Redmi Buds 3 Pro review: simple or simplistic in-ear headphones?

Our opinion on the Redmi Buds 3 pro in-ear headphones

Redmi Buds 3 Pro

Xiaomi - Redmi TWS Bluetooth Wireless Earphones, Global Version, Earphone Support, World Premiere

It's not easy to find suitable in-ear headphones at a good price / quality ratio. Although most of the time, this type of bluetooth headphones used above all for sport or as a secondary school, it is still pleasant to have a good sound, even if we know that we will not be at the level of supra or circum. We have unearthed for you the very latest headphones from Xiaomi, the Redmi Buds 3 Pro !

Available at less than 40 €, so real entry-level, they offer you adaptive active noise reduction, a compact size, the very good autonomy et of True Wireless. But that's on paper ...

Redmi Buds 3 Pro: Xiaomi Bluetooth headphones


The Redmi brand, specialized in the entry level, was created in 2013 and is now a sub-brand of Xiaomi, since 2019. Do not expect exceptional products, but rather look for a good quality / price ratio. And without teasing, this is the case with this product.

Le packaging of the Redmi Buds 3 Pro is really nice, dark and in icy and iridescent impression. You will have a visual of the buds, the Mi logo at the top right, and on the back and sides, the main characteristics of these Bluetooth headphones. Please note, the photos show a test packaging and not the final packaging. It is 16 x 9 x 3,7 cm. If you want to make sure that your product is indeed an original (yes, Chinese products have Chinese copies), you have a scratch area on the back giving you a code to check on the manufacturer's site.

Despite the entry-level price, we have here a real good packaging! The box opens by removing the front cover to reveal its contents.

Once opened, you find the case, containing the two atria, under the underside, a set of 6 silicone tips (S, M and L) et a USB-C cable. Safety instructions and a multilingual quick start guide (including French and hide below. We therefore stick to the first price, no memory foam or anything, but keep the price in mind, it's included) the friends ?

The charging box for Redmi Buds 3 Pro is made of ABS-type plastic drawing on the dark navy blue (it is also available in white). The shape is quite well chosen but is not one of the most compact with its 6,5 x 4,6 x 2,4 cm for 55 grams (with headphones). It is a bit bigger than some competitors, but this can be understood by the fact that in addition to the USB-C charging mode, the box can be charged by induction. For this price, it's pretty good. The USB-C female plug is on the bottom of the case. So you will understand that he does not stand up but in the end, we do not care a little right?

You also have a physical button on the face which will be used for pairing. A small LED above will give you the charging status of the headphones: charging, charged, empty ...

The top of the case opens and you will see your two well-held in-ear devices, magnetically, in preformed spaces. They are compact! Don't confuse compact and small, they're not the same thing at all. Especially in this case. They do indeed 2,5 cm deep (including 1 cm of tip which will fit into the ear canal), 2,2 cm high et 2 cm wide, for a little less than 5 grams.

The Redmi Buds 3 Pro have three distinct parts:

  • The headset which will come to be put in the auditory canal. It sinks quite well into the ear canal and the insulation will also come through the middle part.
  • The middle part. This is where it all happens with the 9mm composite diagram developed by Xiaomi. The shape will come to rest on the conch of your ear. This will allow, with the nozzle, a good outfit. But beware, they are still quite wide and may get in your way ... The outfit is sufficient for a moderate sports activity (watch football on TV or run a bit). Especially since they are IPX4, therefore protected against splashing. You also have two contact pads for the load in the box.
  • The outer part, which is neither more nor less than a large tactile zone. There is also one of the three microphones the earpiece, which will be used for active noise reduction (ANC).

The design of the Redmi Buds 3 Pro is quite well seen ...

The overall rendering is pretty good. No problem of finish, the design of the Redmi Buds 3 Pro is quite well seen… Only the size of the intermediate part seems quite substantial and could pose a problem. Now let's look at the features.


  • Maker : Xiaomi
  • Brand :Redmi
  • Model : Redmi Buds 3 Pro
  • Type : wireless in-ear headphones


  • Case dimension in mm : 65 x 46 x 24 for 55 grams.
  • Headphone dimension in mm : 25 x 22 x 20 of which 1 cm can be inserted, for less than 5 grams.

In terms of sound

  • 9mm composite diaphragm
  • