Proscenic A9 test: an air purifier connected to the top?

Our opinion on the Proscenic air purifier

Proscenic A9 - Connected air purifier

Proscenic A9 Air purifier, 4 HEPA filtration (99,97%), CADR 460m³ / h

Price on: July 4, 2022 16 h 20 min

Did you know that the quality of indoor air is sometimes worse than that of outdoor air? You can find everything there, so well that we talk more and more about indoor pollution. The authorities are taking this seriously with, in November 2020, the launch of the second national housing campaign (CNL2) by the Indoor Air Quality Observatory (OQAI). One of the ways to fight to maintain healthy air can be the use of a air purifier such as Proscenic A9.

They exist at all prices and in all powers, ranging from that barely able to purify a shoebox to that which can be used in a clean room. proscenic is present on the market with two models, the A8 and the A9. It is this latest, powerful and versatile version that we are testing for you. Offered at € 199 excluding promotion, the Proscenic A9 offers a CADR of 460 m3 / h, a cover of 90 m² max, a 4-in-1 filter… In principle, that's good!

Proscenic A9: a connected air purifier!


No introduction proscenic. Founded in Taiwan in 1996, the company is largely a manufacturer of cordless vacuum cleaners and robots. This is true, but not only, because as we had already shown you, the brand also manufactures connected oil-free fryers, air humidifiers and air purifiers as we will see today.

Le Proscenic A9 is delivered in a very basic cardboard box on which we will not linger (a product drawing, the legal notices and that's it). Inside, you will find your air purifier well wedged between poly (1-phenylethene-1,2-diyl) which people go to great lengths to call polystyrene.


The device is made of plastic, 100%, ABS type (a material that resists over time). It is from a relatively neat design with its cream color, black ends and well-placed ventilation holes. The set is harmonious and does not suffer fromno finishing problem. Without being of a consequent size, count anyway 52 cm high, 26 cm wide and a weight of 5 kg. You will also find a multilingual notice including a language close to French among those available.

You also a filter provided. Which is the least of it because it is the very heart of the system. Indeed, the operation is very simple and it is above all the quality of the filter which will determine the quality of the purification. You have holes on the front and back which will allow air to be sucked in. It will go through the filter and then come out, purified, through the top of the Proscenic A9. This is thanks to a fan whose power is also important for the hourly flow rate treated and the work surface.

Let's look at the top of the purifier. In addition to the aforementioned fan (not easy to place as a word but it is well brought up, thank you), the Proscenic A9 has different touch buttons.

  • Le button with padlock is used to activate the child safety so as not to change the parameters.
  • The one with theclock is used to define a duration of use (1, 2, 4 or 8 hours. The C shows programming of more than 8 hours, via the application).
  • Le ON / OFF button
  • The one with the ventilateur allows you to choose the power: 1, 2, 3 or 4 or standby mode, with the moon.
  • Le button A allows you to activate the automatic and intelligent mode.

There is also a light showing the drawing of a grid, between the padlock and clock button, which will only be visible when necessary. change the filter.

Finally, the A9 has an LCD screen, non-touch, which will provide you with several useful information such as:

  • The index of PM2.5
  • A visual indication of the air quality via colored strip
  • Connectivity Wi-Fi
  • Appearing only when activated: a padlock for the child lock, TIME when setting the operating time and a symbol of filter change.


The first grip is really positive: a qualitative product, robust, with different possible settings and a nice design. But that's not all, let's take a look at the specs.


  • Brand : Proscenic
  • Model : A9
  • Food : mains, via an EU plug without earth.
  • Size : height 52 cm, sides 26 cm
  • Weight 5 kg
  • Engime : 4 power levels + a standby mode + an Auto mode.
  • Maximum surface that can be treated : 90 m²
  • CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) Power: 460 m3 / h at max.
  • Maximum surface that can be treated : 90 m²
  • Accessories : 4-in-1 filters. Each filter has tabs on one side for easier placement and handling.
  • Filter life : 3000 hours.
  • Connectivity : Wi-Fi IEEE802.11 b / g / n 2.4 GHz, usable by voice with Alexa and Google Assistant.


