Philips Hue White Filament E27 review: a very trendy vintage bulb

If LED bulbs have low consumption for them that our wallets appreciate, our eyes often find it difficult to be enchanted by their general ugliness. Connected bulbs are no exception in this area, featuring designs ranging from basic to ugly, unless you opt for a very specific category: filament bulbs. After introducing you to the LSC Smart Filament from Action, and more recently the Calex Rustic Lamp available at Leroy Merlin, this time we broke the piggy bank and opted for the Philips Hue White Filament E27. Will the Dutch electrician do better than its competitors low cost with this model at almost 30 €? This is what we will see with this complete test of its "globe" version ...

Philips Hue White Filament E27: neo-retro for a decorative touch

Unboxing and presentation

Upon receipt, the packaging of this connected bulb impresses with its particularly large format. It must be said that we have opted for the "Globe" version of the Philips Hue White Filament E27 which is also available in a standard version and in a style called “Edison”, more compact but just as attractive.

Measuring 9.5 cm in diameter and feel like 14.2 cm length base included, this connected bulb imposes some, although we have already seen more generous formats. Its small weight, of only 58 grams, is rather surprising, but a good point because it will not weigh on the ceiling for which we intend it.

As Signify has gotten us used to, the perceived quality is really excellent and, if we criticized in the introduction the almost generalized ugliness of connected light bulbs, this Philips Hue White Filament E27 stands out with a successful and very trendy design.

Yes, clearly, this bulb brings a real plus for decoration with its vintage look. It even goes perfectly with a contemporary luminaire from the Swedish giant, where a "classic" LED bulb would have done somewhat.

Compared to the vintage models previously tested, this luminous globe also stands out for the shape of its "filaments", arranged in a double revolution, and for its slightly aged glass. Filaments which are not really one since they are series of COG type LEDs, acronym of Chip On Glass, and therefore modules covered with phosphorus. In the end, we get a vintage look with all the advantages of modern LED lighting, especially low consumption.

De energy class A +, this bulb consumes in fact only 7W and delivers a comfortable luminous flux of 550 lumens. as warm white at 2100K only, of which it is obviously possible to adjust the intensity with a dimmer or the Philips Hue application ... Its theoretical lifespan is 15000 hours (i.e. 625 days of continuous use or more than 10 years at a rate of 4 hours per day!) and / or 50000 ignitions (here, it all depends on whether or not you have tocs, because that's more than 13 activations per day for 10 years!).

Regarding the Philips Hue brand, of course we have before us a connected bulb which can be used in Bluetooth from a connected speaker or directly with the Philips Hue Bluetooth app. Or, even better, in ZigBee with the Philips Hue app (short). This is what we will see immediately ...

Philips Hue White Filament: Bluetooth or ZigBee, the choice is yours!

Using the bulb in Bluetooth with a smartphone

If you want to use it in Bluetooth, download thePhilips Hue Bluetooth app, available for Android ou iOS, not the standard application. You need to create an account (email and password), activate your Bluetooth and presto, it's done.

Once discovered and installed, you can control your bulb via your phone, provided you are within the range of Bluetooth. It is possible to turn it off and on, to vary the intensity, but also to choose scenes with predefined light intensities (only four in number). Nothing crazy, we must admit.

Use in Bluetooth with a speaker Amazon Echo or Google Home

As we have seen, direct use with a smartphone is ultimately unattractive because it forces you to take it out and be near the bulb - this is a solution probably chosen by Philips for the purposes of seduction and loyalty - but it is much more so with a connected speaker. Indeed, if Philips Hue has chosen to offer Bluetooth on its new models, it is above all to reach customers who use voice assistants, but who are still resistant to buying a ZigBee bridge ...

