OSRAM test Smart+ Classic White E27: a dimmable Zigbee bulb at a low price

You necessarily know, if only by name, the brand Osram. The German company is indeed the second in its sector of activity, lighting manufacturing, behind the leader Philips Lighting. Its so-called "general lighting" division today focuses on the manufacture ofLED bulbs, hence its name change to Ledvance. The latter nevertheless continues to market the historic brand and offers the same products under both brands, which can sometimes be confusing for consumers, especially since the range of connected objects has the same name: SMART+. So be aware that if you find an Osram connected plug Smart+ or Ledvance Smart+, it is exactly the same product. The same goes for bulbs, and in particular the bulb Ledvance / Osram Smart+ Classic E27 dimmable that we present to you today.

Osram Smart+: a really classic connected bulb

Unboxing and presentation

If you have followed our Osram connected plug test Smart+, you will not be lost: it is exactly the same packaging, except that a bulb is shown instead of the socket. The packging is still as neat and qualitative. As before, we find all the elements of effective product marketing: brand color code, logo, illustrations and technical sheet.

The packging is always so neat and qualitative! The Alexians

When opened, the ampoule is perfectly held in the box. Bulb-shaped, it measures 11 x 6 x 6 cm either the size of a Philips Hue White E27 bulb or a Aqara LED Light Bulb. She is accompanied by a quick installation guide and technical document obligatory. The technical sheet tells us that this bulb will be able to survive 100 ignitions et 15 hours of use, or 15 years at the rate of 2.7 hours per day. Not bad !

All dressed in white, its finishes are good and the inscriptions on its perimeter tell us that it is a dimmable LED bulb delivering a warm white luminous flux 2700K de 810 lumen max for 8.5 W. Basically, this equates to a 60W incandescent bulb.

Made in China like the vast majority of LED bulbs, it is energy class A + et works in ZigBee via the brand's bridge, that of Philips Hue, or even our devices Amazon Echo equipped with a “Connected Home” bridge (Echo Show 2, Echo Plus et Echo Studio).

Come on, let's take a look at the traditional as well as the must-have technical sheet...

Technical specifications

Ledvance - Osram
Classic E27 Dimmable
11 x 6 x 6 cm
72.6 grams
Luminous flow
810 lm
Power factor

Installation: a Philips Hue compatible bulb and Amazon Echo

For the installation, we have the choice between several ZigBee bridges:

  • le ZigBee bridge Smart+ Ledvance / Osram Smart+
  • that of a device Amazon Echo as Echo Show 2, 2nd Generation Echo Plus, or all new Echo Studio : they all carry the essential Zigbee bridge required to connect our bulbs,
  • that of Philips Hue which will allow you to include your Ledvance / Osram bulbs in scenarios, to use them with your dimmers, etc.

In short, we are not actually going to go into the details of the installation because it is almost disconcertingly simple. You just need to plug in your Osram bulb Smart+ (or Ledvance Smart+) et open the Philips Hue app.

Once the application is open, in « settings«  (bottom right), then « light configuration« , you have to click on "Add a light" and choose "Search".

And, as if by magic, you find your Ledvance / Osram smart bulb Smart+ a few seconds later in your application Alexa. Note that we did two different things in our tests and that both solutions ultimately bring exactly the same result. Whether it is the Hue Bridge or the Echo Bridge, the Osram Classic E27 bulb indeed behaves the same in both configurations.

The advantages of a ZigBee connected bulb

Why choose a ZigBee connected bulb?

Because this has several advantages:

  1. The ZigBee is a energy efficient technology compared to Wi-Fi,
  2. The ZigBee protocol is based on a mesh network : if its range is equivalent to that of 2.4GHz Wi-Fi (10 to 50 meters depending on the environment), each device acts as a node, which makes it possible to mesh the network and extend its range significantly and well beyond the Wi-Fi capabilities of a classic router or an ISP box.
  3. In the event of a network failure, you continue to benefit from a local control. Recently, Alexa allows you to control ZigBee equipment without calling the cloud and therefore offline.

And, in situation, what does it give? We let you contemplate ...

And in video ...


Our opinion on Ledvance / Osram bulbs Smart+

In conclusion, although this is a fairly basic bulb since it only offers a simple warm white at 2700K, the Ledvance Osram Smart+ Classic E27 Dimmable offers excellent value for money. Obtained at 5.99 €, an extremely aggressive price for connected bulbs, which is more in ZigBee, Osram bulbs Smart+ Ledvance are clearly a great deal. Even at their usual price, you can go there with your eyes closed, they will be perfect for lighting passageways and rooms where we are looking above all for “natural” light.

LEDVANCE / OSRAM Smart+ Connected LED bulb E27 Dimmable

NS. 14 €









Price quality



  • Nice power: the 810 lumens are there
  • Low consumption dimmable ZigBee bulb A +
  • Philips Hue compatible and Amazon Echo
  • Durability: 100k ignitions and 15k hours

The lessers

  • A single warm white at 2700K
  • Tendency to heat up
  • Cannot set a default state (after power cut)
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