LSC test Smart E14 filament: the connected but retro bulb from Action

our opinion on the LSC bulb SMart Connect E14 filament

LSC Smart E14 filament

LSC filament lamp Smart Connect

Filament bulbs begin to be found relatively easily. They give a little retro air to our modern and connected interiors. But, so far, we have only presented models with E27 bases, whether the bulb Benexmart ST64 or Nityam Filament ST64 / G95. Today, we therefore went to the Action brand in search of the LSC Smart Filament E14 Warm White Ambiance.

Established in France since 2012, the Dutch hart discount brand created in 1993 is present in 9 European countries and offers a relatively wide range of connected objects. But what is this neo-retro bulb connected and compatible with voice assistants worth? Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant at less than 7.49 €? This is what we will see ...

LSC Smart Filament E14: The retro bulb but not too much


It is with a black / orange box that Action presents its range of vintage connected bulbs LSC Smart E14 filament. The packaging displays a visual accompanied by the specifics of the model: white temperature between 1800 and 6500 Kelvin, 470 lm for 4.5 Watts. On the side the pastilles of the vocal assistants Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. On the back, the technical characteristics and energy class A + are filled in.

The box opens fully and allows you to simply extract the bulb wedged between two cut out boxes. This is accompanied by its installation manual.

The bulb measures 11.8 cm long for 3.5 cm in diameter at the widest and weighs 27 grams on our scale. Unlike other so-called "vintage" or retro filament bulbs, this one does not offer a larger surface area than other flame bulbs such as the LSC Smart Filament E27. And that is very regrettable. It looks like a filament, it looks like retro light bulbs with its yellowed globe, but that's all, the resemblance ends there. The body of the bulb and the base are of a completely conventional proportion and represent 50% of the size of the flame bulb. On one side we find the brand with the Wi-Fi symbol and the 2.4GHz network. On the other hand, CE certification and made in PRC, in other words in China.

In terms of quality, the LSC bulb Smart E14 filament is clearly low cost. The finishes are far from perfect, not to say rough, but the imperfections are mainly on the body of the bulb. We clearly see paint drips / smears on one side and "surplus" material on the other. Nevertheless, the golden tone of the base / body harmonizes perfectly with the amber tone of the glass.

The retro flame-style globe clearly reveals the four vertical orange filaments.


  • Brand : LSC Connect
  • Model : LSC Smart E14 filament
  • Form:  Flame
  • reference: 3001702
  • Dimensions L x W x H:  11,8 cm x 3.5 cm x 3.5 cm
  • Bulb Weight: 27 grams
  • Materials :
  • Supply : 220-240V, 50-60Hz
  • Power : 4.5 Watts
  • Equivalent to incandecence:  about 50 Watts
  • Luminous flow :  470 lm
  • Colours: DON'T
  • Whites: 1800 - 6500 Kelvin
  • dimmable : Yes
  • Lifetime :  15.000 hours
  • Activation number: 10 000
  • Reaction time : 0.4 sec


Installation and use of the LSC bulb Smart E14 filament

So, let's say right away, although the LSC application Smart Connect works under Tuya environment, as indicated by the logo on the packaging, it was not possible for us to use the application Smart Life this time, which we had been able to do previously. We will therefore present it to you through LSC application Smart Connect available on the stores Android et IOS.

Once downloaded, Create an account, fill in a email and Verification code, choose one mot de passe And click futures for finally arrive on the home page. Once on the home page, adding the bulb is very simple because the application is very close to Smart Life.

Turn on the bulb, it should blink constantly. If not, turn on / off the lamp 3 times to force the switch to pairing mode.

Click on the "+" at the top right, then in the catégorie Smart Lighting by selecting the bulb model: Candle Gold CCT (CCT for Changing Color Temperature, the temperature of white that can change). A message invites you to give access to the GPS, authorize, then enter your 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network and enter the corresponding password. Confirm that the bulb is flashing quickly. Search / discovery is instant and the bulb is added to the app. By clicking on the pencil you can rename it.

Now let's discover the LSC application and the possibilities it offers with the LSC bulb Smart E14 filament.

The bulb once added, takes place on the home page of the application.

This location allows you to:

  • Switch on switch off bulb by clicking on the green button.

By clicking on "Common functions", you find the shortcuts for:

  • Edit the intensity of the flow: clicking on " Clair“, Below the bulb, a slider is displayed at the bottom of the page and allows you to select between 1% (nightlight style but still illuminating very well) to 100% the desired brightness.
  • Modify the temperature: same principle as above by clicking on… "temperature". The values ​​here range from 0% (warm white) to 100% (cool white).

