Osram test Smart+ Candle E14: a bulb full of surprises

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Osram Smart+ Candle E14

OSRAM Smart+ Connected LED Bulb | Base E14

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Lighting is important, but finding the right flow is not always easy, especially when it comes tosmart bulbs. Too powerful (it's rare), they are blinding. Too weak, you have to put a lot of it to get the correct light ... Always looking for solutions to share with you, it is at Ledvance that we found the ZigBee Osram bulb Smart + Candle E14 Tunable White that we present to you today. Compatible with voice assistants Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, it offers dimmable whites from 2700K to 6500K for 470lm.

Osram Smart+ Candle E14: the ZigBee bulb from hot to cold


Osram is a German company that was originally a subsidiary of Siemens from 1978 to 2013. Three years later, the company's activities were split into professional and consumer branches. The latter has since been bought by a Chinese consortium, Ledvance, which markets the products either under its name or under the brand that is better known to Europeans. For the record, know that the name Osram (founded in 1906) comes from osmium (a chemical element) and tungsten (tungsten in German).


Bulb packaging Osram Smart+ Candle E14 is clear, all glossy and thin cardboard. At the front, we find the main characteristics affixed next to a photo of the flame bulb and a visual symbolizing the change in temperature from hot to cold. Pellet ZigBee is clearly displayed in the upper part. On the back, the need to use a compatible gangway / bridge is well taken up while the sides display the different technical characteristics of the bulb such as lumens, power ... The top is provided with a pierced tongue for setting Ray.


As indicated above, Osram is a brand acquired by Ledvance and it is therefore no surprise that Ledvance is mentioned on the opening part of the box. Once the packaging has been opened, it can be seen that the ampoule Osram Smart+ Candle E14 is well wedged in a cardboard cut to its shape. On the lower part, a carousel of the different products offered by the brand for the interior such as the connected plug or the outside like the mini Osram posts  is posted.

When you take the connected bulb out of its holder, you will find two small flyers below: the certificate of conformity and the quick installation guide in the form of a diagram.

Bulb Osram Smart+ Candle E14 QUOTE 11 cm x 3.8 cm in diameter at the widest for 65 grams. Everything is plastic except of course the base which is aluminum. On the front the mark is affixed clearly while on the back it is the technical data and the CE marking that we find.

The plastic flame part is slightly translucent and reveals a strip of 2 × 10 LEDs positioned in a circle. We must admit, this presentation is a first for us, and it does not displease us. This suggests an excellent rendering for 470 lm advertisement.

Technical sheet :

  • Brand: Osram
  • Maker : Ledvance
  • Model: Candle tunable white
  • Reference : 4058075032682
  • Type : LED E14
  • Material : Plastic
  • Dimensions: 11 cm x 3.8 cm x 3.8 cm
  • Weight: 65 grams
  • Luminous flow : 470 lm
  • Power : 6 W
  • Incandescent equivalent : 40 Watts
  • Supply : 220 / 240V
  • Colours: DON'T
  • White temperature : 2700 Kelvin - 6500 Kelvin
  • dimmable : Yes
  • Color Rendering Index : CRI ≥ 80
  • Protection sign  : IP20
  • Durée de vie : 20 hours
  • Number of cycles : 100000
  • Reactivity time : <0.5 seconds
  • Compatible with voice assistants : Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant


Installation and use of the Osram bulb Smart + E 14 warm to cold white

There are different ways to install the ZigBee Osram bulb Smart+. Indeed, it can be paired either:

  • Has a device Amazon Echo equipped with a ZigBee hub: Echo Plus 2nd generation, 4th generation echo, Echo Studio, 2nd Generation Echo Show et Echo Show 10,
  • At the Philips Hue Bridge since Osram is compatible with the Dutch brand as "friendly",
  • At the ZigBee gateway of your home automation box with ZigBee2MQTT on Home Assistant or Domoticz, or the new one ZigBee Jeedom plugin...

With a ZigBee hub Amazon Echo

Plug in the lamp. It will flash once then light up steadily. If this was not the case, do a "reset" by turning on / off 5/6 times the bulb. It will not blink to signify that it is in pairing mode, but when you ask Alexa to discover your new devices, the bulb will flash briefly. If this is not the case, start again, it is because you did not do enough (or too many) times the manipulation.

Alexa will tell you that she has discovered a new light (second in our case):

It will suffice thereafter to use voice commands to switch on / off, modify the light intensity or change the color. Routines are possible. You can define the function: On / Off, temperature and intensity.

By changing the colors from the application, the checkmark changes to the requested shade but invariably returns to soft white. BugAlexa? Surely !

