LSC test Smart Connect White Ambiance 1400 lm: a low price with light on every floor

LSC bulb Smart Connect 14W 1400 lumens: review and test with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa EchoFor those who are lucky enough to have a Action store nearby, we no longer present the brand LSC Smart Connect. This brand provides, in self-service, a range of connected objects ranging from GU10s, to filaments, including an alarm, a connected socket, but also to the much appreciated basic LED bulbs LSC Smart Connect. But, where the tour de force is, is that their products are available from € 8,95! Difficult not to fall for it. Did you like the LSC test Smart Filament? Then you will love this one! Once again, the brand is strong with its LSC bulb Smart Connect LED White Ambience (whose white heat is adjustable) announced at 1400 lumens… Yes, 1400 lm! For only € 9,99 !!!

Action has not finished making people jealous ... But as jealousy is the prerogative of those who do nothing, too bad for them! Follow the guide, we go past, we have the light…. On all floors… or almost.

LSC Smart Connect White Ambiance 14W - 1400 lm: a cheap and powerful connected bulb


La LSC range Smart Connect is imported by Electro Cirkel Retail BV It is also to them that we owe them Calex smart bulbs that we recently found at Leroy Merlin, of which we tested one of the references this week.

There is no change in the brand's packaging. He is still so attractive and successful : green, imaged, glossy reproduction of the product on two sides ... With the difference that the rays emanating from the image of the bulb are this time white and yellow, because it is a White Atmosphere : a bulb with variable whites. The box always opens from the front, because it is in two parts. The bulb is wedged with a support at the base.

The pack announces the power of 14W, the 1400 lumens and the E27 type of the lamp base, as well as its 2,4 GHz Wi-Fi connectivity (there, it's clear). The other characteristics to highlight are on the side (like the temperature of the whites) or the back. The Google Assistant accounting et Amazon Alexa is also present, as is the use of their in-house application, based on Tuya.

You also have a instructions in 10 languages, each local explanation of which fits on a sheet. It is concise but well done.

On the other hand, you are not going to swoon when you see the bulb. She is the Suzanne Boyle of blisters, not being able to rest on her physique, she will have to shine. It is relatively ordinary, even ugly. The bulb, not Suzanne. Follow a little.

We are on a very basic and dull Edison 27. The body is 3/4 to 4/5 of the total size and the bulb as such is therefore relatively small. We will put that on the fact that it takes a lot of power for 1400 lm and that the ballast will hide all that. In short, a bulb to hide, so be careful if you have a light that aims to highlight them.

The materials are medium quality, of PC or ABS type for the body and the bulb, aluminum for the base… On the other hand, it weighs only 67 grams, which is really little compared to his sisters.

Technical specifications

  • Base : E27
  • Engime : 14 Wh
  • Luminous flow : 1400lm,
  • How it works : 220-240 V / 50/60 Hz
  • Warmth of whites : 2700 K to 6500 K. This is a very strong point because the bulbs connected with such powers are generally in fixed white.
  • Longevity: 15.000 hours of use (this is quite low because we generally have between 25.000 and 50.000 hours) or 10.000 cycles of use (again quite low).
  • Dimmable: only with the app, not with a dimmer.
  • Accessories : controllable with the remote control Smart Remote LSC.
  • Connectivity: 2,4 GHZ Wi-Fi

This bulb LSC Smart Connect White Ambience therefore manages to blow hot and cold in terms of characteristics, combining top of the line with 1400 lm (making it one of the most powerful on the connected market), its white range (ranging from warm white to light of the day) at the top of the flop with its longevity. That said, for barely 10 €, let's not be too demanding either ...

LSC Smart Connect White Ambiance 1400 lm: installation

As announced, the brand has its own app. However, there is no skill Alexa available while the Google Home action is present. Google therefore seems, little by little, to catch up in home automation, even if it seems inconsequential in this case because of the operation under Tuya / Smart Life. To avoid having an Nth piloting application, we therefore used Smart Life (see our tutorial for install a bulb via Smart Life if you have any difficulties).

