Meross MSL100 test: an E27 connected bulb in Steampunk fashion

While we were looking for a cheap product that would delight the crowds, a bright idea came to us while looking at Astroboy: and why not a vintage connected light bulb ? How can the top of today's light bulbs be vintage? Quite simply, with a little makeover.
Let us introduce you to the Meross MSL100, an E27 bulb "Filaments" 6 W, warm white 2700K, 810 lm. It works with the eponymous home application as well as with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant et IFTTT. Sold by set of four at 44.99 €, or around 11 € / piece, they are among the cheapest on the market. But what do we get for that price?

MEROSS MSL100: a connected Edison LED bulb


Meross is a Californian brand having its products manufactured in China under the supervision of MRTECH USA. It was created in 2016 by alumni of Microsoft, Cisco, Media Teck and TP-Link, and quickly specialized in accessible, but good quality Wi-Fi connected products. However, little innovation on their side, the goal being rather to quality at an acceptable price.

Like most brands focusing on value for money, no crazy packaging or visual worthy of a Manet (or Banksy for the youngest). We stay on sober and practical. Your two E27 bulbs are well wedged via foam strips below and above, in a white cardboard with a sketch of the bulb and the characteristics to highlight: operation with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT, dimmable… The other intrinsic characteristics are also explained on the rear panel. In addition to the bulbs, there is a manual in English and German explaining the procedure to you. But for those who don't like Shakespeare or Goethe, we're here!

But let's look at our Meross MSL100 (MSL like Meross Smart Light). The brand has decided to make a totally retro bulb with the copper-colored aluminum base system. It's pretty, it's aesthetic, it's beautiful. The four filaments are parallel to each other and are identical to almost all of those on the market: oranges, with small chips LED glued on it, COG method (Cheap On Glass).

In terms of materials, we have a glass bulb large transparent in order to imitate the bulbs of yesteryear. The ballast and the base are in copper metal. No finishing problem observed on the two bulbs tested: they are really well built, An great design and a neo retro superbly appreciable. The details are worth a glance: the entire electronic system is encased in a glass base, allowing the mass of the product to be reduced to 42 grams.

Overview of features:

- Bulb shape A19 standardized (6cm in diameter by 12cm in height),
- Edison Base 27 or E27
- Class A ++ (6 kWh / 1000 h),
- 25000 hours of operation (rather very good compared to the competitors at 15000 h), that is to say almost 28 years if it is lit 3 hours a day ... but without the number of ignition cycles supported by the bulb, this is of little interest
- 810 lm,
- 2700K, either warm white, slightly yellowish,
- It works in 2,4 GHz Wi-Fi, IEEE 802.11 b / g / n,
- 220-240V and 50/60 Hz,
- Mediatek chip to prevent unwanted Wi-Fi disconnections.

She is, with these technical characteristics, at the top of the basket. Only the fact that it is a single white can be addressed at the weak points, but that is the case with almost all LED filament bulbs today. However, the choice of 2700K means that it will rather be intended for a decorative lamp, a mood light, cozy, or even a bedroom because even with its 810 lm, it will not be suitable for the main lighting of a living room where we rather expect a whiter light.

Meross MSL100: operation of the bulb with its in-house application

To use the brand's products, Meross decided to develop its own application. It is easy to use and includes all the functionalities of the applications: scenes and routines are present, etc.

To install the bulb, it's very simple and there are two scenarios:

  • First connection, it will immediately switch to blink 3 times and become fixed again to show that it is ready for the future,
  • If you need to reinstall it, turn it on and off 3 or 4 times to achieve the same result.

During the installation process, the bulb will also flash slowly twice to confirm that the installation is complete. In short, when the bulb blinks 3 times, get ready to click on the "+" top right in the app. Select the drawing well " ampule " here we go. First of all you need a valid Meross account, of course.

Then follow the procedure which will consist in recognizing the bulb, giving it a name and then connecting it to Wi-Fi. Yes, it is the reverse of the others, but it is like that.

The application is quite well done because to adjust the intensity, just slide your finger at the bottom or top of the bulb design. It's pretty cool and the area is quite fun. It works well and is quite responsive.

Of course, you can come and create scenarios or even plans to make your everyday life easier (turn on the light at 2 a.m. in the bedroom of your teenager who speaks badly to you, for example).

Operation with Amazon Alexa

In order to move the bulb back into the application Alexa, you need to activate the Skill Meross from the app Alexa. You will have to log into it by entering your MEROSS credentials. If you have activated the skill, as soon as the plug is recognized, it will go up in Alexa. Otherwise, do "search for new devices".

In the application Alexa, You can turn on or off the lamp by pressing the virtual button and Farea vary light intensity by playing with the cursor below. You are also free to come and insert it into wake-up routines or others.

To use it by voice, just ask « Alexa, turn on X " ou « Alexa, lights X at 30% " or " Alexa, turn off X ”. You will understand that "X" is not the real name of our bulb but just an international code to say that you replace it with the word you want (lamp, bulb, Janine…). Not that the "X" is not interesting as such. Besides, do you know that it comes from a Phoenician letter which gave the? Greek and then the Latin X. But it comes before that from a hieroglyph representing a column, which gave birth to our basic Phoenician letter. So, no, we don't use "X" by chance here, when we know where it comes from.

Works with Google Assistant

First, activate MEROSS in "Works with Google" and let Google Assistant discover your devices. It is not more complicated. Of course, you may again be required to enter your access codes. The purpose is the same as with Alexa : you can use it by voice et directly from the Google Home app via the virtual button and the intensity rule. It couldn't be simpler.


If you want to see what it looks like in real life, wait for our video test (subscribe to our channel not to miss it). Regarding light intensity, it's a matter of taste. We are not exceptionally keen on warm white because it greatly lowers the perceived brightness ... The video does not do justice to the different levels of intensities which are actually very marked. There is no flickering of the bulb when it is filmed, proof of the quality of the product… It is also very reactive (instantaneous via the application). But to be preferred for luminaires where the bulb is visible because ultimately, it is this which will be highlighted, given its design.

In conclusion, the vintage Meross MSL100 bulb is a very good product. She is magnificent with her Steampunk, neo-retro style, all in copper and dressed glass. Its 810 lumens should be highlighted because not as common as that on this type of bulb. However, its weak point remains the fact that the warmth of white cannot be changed and that warm white is a choice that can be debatable. The application is also very good because it is relatively stable, just like the bulb over time. For the price, this is one of the best LED filament bulbs that we have tested that knows how to stand out from the competition by its price and its application. But other, at 2,5 € more per bulb, allow consumption monitoring, like the TP-Link ...

Meross MSL100: vintage connected bulb Edison type with filaments

44.99 € (set of four)









Price quality



  • Superb design
  • Very good rendering
  • Good stability
  • Price (around 11 € / piece in batch)

The lessers

  • A single warm white at 2700K
  • No monitoring of electricity consumption
Did i choose Alexa or did she choose me? Let's say that as a beta tester, it's a bit of both! And I do not regret having met our favorite assistant nor this adventure undertaken with Alexien Modo. Technophile, self-taught and loving popularization, I try to make our common passion easy to access!