MEROSS test Outdoor smart plug: a waterproof plug that takes in water… or not. have a rather pronounced tendency to monomania and once in motion, find it difficult to stop. Never two without three, here's a double socket test operating without a roof!

This time it's the well-known brand meross that goes on the grill. Created in 2016, it offers more than 30 connected products in 20 countries, of which here is one of the latest innovations: the outdoor connected socket MSS620EU, double connected plug "waterproof" (according to the fiche Amazon, with an IP 44) for garden, lawn, fountain… at the price of € 28,99 excluding promotion.

Small recurring catch-up lesson concerning IP (protection index) for those who no longer have all that in mind. The latter is composed of 2 digits, the first going from 0 to 6 (representing protection against solids, the 6 corresponding to protection against dust intrusion) and the second from 0 to 8 (representing protection against liquids, the 8 corresponding to immersion total). An IP 44 relates to protection against foreign bodies of more than 1 mm and against splashing. This therefore means that it supports a little more than rain, splashing associated with watering for example, but not immersion or large amounts of water. This is good enough for standard use in a garden where the risks of inadvertently watering it do exist. Reading the description of the product, it is well said do not immerse or rinse it, which agrees with this index.

MEROSS MSS620EU: a sober design without being coherent

meross delivers its catch in a very sober cardboard with a picture of the socket on the front and the technical specifications as well as the operating mode on the rear. So don't look for an installation guide, there isn't one. On the other hand, unlike our first ALBOHES plug test, the information announced on the sales site can be verified: IP, max amperages, etc.

Regarding the design, we like it or not. But we can say that there is no frills, Meross stayed on the utilitarian aspect of the take, as it is meant to be put out. And it shows: rectangular shape, matt black plastic, no fuss ... The two plots are well separated on two separate islands with the physical button in the middle. The two sockets are protected by two "lids" spring-loaded plastic. It is a very good system to allow the systematic closing of the blocks.

Its cord is 28,5 cm with the length of the included male plug. You can see from the photos that we are on female sockets of Schuko type, so adapted to French devices. It is the same for the male plug with a stud for the earth. The two sockets are independent at the level of use by the application, but in physics there is onlya single button that will light up the take in its entirety. So the problem is that if you turn it on in physics, the two sockets are energized and not just one.

It is 15 cm wide and 8 cm deep, for a height of 5 cm. The weight is approximately 370 grams. In terms of technical characteristics: it operates on 100-240V and supports a maximum amperage of 10 A or more than 2400 W. We are therefore on the minimalist. Choose carefully the devices to be connected to it. 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection only.

But why speak of a lack of consistency in our chapter title?

Well, let's take a look together:

  • The button is not under a cover or molded, see tactile, as for the other tested sockets, but it is independent of the unit and this can present a problem of sealing. We will come back to that.
  • Spring loaded covers do not have a gasket. In the event of rain, there may be water entering, especially since ...
  • The sockets are on the top of the block and not on the side like the other brands tested. Also, in the event of rain, it will stagnate at the level of the sockets which in addition are embedded in the blocks. A nice liquid receptacle.

MEROSS MSS620EU: installation via the home app

As for all Meross products, it is necessary to use the home application which is quite well done and is quite didactic. We recommend that you do this installation indoors for more comfort and then move your plug to the desired location. Be careful though to make sure you still have Wi-Fi in the desired location. You must first create an account if it is not done. We refer you to our tutorial dedicated to the Meross application for more information.

Once plugged in, the illuminated button on the socket will change color (green and red). If you need to do it manually, you just need to press the power button for a few seconds. Once the plug is in pairing mode, follow the instructions of the Meross application, being connected to the desired Wi-Fi and activating the GPS. Let yourself be guided until the end of the installation. Once the take is found, you can rename it. This will be its generic name. With Meross, it is also possible to choose the logo of the take (and even to take a picture of it!). This app is really full of surprises!

It's up to you to give it the names you want for the general take and the two sub-units. You also have the option of leaving or not the LED on.

By selecting the plug under Meross, you will see that you can drive both sub-outlets individually and rename them as desired. You also have the option of set up routines and scenes to switch the socket on and off at a fixed time or under certain conditions. We refer you to our Meross installation tutorial for more details ...

So in principle, no problem. It's always a very good application, very stable. To use with Alexa, activate the Skill Meross et Alexa will automatically discover the global socket. As always, the sub-takes may not be. In this case, start a search for new devices via Alexa and they will go up. From there, do a few tests to make sure everything is working properly.

MEROSS MSS620EU: a well-thought-out take?

As in our previous tests, we tested the Meross plug in worst possible conditions in order to ensure its proper functioning in an individual lambda. Note that our plug does not have no fixing system to put it vertically like the others. It is therefore likely to be placed on the ground, in the garden. Also, it was placed directly on in a fairly humid area and in full sun. It was indeed set up for the management of a small outdoor pool, without direct contact with water. We took advantage of the high temperatures of this second wave of the 2019 heatwave with temperatures of 39 ° C in the shade over several days. While ALBOHES plug had faltered just with the heat, the MEROSS plug is doing very well. Besides, the plug is very little hot.

On the different visuals of use, it is possible to see that the plug can be splashed, without being sprayed directly. She must therefore be able to withstand the rain at the sight of her IP44 (validated by TÜV - Technischer Überwachungs Verein - it seems), and moderate splashing. That is… We therefore simulated a watering that skids with water poured in the form of rain (400 ml sprayed from about 1 m in the form of large drops). Good news, it has not tripped, so it will be able to withstand rain or less! The green power sign button is still valiant ... for a minute before dying out definitively...

Oh yes, the Meross MSS620EU plug passed out and never came back on. Forensic scientists in our spare time, we tried to figure out where the problem had come from, after seeing that letting it dry didn't work. The shape of the grip is not unrelated to the problem because of the water stagnates at the level of the plots, the latter serving as a receptacle. A long enough rain can be the reason for this quite easily in theno seal. But in our case, it seems to be the button that's at fault. Yep, the famous button and its lack of airtightness played its part in this drama. Water has seeped on the side of the button and made the HS socket.

For the sake of understanding, we contacted MEROSS regarding this issue. Failing to answer us on the cause of this failure, they sent us back a plug to redo a test. Something that we did… in a thorough way! We wanted to be sure that the issue observed was an isolated case involving an isolated outlet. So we put the new plug on the ground and watered it to our heart's content. The poor fellow has been sprayed 200 ml of water in fine rain, being put aside, then still 200 ml flat. And to finish, 300 ml in heavy rain until death ensues… But she did not arrive. This new plug held the shock and showed us its IP44 without complex. And as much to say to you, as you see it on the video, that one was not dead hand there.

What to conclude? That if we disregard the socket that failed, the quality is really good, very good, true to Meross. She was roughed up, this new take, and she never complained. The application is still as good and this is still a strong point of the brand. However, it is difficult in the final scoring not to take into account the problem encountered with the first copy. If we had stayed on the first test, we would not have recommended this product in any way. Following the second test, this is no longer the case, on the contrary, its IP44 is justified. But a doubt persists even if it seems to be punctual.


Meross Waterproof Socket with 2 Ground Sockets for Garden and Lawn










Price quality



  • Installation simple
  • Individually controllable sockets

The lessers

  • Poorly designed
  • First failed test
  • Low amperage
Did i choose Alexa or did she choose me? Let's say that as a beta tester, it's a bit of both! And I do not regret having met our favorite assistant nor this adventure undertaken with Alexien Modo. Technophile, self-taught and loving popularization, I try to make our common passion easy to access!