LEDVANCE test Smart+: a connected ZigBee plug compatible with Philips Hue

Your favorite site Les Alexiens always wishing to offer you new connected object tests, this time decided to try a product that you may already know, but which can now be found marketed under a new brand: LEDVANCE Smart+ . New ? Yes and no. And this is the connected plug Smart+ the brand that we submit to our test lab.

Before proceeding with the installation of the connected socket let's see a little before that who is Ledvance?

This brand was created following the split operated by Osram for its “general lighting” activity which includes traditional bulbs, LEDs but also connected lighting. The cohabitation of the two entities is effective since July 2016. Finally, be aware that Ledvance belongs to the Chinese company MLS Co present in 140 countries.

Let's see if, although similar, our Ledvance connected socket Smart+ differs in some aspects from that sold under the brand Osram Smart+ and that we tested previously… except for the price. Indeed, it should be noted a notable difference in price: our catch is available today at the price of 26.99 € on Amazon against around 20 € for the one previously sold under the Osram logo. We are therefore entitled to expect a significant plus in view of the operating margin.

Ledvance Smart+: a connected plug that makes its weight heavy

Ledvance gives us its catch in a neat mauve packaging surmounted by an orange box reminiscent of Osram's. The protocol Zigbee  necessary for its operation is clearly mentioned below and it is compatible with the universe Philips Hue making Ledvance a so-called brand Friend of Hue. Note, for information, that all Zigbee devices are not necessarily compatible with each other.

But, here, it is quite possible to pair it with the bridge Philips Hue but also to use the Zigbee hubs embedded in Echo devices such as: Echo Show 2, Echo Plus 2nd generation, or the latest upscale brand with a smile: Echo Studio. The use of appliances Amazon Echo dispensing with the acquisition of an external bridge, this can be interesting. On the back of the box, we find schematically the installation via a "Partener Gateway". On the side of the packaging, technical information such as the type of plug: E et F.

Let's open the box and discover the socket itself. It is a square block of 6 cm X 6 cm and 8.4 cm depth including pins. This one is two-colored: a mouse gray and smooth as glass on the front with the mark discreetly mentioned in the lower part in white while the periphery is white but without this smooth appearance. Everything is plastic. On the top, we find the LED On / Off button, while below it is a QR code which is scratched on the socket (this one is apparently only the reference of the product and does not return by to an application or other). Finally a small flyer accompanies the plug to guide the installation.

This grip is rather heavy and displays a 104g weight. The back of the socket informs us that it is 16A for 3680W and that it operates on 230 Volts at 50Hz.

Be careful to choose the model of plug you want:

  • the purple cardboard corresponds to the sockets with gray front and operating under the Zigbee protocol
  • the blue boxes with the white plugs work in bluetooth


Item Weight
104 g
Product Dimensions (L x W x H) :
8,4 x 6 x 6 cm
Degree of protection (IP)
ZigBee (via Gateway)
230 Volts
Energy label

Installation of the Ledvance connected socket… go ahead!

Just like theZigBee NodOn switch, the Ledvance connected socket is part of the sphere Friends of Hue from Philips. The installation will therefore be done in the same way as this one.

In the Philips Hue app (installed from the Google store or on IOS), we click on Parameters at the bottom right of the screen, then on Accessory configuration, white tab: add an accessory. The next page opens and lists a whole series of objects that can be paired. Just scroll down the page to: Hue Smart Plug in order to select our equipment. On the next page we are invited to aPress the LED button on the socket for about ten seconds in order to start the search. Immediately afterwards, the pairing is done and our socket appears in the list of objects under the name On / Off plug 1. Note taken is listed at this stage as a light bulb. But we will see thatit is possible to remedy it.

And in the app Alexa so ?

Well… Nothing more to do! At the same time as the pairing was completed, we had the information that Alexa recognized our smart Ledvance plug. Note that in the application Alexa, it is also as light that our socket appears and not in the socket category. At the start anyway.

It is quite possible to change the original assigned name and especially the assigned icon in the Hue application. Let's go back to our socket recognized as a light bulb, which is not very logical and impractical. By clicking on the bulb symbol, a page opens with a wide choice of representation. Just choose the one that suits us to replace the existing one. Here, we choose a card as a symbol. This change will also lead to a recognition change in the app. Alexa.

With Alexa, our take can be used via a routine or vocal. Nice, isn't it? And there you have it, our Ledvance plug test is over! A nice plug, a little heavy perhaps, but a classic connected plug. To you thereafter create your routines Alexa…. No, do you want more? OK ! So, our Friend of Hue plug can therefore be used via our smartphone, in voice with Alexa or by pressing the LED button directly.

But how can we use it as well? Like other products Friends of Hue, With l'ZigBee NodOn switch that we tested yesterday for example. Incredible, isn't it? A simple configuration of the socket by the button allows to activate the socket as silently as needed. So there… Hats off to the Philips Hue universe!

In conclusion: this LEDVANCE socket Smart+ is heavier and more expensive than its elder OSRAM but which is part of the Philips Hue universe and, therefore, offers additional management possibilities. But in view of the price excluding the promo, is such a connected plug essential?

LEDVANCE Smart+ Philips Hue compatible smart plug










Price quality



  • ZigBee socket
  • Quick setup
  • Compatible with NodOn switch

The lessers

  • Bulky and heavy
  • No monitoring of electricity consumption
  • Price too high without promotion
Simple user and novice fallen into the pot Alexa, this one fascinates me and thanks to the boys, Jean-Christophe and Alexien Modo, I learn a little more every day. Loving the different aspects ofAlexa, I turned to skills to share my discoveries with you.