Proscenic 850T test: a remote-controlled 2-in-1 robot

With a market growing by more than 28% and 220 models sold in one year in France according to Gfk, of which 000% just for those connected, the robot vacuum cleaner has become one of the most popular household appliances. Covering all price ranges, it allows everyone to find what they are looking for. For the most demanding, in addition to good suction, it should be connected, but also compatible with voice assistants. A must. The Taiwanese brand Proscenic and its different models fully meet these criteria. We have already presented an entry-level model with the Proscenic 800T and a top-of-the-range model with the Proscenic M7 Pro. Today, we are therefore submitting to our test lab a new model between the entry-level and mid-range: the vacuum robot. Proscenic 850T.

It's a 2-in-1: one robot vacuum cleaner and mop. It is connected via 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz Wi-Fi, it is compatible with voice assistants Amazon Alexa et Google Assistant, but also is provided with ... a remote control ! A plus that is not found on many models. Sold at a price of 239 € excluding promotion, he had to make concessions, in particular on the cartography which is instantaneous and not memorized.

Proscenic 850T: the elegant class

Unboxing and presentation

The Proscenic 850T with the only external decoration being its schematic representation accompanied by the logo Proscenic. On the side, there is some technical information. It's all going inside, so let's open up.

The least we can say is that every precaution has been taken to protect it from the vagaries of transport. A cardboard "board" covers the whole and it is by lifting it that we discover the contents.

Resting in a molded shell, the Proscenic 850T is protected by a foam disc cut in its center where the manual and the thread cutter have taken place. Each cell contains the accessories that we are going to see. Each element is individually bagged.

Let's get the vacuum cleaner out. This is sealed with an adhesive and two anti-shock foam protectors for transport. With a flat top surface, it measures only 32.5 cm in diameter for 7.3 in height.

But let's start, once is not custom, with the accessories. With the vacuum robot are delivered:

  • 1 water / dust tank can receive 300 ml of water and 300 ml of dust
  • 1 dust bin with a capacity of 500ml
  • 3 HEPA filters (including 1 in advance)
  • 3 foam filters (including 1 in advance)
  • 2 gray terry cloths (one being already positioned on the support)
  • 4 brushes (i.e. 2 in advance)
  • 1 remote control
  • 2 AAA batteries for the remote control
  • 1 power supply unit
  • 1 magnetic tape one meter for the delimitation of the zone
  • 3 small 3M adhesives to fix the tape
  • 1 guides quick start
  • 1 manual of use
  • 1 card with 2 QR codes: 1 for warranty registration and the other allowing, if desired, to join the Proscenic community


Cleaning is provided by two separate devices for suction:

  • 2 brushes
  • 1 central brush

Those are two rotating brushes with three branches made up of very flexible synthetic rods with a length of 6 cm, placed at the front, which ensure a first work by pushing the dust towards the central brush so that it carries them towards the suction mouth. The length and flexibility of the generously protruding strands allow the robot when it runs along a wall to recover what is against a plinth without touching it. A very small brush, 5 mm, avoids the winding around the rotation system of hair, bristles, threads and other fibers. In order to have recovered what the central brush has collected as hair, it can be ensured that at no time the brushes have been blocked and have stopped rotating. No fiber around identified. These two brushes do not have a “left” or “right” placement mark, which is simpler. In the event of replacement, we can thus draw twice from those provided in advance, even if it is to replace the same side.

La central brush with a length of 15 cm placed in a housing that can be unclipped for cleaning (it is recommended to do it at least every week) is made of silky bristles and silicone tabs arranged alternately and in V. Dust and other residues are entrained inside in one of the bins in place and it is a suction of 3000Pa  (much more than the previous version of Proscenic, the coconutsmart 800T which only displayed 1800Pa) which drives them. The power is there, frankly nothing to complain about.

Finally, the Proscenic 850T comes with a small tool for cleaning the brush with a brush on one side, a comb on the other and a wire cutter in between. It will be very useful, for example, to effortlessly remove hair that has rolled up in the brush. Yes, I had suspended cleaning a little earlier to see its capabilities and push it to its limits, and I have to say that it more than met my expectations. With the wire cutter part no difficulty in cleaning the brush.


If there is one thing to be feared, it is to see the mop that comes off and remains stranded ... Here, no need to worry because the fixing is double :

  • by scratch, six areas still
  • with elastic, one on each side of the mop.

