Realme TechLife test: test transformed the robot vacuum cleaner!

Our opinion on the TechLife robot vacuum from Realme

Realme Tech Life

Realme TechLife - 2 in 1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Sweeping and Wet Cleaning of Floors, Suction 2021 Pa, LIDAR Laser Navigation for Home, New 3000

We no longer present Realme, the world's 7th largest manufacturer of Smartphones. Few know that they also make smartwatches and headphones. What is new, however, is that the brand is now entering the robot vacuum cleaner market, a stone's throw from their initial know-how. With the Realme Tech Life, the Chinese company is setting foot in this competitive world by focusing on a relatively interesting product on paper: adaptive power of 3000 Pa, 55 dB in silent mode, 38 sensors including a latest generation LiDAR, operation with voice and battery assistants of 5200 mAh. All from 279 € only !

Realme TechLife: premium features at a competitive price


Since its creation, the brand has sought to provide the most qualitative and successful products at the best price in order to always focus on the main target: young people. Even if this is less true in the case of robot vacuums, it is clear that the price of TechLife is in this perspective: € 279 for the basic version (suction) and € 299 for the 2-in-1 version (washing and suction). If the practice turns out to be at the level of theory, we will therefore be on one of the best quality / price ratios on the market.

Note that this test of Realme Tech Life focused on a trial version of the basic robot in unfinished packaging, so we cannot show you the packaging of this product. So let's go straight to the vacuum cleaner.

The TechLife (better known by the moniker TL) has quite standard dimensions and shape compared to what we find in the competition. He does 35 cm in diameter for 10 cm thick and a weight of 3,3 kg.

Realme chose glossy black as the color. It is very classy, ​​but very messy. Dust and fingerprints will give it to their heart's content. When will we see gray, red, green or dust-colored vacuums?

In terms of materials, good point, we are on heat-tempered glass for tops and plastics ABS and polycarbonate for the sides, the protections and the underside.

No finishing problem, the Realme TechLife is really successful and exudes quality.

The front panel of the robot consists of a bumper in a semicircle. It includes a protective strip in silicone material but also various sensors:

  • Un infrared front sensor anti-collision and detection of the base,
  • Some side sensors base detection (right and left),
  • Some pressure sensors which will activate if the robot hits an object,
  • Wall detector

Add to that temperature sensors, load, obstacle, positioning of accessories ... And you will get no less 38 sensors !

But the main element for the detection of the environment is of course the LiDAR. That of the brand wants to be the most successful, which must be the case because it is the first on the market concerning them. That said, he announces a accuracy to 0,01 m², allowing to map 98% of the area where it evolves thanks to measurements at 60 rtm. This means that the Realme TechLife will be able to manage cards, with prohibited or restricted areas. It really is a good first try. And for those who love the sense of detail, we find the yellow color of the mark on this detector.

You will also have two buttons in all and for everything in order to physically control the robot.

The button " Home »Will be used for:

  • Return robot to base when cleaning

The button " " will allow :

  • Turn on the robot with a long press,
  • To turn it off, with a long press
  • Start a cleaning cycle with a short press.
  • Pause cleaning and resume it when in operation

The double button will also be used LED indicator (same color throughout):

  • Solid white light: on / normal working state, fully charged
  • Flashing red light: error
  • Lighting off: off

To put the robot in pairing mode, you just have to press the home and power button during 3 to 5 seconds.

Let's put him on his back and see what he's hiding. The Realme TechLife looks a lot like robots from competing brands, there's no doubt about it (one that starts with P and ends with C for example, which makes a lot of the robots on the market). We have two tires mounted on a cushioning system allowing it to manage height differences of up to 2,5 cm. Sufficient to make the connections between parquet and tiling for example. Especially since having vacuum sensors, there is no risk of launching into the stairs.

It also features 2 side brushes, fairly long and flexible. Does it really have an interest? No, not really, because the number of brushes actually has more of an impact on user confidence than on the quality of cleaning. On the other hand, the fact that they are long and flexible makes it possible to collect dust without putting it everywhere, without hitting the dirt and making it fly. They have a lifespan of 150 hours. The particles will go directly to the main brush 15 cm wide (average… of the main brushes).

You will also notice the 360 ° roulette on the front, between two loading pads. Right in the middle, you have a protective grid to avoid sucking up large parts and blocking the air inlet and the main brush. There is also a squeegee (a real one, finally!) To avoid leaving dust on the floor, especially when you are in low suction power.

The main brush is in biomaterials: flexible plastic strips to hit the ground and take off the dirt and soft bristles to bring them back to the suction area. But be careful, no anti "Hair Wrap" technology, so expect to clean it very very very regularly (with each use to be clear). It is given to last 300 hours.

No special technology to prevent the hairs from winding around. Remember to change it every 6 to 12 months depending on your use.

