Oral-B iO Series 8 test: the toothed Rolls

Knowing that Les Alexiens have a bright smile and white teeth, we looked for products that combined high-tech and oral hygiene. We presented you some time ago a Oclean X Pro toothbrush review, a newcomer to the Middle Kingdom, but the Oral-B brand (B for Brush), created in the 60s in California and now belonging to Procter & Gamble, is also positioning itself in this connected toothbrush market. And on the high end please, which is normal when you are the world leader in the sector. We therefore present to you the duo of Oral-B iO Series 8 toothbrushes, having the particularity of combining micro-vibrations and the technology of their in-house brush heads, with monitoring on the eponymous application via Bluetooth connectivity. The legend says that she would even have an AI!

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Oral-B iO Series 8 - A duo of connected toothbrushes

Unboxing and features

The notion of premium is found right from the start in the packaging of the iO Series. We have in our hands a very beautiful box of 18 x 25 x 10 cm, in embossed, glossy and silver cardboard. On the front side, the two toothbrushes Oral-B iO Series 8 included are highlighted: black onyx and white. AI, pressure sensor, interactive color display system, 2 min timer and magnetic charger are advertised on the facing, and as 6 brushing modes. On the sides, you will find the contents of the pack and a more in-depth presentation of the main characteristics

The actual container is a cardboard box that you slide out from the right side to open it. Well hidden behind a cardboard sheet serving as a start-up guide (5 drawings), you will find your precious brushes and brushes, but also all the accessories in this premium pack. The first feeling is really very positive. Oral-B aims for the high end and it shows.

Well wedged in boxes, you will discover the 2 rechargeable toothbrushes as well as the whole of this duo pack:

  • 2 brushes,
  • 1 travel case,
  • 1 travel brush holder,
  • 1 magnetic "click" charger. Don't ask me why this name ...
  • The user guide in different languages.

The quality of Oral-B iO Series 8 toothbrushes is very good. They are made of ABS-type plastic, with perfect finishes. They are really very beautiful, harmonious and ... massive. Indeed, a brush does 140 grams and 24 cm in length (with a brush) for 3 cm in diameter. The brush heads as such are also quite impressive with a base of 2,5 cm at its widest, 8,5 cm high and a head 1,5 cm wide for a depth of 2 cm. This is one of the weak points of this product, these heads are relatively large and will not be suitable for all mouths. Especially if you have sensitive gums, because they will rub them quite regularly ...

The supplied brushes allow testing of the two existing types: Ultimate Clean et Gentle Care. You can therefore change them as needed, knowing that the first is more suitable for intense cleaning such as whiteness and the second for those with sensitive teeth and gums. They are subsequently available in sets of 2 or 4 for a unit price of 10 € on average (a loan of 40 € for the set of 4).

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In stock
January 24, 2022 9 h 23 min
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The travel case, in dark plastic with a rigid beige molding inside allows you to accommodate one brush and two brush heads. It opens and is used as a glasses case. Well wedged inside, your possessions will not move and will be safe for your wanderings. Note that there is a travel case also allowing you to charge your toothbrush, iO Series 9, but in which you can only put one brush head.

The brush holder case consists of a base for inserting two brushes, covered with an opaque plastic cap. The support itself is in non-slip plastic very practical to protect your unused heads.

As advertised, the pack contains a magnetic charger allowing you to recharge your brushes (in 3 hours) by simply placing them on it. No plug or pin, so strength and impermeability are essential. Rather good for products that will necessarily be wet.


Oral-B, design by Braun
iO Series 8
24 cm in length (with a brush) for 3 cm in diameter
140 g
Available colors :
black onyx and, white
6 cleaning modes (Cleanliness / Softness / Gum care / Whiteness / Intense cleanliness / Super softness / Tongue cleanliness (not counted in the modes because 30 seconds, but present), adjustable 2-minute timer, interactive color screen, intelligent pressure, Artificial intelligence for the recognition of the type of brushing, personalization of the light ring, application with live monitoring of brushing and challenges.
magnetic technology

Oral-B iO Series 8: daily toothbrush use

In order to use your iO Series 8, you will need to install theOral-B application on your smartphone (iOS or Android). Without it, no live brushing, tracking coverage of your passage, or challenges to take on to earn medals. We recommend that you first load the brush before starting, full charge for 3 hours. Once done, open the application, activate your GPS, your Bluetooth and let yourself be guided.

Bluetooth is activated by default on your brush, so no problem, but be careful, you must first make the first settings. Turn on the brush by pressing the ON / OFF button at the top and select your language by scrolling with the bottom button (the one with the dot). Validate with the top button. The app will search for your Oral-B iO Series 8 toothbrush and it will be done quite quickly… if your phone is compatible. Indeed, some Smartphone, like the Huawei, do not or very difficult to connect with the Oral-B. And if by chance you manage to connect it, you are not immune to having to start the pairing again the next time you connect. In short, painful as possible and above all, not mentioned by the brand. Big weak point.