These functions will be found by clicking on the retro bulb.

At the bottom of the page, you will find the menu in the middle Scenario to create your automations or manual scenario and on the right the menu Profile which allows you to access the various parameters of your account.

By clicking on the bulb itself, you will find the same functions as those described above:

  • You turn on / off by clicking on the bulb in the center,
  • White Mode : displays the two sliders.
  • Remote : If you have an LSC-compatible remote control, you can turn off the remote use of the bulb. Rest assured, it is also possible once deactivated to put it back into service by clicking on it again.
  • Diagram : this is the page for making the settings according to your needs: daily / weekly….

Clicking on " Menu »At the top right of the name of the bulb, you arrive at the settings page where you can by clicking on:

  • light bulb icon change its name, assign it a room.
  • Scenario and automation : view those created from the “Scenario” menu accessible from the home page.
  • Device sharing : allows you to give access to a third person who can manage the bulb just like you.
  • Create a group : this can be useful if you have several bulbs in the same room and want to turn them all on / off at the same time.
  • FAQ : if necessary, a FAQ in French is available and even report unresolved problems from the FAQ.
  • Add to Home Screen. This function is not that useless because in case of need, the access is even faster and given the multiple applications which one is often obliged to install, it sometimes happens to no longer remember which one the device is registered. Clicking on the widget takes you directly to the bulb page as below.

With Amazon Alexa

You have to install the skill LSC Smart Connect, link account Amazon to that of the LSC application to raise the bulb. You may need to ask Alexa to discover your new devices so that the bulb appears. But this one will appear. From the app Alexa, you can also: turn on / off, adjust the brightness or change the white temperature among the five possible. You can also incorporate the bulb into routines.


With Google Home

Here too, if this is your first LSC device to integrate with Google Home, you must activate the LSC Add-on that you will find by clicking on the " + »At the top left, then on« Configure a device And finally on Works with Google". There, in "search", type LSC to bring up the add-on then link the two accounts.

The bulb goes up quickly and, from the app, you can then turn on / off, modify the intensity or the temperature of the blanks. You will find that with the Google Assistant, six shades are available: ivory, daylight, cool white, warm white, incandescent, candlelight.

LSC Notice Smart E14 filament

In use, the LSC application is nice and shortcuts are welcome. In 100% lighting, the 470 lumens provide very good light input extra. Below, necessarily less. The fact that the flame is translucent means that there is no loss of intensity unlike LEDs covered with an opalescent globe, and that does a lot. Conversely, a translucent globe can obstruct the view, the location will therefore be crucial to have the benefit of the retro bulb look and a light contribution without eye discomfort. However, note that this is always more or less the case with retro bulbs ...

With voice assistants, we note a greater promptness ofAlexa which offers five distinct shades, even in low light. The first two whites (warm and soft white) merge visually. The Mountain View assistant, meanwhile, does not understand the names of the colors as displayed in its own application… That's nerd. However, we managed to have: white, daylight, cold white and warm white. Four out of six shades are recognized by voice, but you won't have a real color chart. Only two tones, one hot and one cold, stand out.

Here are the different white renderings depending on the use

  • With the app:

The tones are more extensive than with the two vocal assistants which seem restricted to display the extreme colors that the bulb is nevertheless capable of producing. That's a shame.


The warmest yellow and the coldest white in the app are visually reflected in the app Alexa by a display which "leaves the proposals".

  • With Alexa and the five available blanks:

The difference between very orange warm white and soft white is not very pronounced whether in voice or via the application but the other three shades are noticeable.

  • With Google Assistant and the six blanks offered:

The six tones available via the tablets of the application do not offer a true color swatch as one would have the right to hope. At best, count three different whites: candlelight (warm white), cool white (white that is not cold) and ivory. But frankly do not expect to have an extra rendering.


In conclusion, the bulb LSC Smart Filament E14 from Action is a low-end bulb which suffers from small defects of finish. Was it the lot that suffered from a manufacturing defect? We won't be able to tell you, but for only 7.49 €, you can't expect a perfect product. In white color, it is very correct in use with the application where one enjoys a rich panel of whites. With voice assistants, Alexa wins the medal of merit because it is responsive and the nuances are much more present than with Google Assistant. In short, if you need an E14 flame bulb that offers very good auxiliary lighting and who tries to do like the big ones, why not?
Simple user and novice fallen into the pot Alexa, this one fascinates me and thanks to the boys, Jean-Christophe and Alexien Modo, I learn a little more every day. Loving the different aspects ofAlexa, I turned to skills to share my discoveries with you.