PETKIT Feeder Fresh Element P512 review: all they need is their say

Always on the lookout for innovation, we wander regularly in the meanders of the web, rejecting with regret the arms of Morpheus, in order to find you connected objects in the hair, out of the ordinary, with added value or totally essential. . And of course, working with our favorite AI, Alexa not to name it.

What do we have in our hood? We thought of the connected doggies and kitties, by force of course, through their master geeks. Being sure that Médor or Mistigri does not consume too many calories is reassuring enough not to make a fuss of it. Also making sure not to forget to feed them before our mops is also an alternative for us kings of resourcefulness.

And this is the brand PETKIT, founded in 2013, one of the leaders in the pet devices market, which is the subject of our devotion. And more particularly the automatic dry food dispenser (otherwise called croquettes, but it's less nice) Feeder Fresh Element P512. It has the distinction of being the largest of those of the brand (5,9 LEither about 2 kg of kibble, depending on the size), to prevent moisture absorption thanks to an ingenious system and to be connected! We can hear twink licking his chops from here!

PETKIT Feeder P512: practical, well thought out and really stylish

Le Petkit P512 comes in a huge box (39 x 27 x 50 cm , more than 5 Kg) featuring stunning feline and canine models, a product visual and highlighting the characteristics of the latter: connected, big capacity, functioning manual or automatic, system to keep dry food. Suffice to say that the first impression is quite "impressive" but very qualitative. The packaging already makes you want to open it all!

Once opened we find three main elements: the base with a stainless steel bowl, the body of the kibble dispenser and power supply. To this is added a User Manual, for an Quick Start Guide and silica-based desiccant salt packet. The first thing that comes to mind and mouth is " NS " ! It is from a exceptional quality.

The strength of the plastics and the various elements is astounding. It emerges from this a real feeling of solidity. Moreover, the product has been designed to withstand drops that may occur during use (the animal pushing the main unit to the ground, the latter which escapes from the hands during handling, etc.).

The details are very careful:

  • The power cord is in woven material,
  • The stainless steel of the bowl is food grade,
  • The plastics are thick,
  • There are silicone gaskets at the level of the hatch and the top cover,
  • The distribution system is also robust and ingenious (an automatic "arm" stirs the croquettes so as not to make a block),
  • There is a container to pour in the croquettes in the main block for easy cleaning,
  • Implementation and hygienic maintenance of anti-humidity salts...
  •  ...

The main element, the body of the P512, exists in two facade colors : pastel blue or white. The color is really pretty and the distribution hatch is aesthetically integrated into the whole. It is also impossible to open manually. By opening the top, we realize the thickness of the plastics and the quality of systems. The distribution of croquettes will be done by a small wheel with silicone fins which will fill and empty by turning on its axis. A dose corresponds to a space between two fins.

Once mounted, our Petkit Feeder Fresh Element P512 does 50 cm high, 22 cm wide et 45 cm deepr, for 5 kg empty. The aesthetics are really successful, we have a very nice product, all in roundness, color and play of transparency. This is a huge strength. At the back of the vertical element, you will find a place for 4 R20 batteries (the largest round batteries on the market) in order to take over in the event of a power cut. The mains plug is located under the main unit. We recommend that you install the batteries and the power cord before placing the unit on the horizontal support. Moreover, there is nothing simpler than to assemble everything: the support has 4 studs which fit into 4 holes under the body of the distributor. A click tells you that everything is good, but you can still remove it by simply lifting it. You can, while you are there, open the protection and put in place the bag of silica gel (to be changed in theory every 30 days).

At the level of technical characteristics : the PETKIT FEEDER P512 works on 100-240V and requires connection Wi-Fi (802.11b / g / n) at 2.4 GHz only.

Now let's look at how to connect it to the network and use it via thePETKIT application.

PETKIT Feeder P512: daily use PETKIT life

We will see both the getting started of the distributor via the application but also its daily use.

First of all, know that the tested product is the biggest of the brand, there are smaller ones if you have a cat or a small dog. The operation will however remain fairly close.

To start, it is necessary to start with plug in the device. You will see that LEDs light up on the front. There are 4. The top one lights up when the device is connected to WI-FI and the other three show the level of food in the feeding bowl (the three lit represent a full tank and when it is not. there are no more, is that the dog is eating the armchairs or that the cat follows you around meowing).

Then open the top cover by sliding the mechanism to the left (so no opening possible by our four-legged friends) and fill the container with kibble. It is possible to put a package of 2 Kg without problem, depending on the size of the croquettes. There is a manual power button on the right of the front panel that you are tempted to press. You can do this but as long as the PetKit P512 is not connected to Wi-Fi, it will not work… Which is a bit of a shame in the event of a Wi-Fi failure… But you will understand why later. To use it, you will need to keep the button pressed to start feeding and release it to finish dispensing.

Keep cats or dogs away from the machine before starting to connect to your network. To do this, download thePETKIT application on Android ou iOS. Once done, you will need create an account by selecting "Register". Select your region, i.e. your country, in a drop-down list, then put your e-mail and a password. Personal information is then requested. As the main users: in our case are cats, we put their information to them, and not ours.

It is then necessary to create your pet's profile (or you animals, but you have to make individual profiles). As an example, we recorded the information of a 11 month old pussy, Siberian type. The breed of the animal is important because PETKIT will see if he has the ideal weight and whether the quantities given are sufficient. You have to enter the type (dog or cat), the name, a picture if you want, the breed, the date of birth, the sex and the current weight.

You can always change the information later. do not forget to link your pet's account to the device by doing next. If you have more than one animal, there are two possibilities: create an account for each provided that they do not eat together to have a good follow-up of the quantities, or else skip this step and simply use only the planning of kibble distribution.

Now let's go to the Petkit Feeder Wi-Fi configuration. For that, connect your phone to the desired Wi-Fi network and activate your GPS. Then press the red button for a few seconds present in the right corner, on top of the main unit when the cover is lifted (reset button). The top LED will start blinking. Follow the instructions in French (sometimes poorly translated) and in German (an untranslated remainder of the application). It's a shame, it doesn't sound very serious, but it's still understandable. Then enter your network key and let yourself be guided. It's pretty fast. You may be offered a software update some time later.

Now it's up to you to choose which diet plan you will follow: a pre-established diet plan by PETKIT, or a plan made by yourself, depending on the information you have on the bags of dry food.

We will present you the second option, because the most complete with the catch and time management. The application counts the ration distributed in "cup" which equals about 100 g. But we invite you to confirm this by weighing the quantity dispensed, selecting a cup, to make sure. Indeed, depending on the kibble, the density and size mean that it can vary greatly. Take kitten kibble, very small, in a cup, you have quite a few. Compare this weight with a cup of Labrador kibble, much larger ... At equal volume, different weights.

Tap edit to create a power plan. Then do "Addition of diet plan" to add a distribution. You can choose the time of distribution, which gives a name to these outlets (based on Quebecois with Dinner for lunch, and dinner for lunch). Also choose the amount of food to distribute. This varies from 1/5 of a cup to 4 cups, or from 20g to 400g approximately. You are free to create as many holds as you want for your animal. If you want to change this plan, you can do so from the home page, by selecting "X's Food" then the top right cogwheel and power plan or more directly by selecting the schedule, right next to the cogwheel. On the other hand, to change a plan already made, such as for example the time or the dose of one of the meals, it is necessary to delete the meal that you want to modify and redo it. Various attempts have been made to modify a dose or an hour without taking into account ... A point of improvement therefore.

Now let's take a closer look at some interesting elements of the app and what they are used for.

By going to healthy food, from the home page, this will take you to a page dedicated to the health of your canine or feline friend and more particularly his ideal daily ration, his target weight and also a help to allow the maintenance, the weight loss or gain. Another little extra of the application, you will receive (if you have activated the option in the settings) push notifications on your phone each time a dose is distributed, both planned and manual.

This tour of the owner of the PETKIT application allowed us to see its many advantages (monitoring of daily consumption, ideal amount of food according to the weight of your animal and what you are looking for (weight loss, gain or maintenance) ), planned distributions, etc.) as well as those of the distributor itself (aesthetic, solid, qualitative, etc.). You can see on this video the opening system of the distribution door, among others.

PETKIT Feeder P512: use via Alexa

La PETKIT skill is available on the store Alexa in… UK. No FR Skill yet. The brand was contacted during this test to find out when a release date for a French-speaking Skill is expected. PETKIT has confirmed to us that it is getting down to work to provide a Skill soon, aware of the appeal of French consumers.

But what can a skill do for this distributor?

It is true that as such, it is sufficient on its own via programming, voice control being a plus for more basic functions.

It is thus possible to request:

  • « Alexa, ask PETKIT to dispense half a cup now ”, to give an immediate snack,
  • « Alexa, ask PETKIT to dispense a quarter of a cup at 10 o'clock ”, to give a snack at a specific time,
  • ...

We are more on a one-off use, the Skill does not allow the creation of a diet plan because it accepts daily requests only. It is therefore a plus in case of forgetfulness, if you want to feed your animal a little more alone at home, to compensate for an additional animal at some point or other. Far from being uninteresting, a skill for this type of device is not necessarily essential.

What can we say in conclusion of this test? First of all, that this product is of excellent quality, solid, really design with excellent finishes. Its very operation is aesthetic as you could see on the video of the test. The application is very good and complete, allowing to follow the feeding of your little four-legged darling. " Corn ? " you say to yourself, "This Fresh Element only has advantages"? No of course, the application is sometimes poorly translated and there is a lack of practicality on certain points. You can also sometimes get a little lost. The dispenser itself is excellent but not being able to use the manual dispense button if the device is not connected to Wi-Fi is poorly thought out. There is no FR Skill yet, but even if it adds a plus, it alone does not make the point of such a purchase. In any case, the PETKIT Feeder Fresh Elements P512 has been tested and approved by the main user ...

PETKIT Fresh Element, connected food distributor for dogs and cats










Price quality



  • Aesthetics
  • Final quality
  • Added value of the application
  • Big capacity
  • Easy installation

The lessers

  • Application sometimes poorly translated and a little confusing
  • Manual power button only works if device is connected
  • Skill not yet in French
Did i choose Alexa or did she choose me? Let's say that as a beta tester, it's a bit of both! And I do not regret having met our favorite assistant nor this adventure undertaken with Alexien Modo. Technophile, self-taught and loving popularization, I try to make our common passion easy to access!