Once the recognition is done, the application will display the visual of your brush. Not bad. Next, create an Oral-B account, and validate with the code sent by email.

Let's see what the application will bring you through its different parameters:

  • Home : brushing up to you! When you go to use your brush, you will see its path on a stylized dentition. Divided into 6 parts, these will pass from dark blue to white when you have spent the necessary time on it. If you press too hard, they turn red and a message informs you of your superhuman strength. It's really well made.
  • History: in this section, you will see the history of your brushings with your average grade and data by subcategory. You will be able to follow the covered area during your brushing, the pressure, brushing time, the impact on the gums, the routines… Very well done to follow your statistics on the week, the month and the year. By tapping on a specific date, you have access to Guided Brushing, which is the pattern of your stylized brushing. But this only on the condition that you have used brushing with your smartphone. In case of'offline use, some data may be re-injected later, but you will not have all of it.
  • Challenges: it's here fun part of the application. Oral-B has created a number of goals for you to achieve such as brushing your teeth at such a time (no interest), getting a score of 100% or, and that's the point, dental treatment path. You can thus start a treatment course over 5 days or 2 weeks. There are several related to breath, dental plaque, teeth whiteness… or orthodontic care (if you have a device). Each successful challenge gives you a medal. It's up to you to collect them.
  • More : it is a catch-all category allowing to set up your Oral-B iO toothbrush. You will find your account, your notifications, the management of your brush (put the start date of use and the application tells you when to change it) and especially the "Your Brush" part. Here you can change the color of the ring of your sleeve (for fun) as well as choose the brushing mode. Please note, if you have undertaken a dental treatment course, the brushing modes that are not used are rendered unusable (even in offline mode). The sessions part will allow you to choose a few options such as the duration of brushing, the vibrations, the different signals ...

This application is the big highlight of the Oral-B iO Series 8 toothbrush. It is very well done, fun and visual. But beware, there are weak points despite everything such as not being able to connect several brushes on the same account. One brush will inevitably uninstall the other. And it is necessary to start again the installation.

You can of course use the brush by offline mode. In this case, you will be relying only on visual notifications and vibrations to know what to do. So if you press too hard, the ring on your sleeve will turn red. It is green if everything is good and blue if your knee is a little soft. When it's time to move on to one of the other 5 dental sections, a vibration tells you. At the end of the brushing time, 4 vibrations inform you, but the brush does not stop on its own. It's pretty well done. But be careful, apart from the color changes linked to the pressure, none of the vibrating notifications work in connected mode. And that is incomprehensible. Note, the screen still continues to inform you of the quality of your brushing with its interactive display in the form of a smile and also serves as a brushing timer.

Regarding the brushing itself, the feeling of freshness is present. The teeth are really clean and you can tell. The accumulation of the rotation of the heads and the micro-vibrations clashes… a little too much. Indeed, the heads are between ¼ and 1/3 larger than other Oral-B brush heads, and this makes them pleasant to use. If you have sensitive teeth or gums, bleeding to you! In addition, given their size, they are not not suitable for all body types. It makes the experience unpleasant until you get used to it, or not. This is the black point of this product. Why did you make such big brushes? What is the point when other brands do the same with completely standard sizes. Incomprehensible...

here is our video test of the Oral iO Series 8 toothbrush to make up your own mind. feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel so as not to miss a test!

In stock
8 new from € 241,75
Refurbished from 5
January 24, 2022 9 h 23 min
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In conclusion, this Oral-B iO Series 8 toothbrush is, at the same time an excellent product and a failure that is difficult to explain. Indeed, it works very well thanks to high level application and advanced technology. It's a real high-end product because of its finishes, its design ... But its faults are gross with first of all the size of the brushes, far too large and not suitable for all mouths. Another point, it does not work, or very badly, with all the smartphones without it being mentioned by the brand. There are only 6 (or 7) cleaning modes, which is much less than others, much cheaper such as the Oclean X Pro. Not to mention the AI ​​which did not dare to show itself during our test. So yeah, it's a great product, but not at this price. There are some as good or almost, for 3 times cheaper. the price / quality ratio is therefore not at the level expected.

Oral-B iO Series 8 - Rechargeable and connected electric toothbrush

from 209 €









Price quality



  • Design
  • Application
  • Visual notifications
  • Powerful brushing
  • The screen emoticon

The lessers

  • Price
  • Head of brushes too large
  • Not compatible with all smartphones
  • Features not available in online mode ...
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