The tested version is the basic one, as advertised (follow a little please), that is to say with a simple dust bin. He has an excellent ability of 600ml. It is easily removed with a pull button and also opens with ease for emptying.

The 2-in-1 version offers you 300 ml for water and 350 ml for the dust container, which is also pretty good. If you want to buy this hybrid bin later, it will cost you € 39,99.

You can see that the Realme TechLife bin has a nylon pre-filter, un sponge filter and HEPA filter. The latter will stop 99% of PM2.5 (we refer you to our test of air purifier Proscenic A9 if you want to know more about these particles). The set can be removed completely to wash with clean water.

Realme graciously supplies you with a foam pre-filter and filter in advance as an accessory. You will also have a tool to cut and remove the hairs around the brushes. They are also the only gifts of this type, which is very poor considering the lifespan of the brushes for example.

You have of course a completely standard charging base (160 x 143x 81 mm). It has two male studs which will be placed at the level of the contactors below the robot. Power supply by 220V cable, via transformer, 1,6 meters long.

You also have the option of winding the excess cable inside the base. The first impression is very good so far!

Realme TechLife: features

  • Brand : really
  • Model : Realme TechLife
  • Origin : China
  • Suction power : 3000Pa maximum
  • Dust bin : 650 ml
  • Hybrid tank :
  • Water (ml) : 300 ml
  • Poussière : 350 ml
  • Variable power : yes, silent, normal, turbo and max for respectively 500, 1200, 2500 and 3000 Pa maximum. Auto system that will adjust the power according to the ground.
  • Variable water flow : Yes, for the 2-in-1 version: Sec / Mini / Normal / Maxi
  • Dimensions in mm: 350 x 350 x 100
  • Weight: 3,3 kg
  • Functionalities : for the basic version: Aspiration. For the 2-in-1 version: cleaning and washing, vacuuming and washing.
  • No-cleaning zone : yes, via the app. Rectangular in shape. There are also restricted areas not to pass when the vacuum is in wash mode.
  • Resume cleaning from the point where the last cleaning was stopped : Yes
  • Virtual card : Yes.
  • Filter type : HEPA
  • TurboBrush : Yes, the robot will adapt the power to the type of soil.
  • Navigate : by Lidar, IR and bumper.
  • Remote upgrade : Yes, OTA
  • Brushless motor : Yes
  • Cleaning planning : YES
  • Autonomy NC
  • Charging time : 6 hours max
  • Battery : 5200MAH Lithium-ion battery
  • Voice operation : Yes with Alexa and Google Assistant, via the Realme Link skill
  • Application : RealmeLink
  • Noise : 55 dB announced only silent mode. During our tests, we found between 52 (silent) and 64 in max mode.
  • Charging station : station with contactors,
  • Connectivity : Wi-Fi IEEE802.11 b / g / n 2.4 GHz
  • Accessories : 2 x HEPA filters, 2 x filter foams, 2 side brushes and 1 cleaning tool.


Realme has therefore gleaned here and there what is best to put it in its robot: power of 3000 Pa and with automatic adjustment, between 52 and 64 dB (very good), lidar, 4 suction modes, scalable (you can buy the 2-in-1 kit later .... It really makes you want.

Realme TechLife: home installation and application

Realme not only developed the TechLife, but also succeeded in adapting its realme Link application to support it very effectively. You will first need create an account using your email and password, or phone number. Activate your GPS smartphone and switch to the Wi-Fi network that will be connected to the robot.

To install the robot, start with press the "+" top right. From the list, choose " Home »(Be careful, we are at the time of this test before the robot goes on sale, the location may have changed since then) then select the Realme TechLife.

At the same time, put the vacuum cleaner in pairing mode by pressing the two buttons for 5 seconds then enter your Wi-Fi credentials. The application will ask you to connect to your vacuum cleaner network. Do it and don't touch anything afterwards. The robot will be installed very simply in about 40 seconds. Finally, rename it.

As advertised, the app is pretty well thought out and straightforward.

Let's look at the parameters (be careful, since the test, the application is now in French):

The TechLife will, after its first visit, map your apartment or house. It will synthesize everything into a map that you can modulate: cut into pieces, merge zones ...

To split or merge rooms, go to "Edit Room" or "Edit Room". From there, you have different options like merging, separating, renaming a part… There is also a last option, “Custom” or “Custom” which is very interesting. She will let you come choose the suction force and water flow for the selected room. Thus, as soon as you start a cleaning of the latter, the robot will apply the parameters you have set. Very convenient !


With the "Edit restricted zone" or "Modify restricted zone" function, there is also the possibility of creating 3 types of areas where the robot will not pass (which will take the name of "room x"):

  • A zone forbidden to any type of passage,
  • A zone prohibited during washing from the ground (like a carpet for example)
  • An entire part of the map with a virtual tape.

