Ninety7 JOT test: a battery to make the Google Home Mini autonomous

Voice assistants have become our daily companions. We have become accustomed to having them near us to ask them for questions or simply so that they play background music. They even invite themselves now in hotels with Google Hospitality and its Nest Hubs, but what could be better than taking your own device with you? This is why we wanted to make our Google Home Mini autonomous thanks to the battery Ninety 7 JOT. 

Offered € 49.99 at Boulanger, but also available on under the Wasserstein brand at around € 35, let's see what this Google Home Mini compatible battery !

Ninety7 JOT: a nomadic battery for Google Home Mini

Unboxing and presentation

Presented in a rather thick cardboard, but rudimentary, the Ninety7 JOT battery displays a large visual of the product in the chosen color: silver. A visual reproduced elsewhere on each side in presentation with a Google Home Mini installed in its home. Our connected speaker in light gray, or pebble as the Mountain View firm calls it, should go perfectly with it. Note that this product from Ninety7 is also available in black color which will harmonize better with a Google Home Mini "charcoal" for example. The product characteristics are found on the underside of the carton and are given in two languages: English and French. This CE-compliant product is "Made in china" like many technological articles.

Let's open up and find out about the product. Cup-shaped, the Ninety7 JOT battery has a 10.6 cm diameter for 5 cm high and throws some with his beautiful silver dress very fitting with our Mini! Two small flyers are attached. One to indicate the contact address, the second is a quick start guide established in both languages.

With a fairly substantial weight, since it displays 200 grams, the battery for Google Home Mini is made of rather basic plastic, but the finishes are good. On the rear part, the micro-USB port is plugged into the socket of the connected speaker. An orifice is provided to have access to the mute button of the microphone which can therefore be used without difficulty.

At the front, the four LEDs indicating the charge level are surmounted by the ON / OFF button. The rear output of the micro-USB port is protected by being housed in a small recess.

The underside is in black non-slip rubber with, in tone-on-tone printing - and therefore practically illegible - the information concerning the battery: CE, 3.7 V = 5000 mAh / 18.5 Wh, input 5 V = 1.5 A MAX, output 5 V = 1 A.


Lugs are placed on each side to allow a small part of the front panel to be removed in order to better clip the voice assistant without forcing. Once in place, the charge indicator informs us that the Google Home Mini is lightly loaded, but enough for a few first tries… Let's go!

Technical Sheet

Color[/ one_half]
3.7v - 5000mAh
5V 1.5A Max
5V 1A
Loading time
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Our opinion on the Ninety7 JOT battery

Holding the shell between the hands is obviously not the most complicated, but positioning the thumb and forefinger on the lugs to unclip requires a little precision… and to have a hand that is large enough to grasp both simultaneously. Apart from this aspect which is more anecdotal than really problematic, the installation is very simple. Count one 3 hour charging time to be able to benefit from a autonomy of 12 hours continuously with a sound volume of 50%. This time is more than comfortable to be able to take a Google Home Mini stroll in the garden and spend a pleasant time listening to your favorite music. The sound power does not weaken as the battery drains, this is a good point, even if only a sudden stop of the sound tells us about the lack of battery if the eye is not focused on them. LED.

In conclusion, this little Ninety7 JOT battery is really practical and is perfect for nomadic use or to take advantage of our Google Home Mini on a terrace in summer. She does her job well, nothing to say, but her starting price 49.90 € at Boulanger's seems a little prohibitive to us compared to the price of the device itself. Try to find it in promotion or turn to the model offered under the brand Wasserstein on the fact around € 35. It is exactly the same and it is much cheaper!

NINETY7 JOT Battery for Google Home Mini

from 35 €







Price quality



  • Successful design and beautiful integration of the Google Nest Mini
  • Good autonomy

The lessers

  • A bit wide hull for a perfect grip
  • Price too high without promotion
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