After entering the bulb into pairing mode (automatic from the first power-up or otherwise turn on and off 3 times, very quickly), press the "+" once in the application, select " lighting " et "Wi-Fi lighting devices". Then select your Wi-Fi network (don't forget to activate your GPS) and let it be.

Remember to change the name of the bulb for ease of use by voice. If you have already activated the skill Smart Life, the bulb goes up directly under Alexa.

Now from the app you can turn your bulb on and off by pressing the virtual button at the bottom center. By playing on the circle around the bulb logo, you can choose the warmth of white that suits you. For the intensity, it is the small segment at the bottom that will allow you to determine the most suitable.

You also have a number of pre-established scenarios varying both the intensity and the heat of the whites depending on the time of day or activity (reading, work, leisure, etc.). One more that we owe to Smart Life. Of course you can make your own scenarios and your own automations.

Operation with Alexa

You must have activated the Skill Smart Life to be able to move the bulb under Alexa. If this is the case, it will appear automatically upon installation. Otherwise, activate the skill with the password and your application ID Smart Life, then search for new equipment.

In the application Alexa, You can turn on or off the lamp by pressing the virtual button and vary the light intensity by playing with the slider below. You can vary the warmth of whites by going to colors, define, where you will find 5 preset white colors. These are the names of colors that you can call by voice during your voice commands Alexa. You are also free to come and insert it into routines.

Works with Google Assistant

In L'Google Home app, the principle is the same as with Alexa. You must first activate the extension. Smart Life in "Works with Google" and let Google Assistant discover your devices. You may again be required to enter your access codes. If you have already activated it, the LSC bulb Smart Connect White Ambiance will be directly visible.

You can then use it by voice with the Google Assistant commands and directly from the application via the virtual button and the intensity rule. You finally have the possibility to choose, thanks to the virtual button, one among the 6 colors available. These are also the names of these colors that you will need to call.


LSC Smart Connect White Ambiance 1400 lm: everyday use

Here is what you are all waiting for: a debrief of the use of this bulb. Let's start with the highlights. THEthe brightness is very good, even excellent, for a bulb of this price. The 1400 lumens are really present, the white very clear and without any flickering. It's the minimum minimum. Responsiveness is also very good when we use it with the app Smart Life and the warm white palette very interesting.

On the other hand, where the shoe pinches (with reference to the device for carrying loads on the backs of mules) is that the integration of voice assistants is really bad. Indeed, the extent of the white range that it is possible to call up by voice is much more restricted than on Smart Life. They are also much more concentrated and a warm white on Google Home or Alexa does not correspond to actual warm white in any way. In addition, we encountered a problem of not taking into account voice requests, both with Alexa and Google Assistant. It was possible to turn the bulb on / off, but not change its colors. It was sort of spinning in a vacuum. This is the first time that we have had this type of problem, solved by re-tensioning the bulb. It is therefore a big weak point. Under these conditions, the best is to adjust the bulb as you wish, at the heat level (the intensity works very well), and only turn it on and off by voice. A bit of a shame ...

But let's not forget that we are talking about a connected bulb 1400 lumens at 9 € 99 from Action, so let's not be too demanding, because it is all the same already very good to have such a luminous flux at this price.

In conclusion, this LSC bulb Smart Connect White Ambience has undeniable advantages (power of 1400 lumens and adjustable warmth of whites) counterbalanced by beginners' flaws (very average vocal integration) and an unflattering design. Note that, for this one, we did not have a crackle like it was the case on other LSC lots from Action, but do not get involved too quickly ... Nevertheless, the price / quality ratio is excellent and at 9.95 €, you lose nothing by adopting it, even if it remains very perfectible !

LSC Smart Connect White Ambience 14W - 1400 lm










Price quality



  • Price
  • Engime
  • Choice in the warmth of whites

The lessers

  • Voice integration to review
  • Durée de vie
  • Design
Did i choose Alexa or did she choose me? Let's say that as a beta tester, it's a bit of both! And I do not regret having met our favorite assistant nor this adventure undertaken with Alexien Modo. Technophile, self-taught and loving popularization, I try to make our common passion easy to access!