The settings from the home page are fairly standard:

  • refill : to send it back to the base
  • Pause or Start : start cleaning after choosing from the 4 modes above:
    • Spot or Point : put the cursor in the shape of a GPS on the area to be cleaned. The robot will come and crisscross it over an area of ​​about 2 m,
    • Area or Zone : draw a rectangle that the vacuum cleaner will clean,
    • Room or Room : select the room where to pass your TL
    • Car : complete cleaning
  • Sucking or Suction : choose the suction power.
  • The broom-shaped logo on the left of the card allows you to choose the mode of passage: vacuuming, washing or both.


During use (and before restarting another cleaning), you also have a visual cleaned surface, la cleaning time and remaining battery. The map will also show the robot's path, its waypoints and the place where it is at time t.

The application is very successful and clear. Configurable at will, you can configure your cleaning as you see fit. We love.

Use with Amazon Alexa

Activate the Realme Link skill available under the store Alexa French. Once done, let the app search for compatible equipment. Your robot will appear in your application.

You can then integrate it into routines but also use it by voice. However, this will remain fairly basic: « Alexa, turn on X " and the robot will start in auto mode or « Alexa, turn off X " and he will return to base.

Use with Google Assistant:

To use it, come and activate the realme Link add-on… Google Home will recognize you immediately and the Realme TechLife is directly available. Like with Alexa, the use is quite simple: turn on and off.

Realme TechLife: everyday use

After several days of use, we share our findings with you to give you a clear idea of ​​its capabilities, advantages and drawbacks.

As announced, voice use is available and that's good. Even if it remains limited to turning the robot on or off to return it to the base, but we quickly realize that to fully use the vacuum cleaner, going through the application is essential.

First of all, in use, the robot is relatively fast in its movements, as you can see in our video. It goes very quickly in a straight line and as soon as it detects an object or a wall, he slows down to avoid it. Because yes, unlike tested products, he does not go into everything he sees (or rather does not see). It goes around table legs, furniture bases ...

It is also easy to find its bearings thanks to its Lidar. He didn't get stuck in a corner (well yes, but we'll come back to it) because of a location problem. However, the return to the base is quite confusing, in particular to come to anchor there.

Thanks to that, the map provided is very precise. The announced reliability at 0,01 m² seems to be present. The robot's progress is well transcribed and we can clearly see the cleaning cycle. However, in use, there are quite strange choices of pathways like starting one side of the room, going in the middle, coming back to an angle at the end… It seems to split the surfaces into different areas and manage them independently.

The most important : the quality of the suction. We didn't know what to expect with the brand's first foray into the world of robot vacuums. Well, we are very happy with it. It sucks really very efficiently. We did some tests on a normal floor (daily vacuuming), but also with dust and hair / hair clumps. You can see the Realme TechLife doing it handily. What helps it is not only its power (although we only used it in normal mode), but also the fact that the bristles of its brushes are quite flexible. Thus, no dirt flying everywhere.

The other strong point is its adaptive power. It will suck more strongly on carpets, rugs but also if the floor is very dirty. So even with a standard set power, it will develop what it takes to complete its task.

In normal suction mode, it can hold about 2h30 or even 3 hours. Of course, with a more powerful mode and the washing function, it will quickly drop. However, it could be a little faster because it takes 1 hour for about 50 m², just in suction.

We cannot present the washing mode and its level of efficiency to you, which is a shame, but the accessory was not available when the brand sent us its product for our tests.

Be careful, the Realme TechLife has some flaws, however. Although it goes very easily on rugs and short rugs, it can get stuck and fail if you have surfaces that are too thick. Spare him the big, cozy carpets, he's not going to like it. The other point is that he will collect all the hairs and hairs that are lying around and take pleasure in wrapping them around his main brush and his brushes. It will therefore be necessary clean it after each use or almost. It is kind of a shame.

We invite you to see it in operation on our video (like and subscribe to our YouTube channel, it's always a pleasure !) :

To conclude this test, the brand of smartphones successfully entered the world of robot vacuum cleaners. The Realme TechLife a powerful, adaptable, efficient device, with a good autonomy. The application is very good and allows you to configure your cleanings easily and precisely. The use of the voice brings a little more significant. On the other hand, it is a bit long to finish his task due to a somewhat obscure path logic and he does not like surfaces that are too thick, too soft. Be careful to clean it regularly because it gets dirty very quickly.
For a price between 279 and 299 €, the Realme TechLife Has High End Features at an entry-level mid-range price. So here we have an excellent quality / price ratio!
On the occasion of its launch, the official shop on AliExpress offers two coupons 96ROBOT (for the simple version) or 96ROBOT1 (for the version with mop) allowing you to benefit from a reduction of $ 96, i.e. a final price between 276 € and 309 € only !
Did i choose Alexa or did she choose me? Let's say that as a beta tester, it's a bit of both! And I do not regret having met our favorite assistant nor this adventure undertaken with Alexien Modo. Technophile, self-taught and loving popularization, I try to make our common passion easy to access!