of invaders! But be careful, let's be clear. If we compare an alarm system worthy of the name to a Tibetan Mastiff feeding young children and fasting for 1 week, then our siren would be an obese Chihuahua suffering from cataract just putting on a bowl ... It's cute, it squeaks a bit, but that's it. You will understand why ...

The box of our siren is a little bigger than the other two but is identical in all points on the other aspects. And what's in this box? Our mermaid who comes under the shape of a round 9,5 cm in diameter (therefore 4,75 cm radius is ... Ok, ok ...) and a thickness of 7,5 cm with the plug or 4 cm when plugged). Failing not to be aesthetic, it is not necessarily unsightly. We see a red ring that will light up while she sings or during pairing mode. There are openings for sound on the front and on the sides. 3 buttons are present: one for switching on and pairing and two others for volume (110 dB max, the pain threshold being at 120 dB). It is made of good quality grayish plastic.

To make it work, it must be connected to the mains (100-240 V) via its ungrounded plug. There is no battery system or whatever. The big weakness of the product is therefore there. PTo turn it off in the event of an intrusion, you unplug it and that's it. It should therefore be plugged in in the attic, behind or under a piece of furniture so as not to make it visible or more difficult to detect. But depending on the homes and interiors, this will not be possible. Keep this in mind if you want to buy it.

Pairing is very easy. You plug in and it automatically goes into the appropriate mode (if not, press the button for a few seconds). Choose alarm under Smart-Life and let yourself be guided.

The application will allow you to see thealarm history but also, in the parameters, of choose the sound volume of the alarm, type of alarm (sound, visual or both), alarm times or turn it off. It's pretty well done and intuitive. It will also directly integrate an alarm group under Smart Life.

You can now make a scenario to activate your alarm in the event of a door opening, for example, or even motion detection. Go for that in automation of the scenario tab. It's very simple, take a look at this example. And watch it in action on our video full of suspense!

So in the end, this mermaid? Well ? Might as well be honest, yes she is not bad, she does the job by screaming as soon as the scenario starts, but not putting a battery system to power it even if it is unplugged frankly makes it lose interest. Unless you have the possibility of putting your device in an inaccessible place, go your way. It's hardly dissuasive if you come across seasoned thugs.

In conclusion, we are on products which remain very very good value for money because all at € 9,95. The opening detector is excellent, the motion detector is great, but the alarm is more of a gadget than anything else. Even if for 9,95 € it can scare a Sunday burglar, it is not very dissuasive because of its design.
But finally, do not hesitate, go for it! There is no equivalent to this value for money at this time.

LSC Smart Connect Smart Security System

9.95 € per unit








  • Very good material
  • Qualitative
  • Price

The lessers

  • Sirens below the quality of other products
  • Sometimes a little bit of latency
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