Regarding the filter, Proscenic provides a 4 in 1 blue filter consisting of:

  • Nylon pre-filter allowing to stop the biggest particles like the hairs, the hair, the fibers, the scales… And it works really well as we could see it by removing the filter in place.
  • HEPA H13 filter. It is a medical grade filter which will stop 99,97% of particles larger than 0,3µm as well as PM2.5 particles such as smoke, pollen, mites ...
  • Silver ion coating on the surface of the HEPA filter. These ions have a role bactericidal and bacteriostatic. Regarding viruses, no commitment is made.
  • Activated carbon filter to eliminate odors and gases such as formaldehydes by absorbing them. So be careful, we are not on a carbon filter strictly speaking but on grains of carbon scattered on the internal face. Suffice to say that the results are not the same.

Ce 4-in-1 filter aims to provide a multipurpose purification for allergens, odors, bacteria, suspended particles, PM2.5… But if you want more specific filtration, you have the choice between 5 different types of filters, sold between 40 and 45 €.

  • A blue filter 4 1 en : versatile
  • A white HEPA H13 filter against PM2.5 and solid particles in suspension,
  • A purple filter antibacterial silver ion coated
  • A green filter anti allergen
  • A black filter against harmful gases and odors thanks to activated carbon

With a lifespan of 3000h, if you use the A9 all year round, you will have to count on a consumption of 2 to 3 filters, i.e. more than € 100 per year. But for extra, one filter per year is possible. Indeed, none of these consumables are washable. Which is not bad because once wet, the fibers are deformed, the charcoal is saturated, the silver ions can leave ...

Proscenic A9: installation and use

Presentation of the application

You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to operating the Proscenic A9. The basic application remains of course that of the brand, Proscenic Home.

The installation is relatively simple:

  1. Create an account if it is not done yet,
  2. Press the "+" at the top right and go to healthy life then select the A9.
  3. Choose Ap Mode
  4. Turn on the purifier,
  5. Press the Auto and Power buttons at the same time for 5 sec until you see the Wi-Fi logo flashing on the screen,
  6. Enter your Wi-Fi ID
  7. Come choose the Proscenic A9 Wi-Fi network in the list of available networks on your phone,
  8. Go back and let it be.
  9. Bingo!


Once done, you can rename your Proscenic A9 as you wish so that it is easier to use by voice, by going to the settings.

On the home page of the purifier, you have PM2.5 index displayed as well as the volume of air treated since the last start-up. This is very practical data.

Of course, you can'turn it on and off with the virtual button as well as come and do vary speed, define a timer (run it for so many hours), a planning, turn off screen (very practical at night because even in OFF, if it is connected, the screen is lit) and put the child lock.

For power, you have to press the virtual button and cycle through the different speeds up and down. The application gives access to 4 powers + a sleep mode (without noise) + Car.

You can also, in the settings, reset the filter counter when you change it.



The application is therefore very simple to use, quite visual and airy. The information is well chosen as well as the features put forward. Thus, it is only via the app that you can turn off the screen. Only the speed selection is not very intuitive.

IF you have already activated the skill Proscenic Home on the app Alexa, the Proscenic A9 air purifier goes straight up. However, by going to the settings ofAlexa, you will quickly realize that you can only turn the purifier on and off, that's all. No possibility of reaching the screen, of changing the power… And with Google Home ? The same. Once more, Proscenic missed its integration into voice assistants.

"The Proscenic A9 air purifier goes straight back"

We therefore tested an installation by Smart Life and Tuya to see if we could gain more voice commands. Installation is even simpler than with Proscenic thanks to the easy recognition mode.

  1. Activate your GPS and your Bluetooth
  2. Open Smart Life or Tuya
  3. The A9 is recognized and press "install"
  4. Wait, rename the device.
  5. There it's done !


The information is much less readable than on the native application. The air flow does not appear and the different powers are not visible because of a display bug. On the other hand, the time remaining for the filter is clearly visible here. But does this change a few things in apps Alexa and Google?

For Google Assistant, no. No change. For Alexa, on the other hand, there are more possibilities in touch via the application (therefore uninteresting) but no change for voice use.



So in the end, in terms of voice commands, whether you use the home application or Smart Life, you will only be able to turn on and off. But is it really useful? Indeed, if you use Auto mode, it will be this mode that will start when you restart. As it manages the power on its own, asking for modifications would ultimately be of little interest.

Daily use of the air purifier

Before we talk about the use as such, let's talk about the utility. As said in the preamble, we are talking about indoor pollution. This includes polluting gases such as formaldehyde, pollens, odors… If you have an open fireplace or if you smoke, it's even worse. The most economical method is to aerate regularly, but this is not sufficient and may even allow the entry of outside pollutants.