Here's how to do it with a speaker Amazon Echo or Google Nest:

  1. Turn on your bulb et follow the installation steps given in the previous part for the bluetooth function.
  2. Then go to the settings, bottom right, and select voice assistants and Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Then choose "Make detectable" ;
  3. Ask your favorite assistant: « Alexa, detects my devices » ou "Ok Google, detect new devices".


  4. The Assistant will now discover the Philips Hue White Filament bulb alone.
  5. You can rename it, either directly on the screen if you use an Echo Show or Nest Hub, or through the appropriate application if you do so from your Nest audio (which has not yet been released, ed) or with a Amazon Echo 3 for example.
Note that you can use up to ten bulbs per speaker but they must obviously be within the range of Bluetooth coverage, about ten meters.

Use in ZigBee with Philips Hue or a hub Amazon Echo

As this is a Philips Hue product, we can only recommend you to use this White Filament ZigBee bulb. This has many advantages including lower latency and, above all, a much greater range.

With the Philips Hue bridge

We will not go into details and refer you to our Philips Hue hub installation tutorial to proceed with its installation. It is besides the easiest and fastest of all procedures listed here. As soon as the detection has been launched, the Hue Bridge will indeed find the light bulb Philips Hue White Filament and you just have to assign it a location.

With a hub Amazon Echo

Again, it's very simple and you just have to put the bulb in place, turn it on and then say « Alexa, detects my devices ». Detection takes a little longer than with the Hue Bridge, but this type of use has the huge advantage of allowing local use. Indeed, even in the event of a network outage - no electricity, eh? - you will be able to continue to benefit from voice control, Echo Show 2 / More / Studio integrating basic home automation controls for one operation at a time faster and even offline - as you could do with Jeedom or Home Assistant, but without taking the head to install a box automation.

Our opinion on the Philips Hue White Filament bulb

The Philips Hue White Filament E27 bulbs or B22 are undoubtedly those missing from the Hue range. In fact, above all, they bring a really trendy decorative touch with a irresistible vintage look which was somewhat lacking in the brand's offering. Available in three formats (classic, Edison or globe type), you can choose the one that best suits your tastes or your lighting, or even mix the formats for a Wow effect! guaranteed. In short, you will understand, we are fans of its neo-retro side.

“In short, you will understand, we are fans of its neo-retro side. " The Alexians

Regarding its technical characteristics, if 550 lumens may seem little, in fact they are largely sufficient for decorative lighting as practical because of the arrangement of LEDs in double revolution. We also appreciate the arrival of the Bluetooth across the range, which has the merit of making connected lighting more accessible, although it is not suitable for home automation use. We can bet that it will have a seductive effect capable of tipping the most refractory towards the light of the ZigBee!

We just regret the choice of Philips to offer onlya single warm white at 2100K because, as always, the entrance ticket remains high in the Hue range. A price to be put into perspective, however, because opting for Philips Hue is to ensure the best quality on the market. Whether it's the design, the finish or the application, you forget everything when you taste Hue (even the bag!) ...  In short, Philips Hue is the best of the best. Point.

Available from 19.99 € on Amazon. Fr, the connected bulb Philips Hue White Filament E27 is a perfect buy for those looking for a decoration both vintage, trendy and connected. In short, pure neo-retro that we can only recommend.

Editor's note: we would like to point out that this test is not sponsored, The Alexians not maintaining - unfortunately? - no relationship with the Philips Hue brand. This opinion is therefore completely impartial and is only the reflection of the thirty or so connected bulb tests carried out in our lab in recent years.

Philips Hue Connected LED Bulb White Filament E27 Globe Shape

from 19.99 €









Price quality



  • Superb vintage design: a real crush!
  • Quality of finishes and assembly
  • Bluetooth or ZigBee, your choice!
  • Compatible Alexa, Google Assistant, HomeKit and everything!
  • 550 lumens is sufficient for this type of product ...

The lessers

  • A single warm white at 2100K only, it's a shame ... We expect variable white!
  • Still a bit expensive perhaps, but quality comes at a price!
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