With the Philips Hue hub

As announced in the preamble, the Osram bulb Smart+ Candle E14 is compatible with Philips Hue Bridge. Let's see its installation.

If you installed the bulb previously on an Echo device, remove it and wait a good ten minutes before installing it on the Hue Bridge, otherwise all the functions will not go back to the application Alexa. Observation made during several tests.

For the handling of the hub we refer you to our Philips Hue bridge installation tutorial .

To install the bulb, nothing could be simpler. From the page Parameters, click on " Light configuration "And then" Add a light " and " Search". When the bulb is recognized, it appears in the list of devices.

Once installed, you can rename, change icon to put for example a more logical and identifiable flame shape for this bulb. To use it from the application, integrate it into a room and you can then move the small bulb on the disc to adjust the color of the lighting, or even use the predefined scenes created by you.

Seeing the different LEDs light up according to the temperatures chosen and changed from white to yellow thanks to the CCT (Colored Color Temperature) system is quite nice, it must be admitted, although this remains anecdotal.

With Amazon Alexa

If you have already activated the Philips Hue skill, the Osram bulb Smart+ Candle E14 instantly rises in the app Alexa. If it hasn't been done yet, now is the time to install it and link the two accounts. You will have to rename the bulb because it goes up so quickly that it is done before you even have time to do it in the Philips Hue app.

Regarding the management of the bulb itself, it is obviously the same way of doing things as integrated into a device Amazon Echo. voice commands Alexa remain the same.

For white temperatures if 5 are still offered, the bulb does not display warm white and “hangs” on soft white when asked for heat. This situation is therefore identical to that via the pairing with the ZigBee bridge of theAmazon Echo. But once again, this comes from the bulb which only offers its warm white from 2700 K. Despite everything, through the integration of the Philips Hue bridge, we note that the check mark does not “go”. and comes ”to go back to the soft white even if you ask for the cold white.

You can also incorporate the bulb into routines.

With Google Home

Here too, you must link your Google account to the Philips Hue add-on that you will have previously activated from the home page by clicking on " + "Then" Configure a device And finally on Works with Google »

If the room where you integrated the bulb already existed, you will find it in the application Google Home. If you created it, you will see that it was also imported with the bulb. Color level, the assistant offers 6 but, as for Alexa, not all are operational.

The colors offered are :

  • Ivory,
  • daylight,
  • cool white,
  • warm white,
  • Incandescent
  • Candle light.

Google Assistant voice commands :

  • Ivory or ivory the voice assistant answers you : to tell the truth Osram [name of our bulb] is not compatible with this functionality.
  • Daylight is not compatible with this feature, However " play lightr " is well
  • cool white is not compatible with this feature, However " White cold«  is well
  • Warm white is not compatible with this feature, on the other hand "warm white" is well
  • Incandescent is well recognized (to qualify, because sometimes not executed)
  • Candlelight or candle is not compatible with this feature

In the end nothing better than Alexa since only four terms are recognized by the Mountain View wizard. By clicking on the pastilles, we see that “Candlelight and Incandescent” are one in the warm whites. On the other hand, the other nuances are clearly perceptible in touch.

Here too, no problem to integrate the Osram bulb Smart+ Candle E14 at Google Home routines.

Here is a rendering of the 5 available shades: of blanks available in the application. Even if this is hardly visible between the first two photos, there is one quite clear, believe us. For the other shades, this is easy to see.

Our opinion on the Osram bulb Smart+ Candle E14

Bulb Osram Smart+ Candle E14 is reactive, whether it is installed on the integrated bridge of a device Amazon Echo or on the Philips Hue Bridge. We note, whatever the voice assistant used, that white renderings are limited although there is a higher number of displayed pellets. The 470 lumens are very correct for a bulb of this type and largely sufficient to ensure the lighting alone of a small room of about twenty square meters. Whether you use the Philips Hue app (or compatible) or a voice assistant, there is no greater range in the temperature of warm whites. In touch, Google offers a very small nuance of additional warmth.

Here is an overview of the LEDs that show the system. The lighting is well distributed over the entire surface of the bulb. The LEDs are arranged in two rows (2 × 10): at the bottom those for warm whites, above those for cold whites. In "daylight", the two rows light up.

In conclusion, the Osram bulb Smart+ Candle E14 is a great discovery, because we didn't expect to find the LEDs visible around the perimeter of the bulb and it was not to displease us. It's fun. More importantly, the lighting is really perfect, let's say it. It's about a efficient bulb, which displays more than correct white temperatures. Nevertheless, at 30 € on Amazon.fr, she is honestly way too expensive, so wait until you find her like today on sale for less than 10 €There, it is really worth it!
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