This pollution is expressed in different values ​​such as NO2, O3… but also PM10, PM 2.5… PM means Particulate Matter and the number after the size in microns. So PM10 represents the particle concentration of 10 µm. the PM2.5 has more interest in being followed because the 2.5 µm particles can enter the lungs quite deeply.

There are values ​​determined by the index AQI (Air Quality Index) which links PM2.5 levels with health consequences. These are the values ​​that Proscenic has taken into account for the thresholds of its purifier.

"PM stands for Particulate Matter and the number after the size in microns"


So you have on the LCD screen of the Proscenic A9 a colored band under the value of PM2.5. The latter will take on different colors depending on the concentration of particles in suspension.

Green : less than 50, good quality air.

Yellow : between 51 and 100, air of average quality. But a few sensitive people may be embarrassed. Especially for pollens.

Orange : between 101 and 150, poor air quality, unhealthy for sensitive people.

Red : over 151, looks unhealthy.


But there is a bias in this choice of index. The AQI is more dedicated to outdoor pollution. This is why the WHO, for its part, has decreed maximum values ​​not to be exceeded indoors, but not included in any national standard (the EU is party to double the values ​​of the world organization). However, they can be taken into account because of the hegemony of the WHO on health issues. Thereby, a maximum of 24 µg / m3 of PM2.5 must not be exceeded over 24 hours and index of 10 annualized. We are therefore below the 50 max for the green zone. But the big advantage of the Proscenic A9 is precisely to show the value of PM2.5.

Before use, put the filter in place. It is very simple. There is a sensitive sensor on the bottom of the A9 to detect the presence of the filter.

Ditto, if you close the back cover improperly, you will get an error message.

In use, the purifier is quite silent because it only develops 25 dB in mode Sleep and go up to 54 dB in mode Max. Indeed, it gets along but it is relatively rare to use it fully permanently. Moreover, you will quickly become a fan of Auto mode.

The latter is very practical because the Proscenic A9 will come automatically adapt the power of its suction according to the PM2.5 index. If the index is in the green, the power will be at minimum. Conversely, the higher it is, the greater the force will be. This is the most versatile mode.

We tested the purifier by involving a person allergic (to grasses in particular). We were quite skeptical at first because, for us, purifiers were like portable air conditioners, gadget devices because of their poor performance. But this is not the case ! By turning on the Proscenic A9 at night in auto mode, no more sneezing or runny nose in the morning. On the other hand, at the first step outside, this is no longer the case ... These are therefore very encouraging results, even if we can in no way commit ourselves to the fact that this is the case for all allergics, and in all time.

We also tested the action of A9 on odors. It also works, but to a limited extent. We put it in a bathroom with a “shower” smell, put the plug back on… The results are there, the smell decreases but it is not miraculous. Ditto with odors entering from the outside, with better results. These results can be extrapolated for polluting gases. This can be explained by the fact that there is still relatively little activated carbon in the 4 in 1 filter. With a dedicated filter, you are much more confident.

Also note that the volumes of air treated per hour are really impressive and the 460 m3 / h are not usurped ! In about 30 minutes we went from a PM2.5 of 009 to 001. Which is good anyway, but it's interesting to see how the A9 manages to reach very low values.

By removing the filter, you will see how much it sucks up a lot of particles in suspension such as hair, body hair, various fibers… It's really impressive.

We invite you to watch our test video to see it in action, and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel !


Our opinion on the Proscenic A9

In conclusion, we are therefore surprised, in a good way, by this device. The Proscenic A9 air purifier works very simply, gives very good results especially regarding allergens. Odors are also well managed, to a lesser extent (and therefore also on harmful gases). The power developed is impressive with its 460 m3 / h, its 90 m² of treatment to the maximum… We were dubious but, finally, the A9 conquered us in spite of its poor integration into voice assistants, cost of use and choice of the AQI indices and not those of the WHO. The 199 € excluding promotion, we are on one of the best value for money in the sector ! If you are allergic or want a cleaner air device, this is the one for you!
Did i choose Alexa or did she choose me? Let's say that as a beta tester, it's a bit of both! And I do not regret having met our favorite assistant nor this adventure undertaken with Alexien Modo. Technophile, self-taught and loving popularization, I try to make our common passion easy to access!