Philips Hue Motion Sensor test: an efficient motion detector

In the Hue family, the Alexians call the Motion Sensor to their Test Lab. Indeed, what could be more logical after having reviewed all the shapes and sizes of the brand's bulbs - Philips Hue GU10 au White & Color E27 through all types of brightness of White E27 our White and Color E14 - than wanting to make these bulbs react thanks to a movement detector. Even more need to say: « Alexa light up the living room " this one lighting up as we pass. Not bad is not it ? Especially in the event of loss of voice.

The Hue range covers everything related to the so-called “smart” luminaire from the Philips brand. This works with Alexa mainly with the brand bridge but also with the on-board one of the devices Amazon Echo which are also provided with the protocol  Zigbee like Echo Studio, Echo Plus ou Echo Show. Sont also compatible with the Hue bridge system, the "Friends of Hue" such as products Innr et Osram. But let's see what this motion sensor sold at the price of 39 € excluding promo or around € 29 during promotions.

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Philips Hue Motion Sensor: a sensitive motion detector


No doubt about the product received, it is indeed the Philips Hue Motion Sensor ! It is displayed largely uncovered in its cut-out cardboard box, but remains well protected by a hard shell all in translucent plastic. Philips has chosen to display its product outside of the traditional closed box. It is to be greeted because this small white cube 5.5 cm x 5.5 cm x 2 cm for 65 grams is thus highlighted. At the top left, we find the logo of Philips Hue with below the mention: Accessories and Motion Sensor.

On the back of the packaging, three illustrations overhang the description of the functions of the device given in six languages ​​such as: on / off, the integration of a solar sensor ... The bottom of the box tells us that this compatible motion detector Alexa works with 2 AAA batteries and that these are provided. A nice little extra! We won't have to delay the installation, everything is complete. Finally, our detector will react when we are within a radius of 5m around it and in a capture angle of 100 °.

On one side is the logo with the description of the device while on the other at the bottom and in red the logo of Zigbee. It is the only inscription on this face.

Once unpacked, we find the Motion Sensor accompanied by a bag containing a plastic dowel and two screws (one long and one short). This small material is attached to allow the installation of the movement detector on a wall or ceiling. But it can perfectly be placed on a shelf for example, it will be even easier to move.

Two flyers are also included in the box: one being the installation manual and the other safety instructions. The range of operation 0 ° C - 40 ° C as well as the fact that detection will be reduced between 30 ° and 40 °. It will therefore be necessary to choose the place where it will be installed indoors (because not intended for external use). It is a pity that this little document is written so small because a lot of useful information is mentioned there such as the number of possible sensors for a Hue system: 12 if no other sensor / switch is present in the system. This is the kind of information that is regularly requested on our Les Alexiens community on Facebook.

Let's take a look at this motion sensor. Composed of plastics, it is all white, except for the Philips brand inscriptions on the top and various information on the back. From the front, in the center, the "ball" barely exceeding the thickness of the cube is the motion detector. It is smooth, also white. Above, the very slightly concave black point is the day and night detector. On the back, to the right of the Hue inscription, is a setup button that we can use with a paperclip if needed to reset our device. In the center, we have a large removable magnet which will be useful in case of installation on a vertical wall in order to use it as an axis of rotation. The magnet is very powerful, it suffices that a small part of the detector is in contact with it for it to be well maintained without fear of falling. The aestheticism of the whole is flawless and Philips always responds to the quality of its products.

The aestheticism of the whole is flawless and Philips always responds to the quality of its products. The Alexians

But before moving on to the installation, let's see the technical sheet ...

Technical specifications

Philips Lighting
Philips Hue
Motion Sensor
Motion detector
2 x 5,5 x 5,5 cm
65 g
2 x AAA battery (included)


Using the Philips Hue motion detector

Installation with the Hue app

Our sensor being part of the Philips Hue family, we need to make it recognized in the Philips app. If like us you already have a Hue device, the app is already installed on your smartphone, it will then only be necessary to add it to the other elements already in your possession. If you discover Philips Hue products through the motion sensor, you will first need to install the Philipps Hue application available on the Andoid and IOS stores and then create an account.

Once the application is open, we go to settings (the notched wheel at the bottom right) then instead of choosing "light configuration" as we had already done before for our different Hue or frienly bulbs such as the Innr to make them recognize, this time we will choose "configuration of accessories ”.


To add the Philips Hue Motion Sensor, nothing could be simpler, all you have to do is click on add an accessory then choose it from the list of accessories offered. On the next page, the search for the detector begins once it flashes orange. Just click on "The LED flashes". When the recognition is made, the motion sensor appears in the list of accessories.

It will then be possible to rename sensor by clicking on its name (here rename it to dining room sensor) and to make various adjustable ones, in particular for day or night by defining the time slots for one and the other.

Adjustments of light sensitivities or movements are also provided. Ideal for the sensor to react as it suits you.

And with Amazon Alexa ?

If you looked at the photos carefully, you probably noticed that when recognized by the Hue Bridge, the sensor was also recognized immediately by Alexa, without any intervention on our part. Didn't you see well? No problem, we give you the screenshot ...

Alexa, as usual, instantly took into account the detector:

He will be possible to include it in a routine whether in case of motion detection orlack of movement. Finally, you can define the days and times when you want to put it into operation.

If the defined routine is on "Detects movement", it is then possible to choose a time lapse between 2 executions.

In stock
2 new from € 48,24
January 23, 2022 10 h 55 min
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In conclusion, this Philips Hue motion detector is ideal for managing movement silently, for example to turn on the lights at night in a hallway without waking the whole household. The plus is that it takes into account all bulbs regardless of their brand! It does not remain linked only to Philips Hue bulbs. It will also make it possible in a routine to manage either a scene or a group. Its responsiveness is frankly perfect. We will always regret the slightly high price, but the quality and the multiple possible settings of the application amply justify it.

Philips Hue Motion Sensor - Motion detector










Price quality



  • Very good responsiveness
  • Integrates into routines
  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • ZigBee protocol

The lessers

  • Price a bit high
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