Motorola AXH01 test, the cordless phone with Alexa : it will cut darling!

The Alexians, always on the lookout for new things that could kick you, were thrilled by a handset: the Motorola AXH01 ! During our frantic wanderings on the Web, we have found and tested this indoor cordless telephone connected with Alexa integrated...

Do you imagine yourself picking up your house phone and asking: "Call Môman!" " ? Yes ? Well Motorola did it thanks to its AXH01. AX like AleXa. Indeed, Motorola promises us thanks to this product to be able to call directly by voice another landline or mobile phone in your directory, but also a apparatus Amazon Echo checked in. And that's not all, like any device with Alexa, you will be able to activate routines, actions… In a word, it's great! We can finally call a person who does not have an Echo thanks to Alexa ! Just with the voice. Then, for € 99,99 on Amazon. Fr, it's a surprise ! Oh yes, but not in a good way ...

Motorola AXH01: a landline phone with Alexa


Our Motorola AXH01 comes in a fairly thick blue cardboard packaging. In addition to the visual of the phone, it highlights its main asset: the integration ofAmazon Alexa ! We can't miss it. On the back side, an even more detailed explanation of the use with our AI is present and already makes our mouth water. There are also all the characteristics, but we are in such a hurry, that it is secondary.

In the packaging, the handset is also placed on a blue display. In the case of the AXH1, there is only one handset, but there are variants of the AXH 2 to 4 with 2 to 4 handsets.

You will also find:

  • Two AAA batteries rechargeable,
  • Le charger for the handset as well as the mains adapter,
  • The base as well as theAC adapter,
  • Un Ethernet cable,
  • Un phone cord with plug
  • Un installation guide.

“All the equipment is black, which goes everywhere in the interiors, and of an honorable quality. " The Alexians

The handset does 17,5 cm high, 5 cm wide et 3 cm thick. He weighs 129 g without batteries. These are therefore completely standard dimensions. The charger is quite compact while the base is much wider (10 cm), but not very thick (3 cm). Be careful, however, to take these two modules into account during installation, which will require you to 2 electrical outlets (which is quite annoying). Regarding the materials, the elements are matte black plastic, well finished and round. Only the charging cradle is shiny plastic. All the equipment is black, which goes everywhere in the interiors, and of an honorable quality.

“[…] The elements are matte black plastic, nicely finished and rounded. " The Alexians

Technical specifications:

  • Works on 100-230V / 50 / 60Hz
  • 2 rechargeable 1,2 V AAA 750 mAh Ni-MH batteries
  • 10 RF channels
  • 2 '' color display
  • HP hands free
  • Backlit Keyboard

Motorola AXH01: installation and attempt to use

There are several things to be done simultaneously. First of all, it is necessary to download theHellovoice app on the Android or Apple store. You will see that the application is not from Motorola but from Meizhou Guo Wei Electronics (specialized since 2007 in the production of corded telephones). Indeed, this phone is manufactured under license by this Chinese company. It is therefore not a Motorola product strictly speaking and this can therefore also explain the setbacks that will follow. And hang in there, it's heavy, even if it seems like a silly mistake showing that brands don't know howAlexa.

Of course, you also need to plug in your phone. For once, this is done like any indoor phone, but with the difference that it will also connect to your box via the Ethernet cable provided. Connect the base and the charger to the mains, the telephone cable to the connection of your box and that's it.
The base light will flash to show whether or not it is connected to Alexa. To do this, you will have to go through the Hellovoice application. But before that, you will get a small preview of the screen and you will be a little disappointed. Let's say we are on display quality as we had it 5 or 6 years ago. So nothing fancy, but not an eyesore either.

"Connect the base and the charger to the mains, the telephone cable to the connection of your box and voila. " The Alexians

Where things are going to go wrong is for pair your phone to Alexa as you can see in our Motorola AXH01 video test. At first, all is well, in the sense that you are asked to log into your app. Alexa. It even happens automatically. Then, the phone will be searched for on the network (be careful to connect to the Wi-Fi network of your box, if you have a return or a double network). The directory of your application Alexa will be uploaded to the Hellovoice app and then the drama happens ...

You are required to log into your account Amazon. But, if you look closely at the video and this Print-screen, you see that there is mention ofan account and not an account amazon. Fr. What does it want? Well quite simply that your French or other account, but not .com, will not be recognized ! In order to override everything, we connected with a .com account which is used for some US skills tests for example. Great idea… on paper! For indeed, the directory ofAlexa does not sync with phone because it is both connected to a French application and to a .com account. All connected devices will not be controllable because they are present on your .fr account and not on the .com. You can just say hello to him by pressing the button Alexa.

So basically, except if you decide to stuff yourself all the reinstallation of your connected devices, your routines, your directory and others on an account amazon. Com this pretty phone will be of no use to you at all ! I can hear you from there telling us: yes, but hey, at worst, we use it like a normal phone and that's it. Well no !!! Why ? Because it is not possible to enter the numbers of your correspondents in manual mode ! Everything is done exclusively with your .com account. Unable to get around the accounting problem by re-typing your directory. Also, if you want to call, you must type the entire number of your correspondent. You know, the numbers that we never learned because there is a directory on the phones ... except here!

In conclusion, we can only suggest to Motorola to have a minimum of follow-up of the companies to which it sells the licenses to use its brand because ultimately, due to the fact that this manufacturer obviously does not know howAlexa, this product is quite simply unusable in France. Does Motorola know more about it? We hope so, but in any case their credibility is taking a hit. We did not take the Motorola AXH01 test any further because of the ridiculousness of the situation. In short, for a first, it's a hell of a blunder. What is laughable, or shameful, if you choose, is putting this up for sale.


Motorola AXH01 - Cordless indoor phone with Alexa










Price quality



  • We are still looking ...

The lessers

  • Blatant ignorance of howAlexa
  • Double electrical connection
  • Not usable with accounts, .de .be or other European accounts
Did i choose Alexa or did she choose me? Let's say that as a beta tester, it's a bit of both! And I do not regret having met our favorite assistant nor this adventure undertaken with Alexien Modo. Technophile, self-taught and loving popularization, I try to make our common passion easy to access!