LSC Ceiling Test Smart Conect: in white or in color

After the tests of LSC bulbs Smart Connect et LSC Smart Connect Filament, here is a new lighting product from Action: the LSC ceiling light Smart Connect. Sold only in the brand's stores at a price of 17.95 €, we will see if for this relatively low price, the lighting conditions are good. Note that there is also a white ambiance version only at the price of 14.95e. For the difference in price, we did not hesitate to take the one that offers the color.

Dutch hard discount brand founded in 1993, it was not until 2012 that the first store opened in France. For almost two years, Action has been offering a fairly diverse range of connected objects, ranging from lighting to connected alarm systems Tuya compatible / Smart Life. But back to our ceiling light or ceiling in original version and see if its purchase is wise ...

LSC ceiling light Smart Connect: Action in color!

Unboxing and presentation

The LSC ceiling light Smart Connect " Smart Ceiling Light »measure  26cm in diameter  for 6.5 cm thick and is presented in a glossy cardboard box in the colors of the products smart brand: a dark background on which a photo of the product is displayed at an angle on two sides. The presence of a smartphone and the mention wifi 2.4GHz informs us that this is indeed a connected product, but not yet that it is compatible with our preferred voice assistance Alexa.

On the back of the packaging we find the technical characteristics informing us about the protection index (IP20), its compliance with CE standards, its energy class A. Two photos are also affixed on the back side showing us the range of colors that goes for the white part, from cold to warm either from 1800 to 6500 Kelvin while the colors are of RGB type or: Red, Green and Blue. Two other photos show us the rendering in situation in a corridor.

On one side, we have the description of the different panels for the RGB colors and a description of the white temperatures:

1800K - 2300K:
Very warm white
2400K - 3500K:
White hot
3600K - 4000K:
White cold
5500K - 6500K:
Day light

We finally find the description of the article as well as the compatibility with the applications Tuya / Smart Life and, most importantly for us, with voice assistants Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Let's get this out LSC ceiling light Smart Connect from its box. Perfectly protected by thick foam, it is bagged in plastic. Three screws and their fixing plugs are supplied with an installation and user manual in 10 languages, including French of course. The ceiling light is made of two parts, one in metal to be fixed to the ceiling, and the "globe" in translucent plastic of medium quality, shall we say, but in line with the purchase price and… very flexible. Be careful when handling it not to deform it!

When we unbox the globe, we discover the composition of LEDs, namely ten round LEDs distributed all around the support with a large number of LEDs of different formats interposed which fill the surface of the electrical part and which will light up during operation either in white or in color.

After this exposure, let's see its technical sheet:

LSC ceiling light technical sheet:

LSC Smart Connect
26 cm in diameter
15.000 hours
Illumination angle
120 °
Protection sign
Energy class
220-240V - 50 / 60Hz
WiFi network
Beam angle
120 °

LSC ceiling light: installation and use with Smart Life

Before you start, don't forget to turn off the power, dear reader! After making the electrical connection and fixing the LSC ceiling light, we will be able to proceed to its recognition with the application that will support it.

LSC Smart Connect being a Tuya application, we recommend that you opt for Smart Life, much more reliable, which will allow you not to multiply the applications on your smartphone. If you do not yet have the application, we recommend our tutorial tutorial Smart Life which will allow you to know all the ins and outs.

Everybody is here ? We continue.

Logically, once the power is restored, your LSC ceiling light automatically goes into pairing mode and flashes rapidly. Take yours smartphone and from the home page, click on the "+" top right, then select " lighting " et "Lighting device (Wi-Fi)".

The next page asks for network information 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi exclusively on which the pairing will be done: enter your SSID + password. This done, turn on the connected ceiling light!

Carry out three extinctions and four ignitions so that your LSC ceiling light is ready for the pairing procedure, check the small box "confirmation light in the flash". The recognition starts.

When pairing is complete, the LSC ceiling light appears under a generic name that it is quite possible to change. It will then appear under its new name on the home page of Smart Life. You may be offered a firmware update upon recognition. Once this is done, you will be able to fully enjoy your new connected lighting.

When you select the icon from the home page, the LSC ceiling light appears as a light bulb. To have access to the various possible settings from the application Smart Life, it is necessary click on the On / Off button placed at the bottom center of the menu bar. These are handy if you want to simulate a presence, for example.

It is only when the button is activated that the various settings for white, colors or scenes are accessible. To learn more about the scenes, watch the test of:  the Hugoai bedside lamp, it's the same program.

And with Amazon Alexa ?

If you have been attentive to our captures, you have noticed previously that once the pairing has been carried out, theapplication Amazon Alexa informs us that the new lighting has been taken into account. It can be integrated into a routine with a choice of colors admittedly more limited than with Smart Life, but quite sufficient for everyday use. And there's nothing stopping you from creating a scene if you want custom colored lighting. For better management it is also possible to integrate it into a room

And in Google Home?

Here too, our kitchen ceiling light looks good. Just like in Alexa, It is possible to integrate it into Google Assistant routines.


From the screen of Google Nest Hub, in addition to the color chips, their name is displayed and it is possible to have a wide range of particular colors in touch mode. However although Google Assistant offers a number much greater than Alexa, it is not able to respond in voice only to classic colors, apart from a few too rare exceptions.


Presented on the packaging as a ceiling lamp for a hallway, it is not this choice of use that we made. We have indeed intended it for our kitchen. The 1400 lumen lighting is perfect for a 9 m² room.

Here is the rendering without the "globe":

With the "globe", in order: cold white then 100% warm then 20%.

In color: orange, red, green, blue


Our opinion on the LSC ceiling light Smart Connect : well, for the price, he thrilled us! Even if the “globe” is far from being of exceptional quality, it does the job. Designed in plastic, it is light and easy to handle from the top of a stepladder. And if it falls, it shouldn't break. Its only flaw is its flexibility and therefore the fragility of the plastic, but once in place, no more fear! the 1400 lumens luminous flux diffuses well through the translucent white envelope, the color rendering is pretty good, use with Smart Life is simple and it is fully compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. Frankly for the price, it is a product to be offered without restriction!

LSC ceiling light Smart Connect

from 14.95 €









Price quality



  • Cheap
  • Works under Smart Life

The lessers

  • Flexible globe therefore fragile
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