No need to worry, it will remain firmly fixed.

The thick sponge material of the cloth is such that after switching to washing mode with high water flow, the ground will be made almost dry as we have seen on vinyl or laminate flooring. And that's great. No need to wait to walk on it again at the risk of redoing tracks.

Power supply

It is thanks to a charging dock that therobot vacuum draws its energy to have an autonomy of 90 to 120 min depending on the power used. This is electrically connected at the rear by a cable with a length of 1.50 meters with DC plug which can be stored in a housing provided so that nothing protrudes, thus facilitating placement against a wall. Allow around 4 hours for a charge prayer. The dock supports 19 V input and output and A 0.6, while the power supply unit displays 100-240V at 0.5A input and 19 V and 0.6A output.

The bins

Two in number, each has its function:

  • The one equipped with water and dust tanks with a capacity of 300 ml each can be used in two ways. Indeed, it is the one on which the mop is installed. Filled water tank, thanks to the electronic tank, choose the water flow that will be delivered; empty container, it will be possible to mop for dry cleaning. It is possible to combine cleaning et aspiration in one pass. The upper part of the container receives the dust while the lower part contains the liquid. The two are well separated and do not interfere with emptying operations.


  • The dust container with a large capacity of 500 ml (greater than Deebot Ozmo 920 from Ecovacs  which is only 430 ml) will be able to ensure several passages before emptying it. It is provided also a small roulette wheel which is useful to him when he steps over an obstacle because it does not reach the ground in normal times. Two filters, foam and HEPA, are housed in the dedicated compartment.


Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 920: a robotic vacuum cleaner as attractive as it is efficient

The remote control

It comes as a reinforcement or replacement for the application. It has a dedicated storage compartment at the back of the dock. Be careful not to activate the programming function, because you risk having the vacuum cleaner which starts at 00:00 (initial time)… It may be surprising! The scenarios du Proscenic 850T are done by choosing the hour, but in terms of minutes, this is done at a quarter of an hour with four choices: Well, we're not down to the minute either, he's the one who works after all.

The vacuum robot


One thing is sure: the Proscenic 850T is beautiful. The black background shines so brightly in the light, while a U in very fine lines is generously displayed on the top in a lagoon green for a sober but modern design. The touch zone the two function buttons and the Wi-Fi LED are placed on the same colored background for perfect harmony. On the front side, the bumper is equipped in the lower part with a silicone band to dampen friction with the furniture. It is not always that this happens but it can happen and the protection is guarantee of safety for the furniture. The central area is fitted with multiple sensors hidden behind the black plastic glass. At the rear, the tank, the grip part of which is lowered to extract it and put it back in place.

“One thing is certain: the Proscenic 850T is beautiful. " The Alexians


Le Proscenic 850T being equipped with anti fall sensors, the stairs will not see him tumble down the steps and his omnidirectional front wheel, striped two-tone black and white of the most beautiful effect, will make him turn around to continue his work. Two contactors, placed on either side, ensure recharging when it is on the dock.

At the two front ends, the brushes clip without distinction from the side. As we mentioned above, they are also equipped with a mini brush to move away from the rotating system that wires surround themselves in it.

La central brush is held in place in its housing by a grid which can be removed by pushing in the two lugs placed on the cover.

We find a ON / OFF button red, to the left of the central brush, which allows you to completely cut off the robot's power supply, if you are going on vacation for example.

Finally, two driving wheels 1.5 cm wide ensure rolling, but also a good grip thanks to their stick type notches on two rows. In particular, they will prevent him from skating when washing, but also from crossing the obstacles up to 1.5 cm high, or less than his eldest  Proscenic M7 Pro which can climb up to 2 cm without worries. But remember, this is a mid-range model, there are concessions to be made ... Like this one.


  • Brand : Proscenic
  • Model : 850T
  • Engime :
  • Battery : Li-ion 2600mAh
  • Aspiration  : 3000Pa
  • Size : 32.5 cm in diameter x 7.3 cm in height
  • Package weight: 5 kg
  • Robot weight : 2 kg
  • Autonomy : 90 - 120 min max
  • Remote control : Yes
  • Charging station : dock type
  • Supplied accessories : HEPA filters x2, brushes x 4, cloths x2, comb / wire cutter, magnetic tape
  • Dust bin : 0.5 l
  • Double tray:  dust 0.3 l + Water tank: 0.3 l
  • Connectivity : 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi
Proscenic M7 Pro: a surprising robot vacuum cleaner!

Proscenic 850T: in one step and five movements

Installation and use

Proscenic has developed its (we should rather say its) own application (s). There are three of them, you have to choose the right one to pair and use the robot and it is ProscenicHome as stated in the quick start guide that will handle it.

Once the app is downloaded for Android ou iOS, it is requested access to the photo or video, but you can refuse, it will not block the installation. As with any application, registration is required with email and password. Once on the home page, the installation of the Proscenic 850T is reminiscent of the one that can be done with the application Smart Life. Click on the "+" top right, choose the model to install, in this case:  850T / 850P


From there, the actual installation begins. We tried the automatic detection installation, but could not go back to the application once in the Wi Fi settings of the smartphone to continue pairing. So we chose the mode 2.4 GHz + 5 GHz and there it rolls by itself. Well almost ... After confirming that the vacuum cleaner is in ON mode, and that it is put into pairing mode by pressing the symbol of a house, serious things begin.

Enter your Wi-Fi network, go to the Wi-Fi settings of your smartphone, select Proscenic 850T. There, it can hang a bit, but after 2 or 3 attempts (maybe we wanted to go too fast (?)). Leave a good minute on the Wi-Fi setting then clicking on " <»Back it is possible to return to the application and the procedure continues on its own without further intervention on our part. Recognition of the 850T vacuum cleaner is displayed on the home page

Now let's discover the capabilities of this newcomer. By selecting the vacuum cleaner, we discover the control panel. We can see thus represented once it has done its work:

  • In white, the course
  • In orange, the walls or obstacles bypassed
  • In red , the position of the vacuum robot

At the top, the current function is displayed. In the lower part, the commands available:

  • Automatic cleaning : the aspiration is done everywhere (except of course if a magnetic tape is placed or if it is confined in a locked room
  • Edge cleaning : it runs along the walls
  • Area cleaning : he performs a spiral cleaning on 1M² around him
  • Automatic washer : he washes

In mode automatic cleaning, it is possible to define the power:

  • fashion quiet, count about 47 dB, the noise that there is in the open air
  • fashion standard, 52 dB the equivalent of noise in an office
  • mode max, 56 dB, still like in an office.

The mode automatic wash :

In this operating mode, there is only one speed mode. The function is also grayed out. Only the water flow can be configured:

  • Low water speed
  • Vitesse average some water
  • Haute water speed

Finally, we find a remote control function to control the Proscenic 850T with the finger and the eye.

By entering the parameters, via the star wheel at the top right, you can access various settings or additional information. Thus, it is here that it is possible:

  • To access the records journal. It is not the activity log strictly speaking, just the log of the longest time in service
  • To book cleaning: understand schedule cleaning. Only the modes: automatic or edge cleaning are available. Reservation time, translate start-up time.
  • De turn off LEDs buttons on the top of the POWER and MAISON robot vacuum cleaner,
  • To do sound the robot to know where he is
  • De track wear accessories. These are available on Amazon.
  • To link his account to that ofAmazon to activate Alexa

With Amazon Alexa

Once skill ProscenicHome installed and the account linked, the vacuum cleaner goes back up in the application and in the vacuum cleaner category. But the use is rudimentary in vocal. In the description of this skill, only the actions: “turn on” or “turn off” compatible with a light are mentioned. That is.

It will therefore be necessary to pronounce the voice commands following:

  • « Alexa, lights 850T " (or name you will have given it).
  • « Alexa, turn off 850T«  (or name you will have given it).

And that's all !

No command to send it back to load on the dock, amazing. Do not be afraid to see it appear with the mention "the device does not respond", it still works and responds to the commands indicated above. Display fault or problemsAlexa? No idea. Good news, creating routines is possible, but note that it will stop dead at the end of the programmed time and will not return to its dock. A point that can pose the problem of ending up with an obstacle in the feet without expecting it.

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With Google Assistant

Again, after installing and linking the Proscenic add-on to the account Google Home, the Proscenic 850T vacuum cleaner appears. If it is possible to manage it via the application to start or pause it, it is not possible to create routines to start it later.

En voice control, Google Assistant seems more inclined to accept orders, since by switching 850T on or off, it is also possible to return the vacuum cleaner to its charging base by calling it:

  • "Ok Google sends 850T to recharge"

Daily use

The first of the observations that we make when we start the Proscenic 850Tis the low noise it emits. A real joy. We took action with an app on smartphone and noted 49 dB in silent mode (corresponding to noise in a park) and only 60 dB in max mode (quiet in an office, one meter from the robot) with the double bin and 45dB to 55dB under the same conditions with the large dust container. In "silent" mode, it is quite possible to follow a TV program without losing anything that is being said and without turning up the sound.

We agree, he doesn't have a laser to map and keep donations. But with the remote control function on the smartphone, it is possible to control it to send it to a specific area or with the box, but you must be in a 5 meter radius maximum and barrier-free. Being extremely flat due to this absence, the Proscenic 850T is therefore only 7.3 cm high, which allows him to pass without difficulty under the beds, even with low fallout since he cannot see them!

Magnetic tape does wonders by blocking the passage of an area to the robot vacuum cleaner Proscenic 850T. The only problem will be when you want to send it to the other side. It won't go and you will have to move it or remove the tape. A word of advice, do not fix it definitively to the ground, but put a detachable paste fastener on it, so it will be well fixed to hold back attempts by the robot to pass but will remain available if you wish to place it elsewhere.

For autonomy, the Proscenic provides more about 60 minutes at maximum power, far from the 90 minutes announced, but still more than enough for most interiors. Note, however, that when the vacuum returns to the base, it does not resume work afterwards. Not being provided with a cartography, it is indeed unable to know where it stopped.

“In suction, it performs very well on hard ground. " The Alexians

Cleaning side, its system IPNAS 2.0 allows it to move along the length of the room and not in a zig zag, saving time and efficiency.

Note, however, that we were quite surprised that the Proscenic 850T does not like the sun or more exactly the sun's rays on the ground confusing them with emptiness. Once the curtains are drawn, he resumes his path without difficulty and goes well where he previously blocked.

A small downside also on light and flexible carpet which it will tend to turn the edges to see, or even to get stuck. Heavier rugs are no problem for him, even thicker ones that he can easily climb.

In suction, it performs very well on hard ground. You just have to see the hair he picked up! The 3000 Pa are present. With three suction modes available it's easy to choose the right one at the right time. Of course, the time spent in the spot will depend on the importance of the power for the same area.

In washing, the output produced even in high mode is not the most remarkable. Like many 2-in-1 models, pretty much all of them, in fact, need to be reviewed and improved. The tank holds easily for cleaning a house of 60 m² between vinyl floor, laminate flooring and vitrified parquet.

On the application side, it is simple and intuitive, detailed in each function, and is preferred over the remote control because, especially with the double bin, you can only configure the suction level. If you want to change the water flow, you have to go through the application. You might as well take the application directly.

In conclusion, despite being an entry-level model, the robot vacuum cleaner Proscenic 850T offers remarkable performance in suction thanks to its 3000 Pa. The washing function is good and traces or dirt come off easily, even if the different flow rates delivered are not easy to distinguish on the ground (apart from checking the water level in the tank before / after use.) Is this due to the mop performance who wipes behind? The very good quality of these should not see them wear out too quickly, a good point when you have to think about renewing the consumables. And, if the need arises, no need to look everywhere or find it, Proscenic sells them separately on Amazon. Under the negative points, we can regret that it is expressed only by beeps and not with a voice, but this is to be put into perspective in view of the price. Note that with relatively low sound rates, it is a vacuum cleaner that does not give a headache and does not interfere even if it passes by you while you are working. At last, its reasonable price of 239 € excluding promotion, for a connected robot vacuum cleaner compatible with voice assistants (in part of course with Alexa which will not send it back to its base), in fact a more than interesting model when you want to start in the world of connected vacuum cleaners.

Proscenic 850T - Robot vacuum and washer compatible Alexa and Google Assistant










Price quality



  • Very good suction
  • Price, design
  • High-performance magnetic tape
  • Reasonable sound level even in maximum mode
  • Quality of cloths

The lessers

  • Partial compatibility for voice commands with Alexa
  • No mapping
  • Lack of exclusion function
  • Some worries to get on the soft mats
Simple user and novice fallen into the pot Alexa, this one fascinates me and thanks to the boys, Jean-Christophe and Alexien Modo, I learn a little more every day. Loving the different aspects ofAlexa, I turned to skills to share my discoveries with you.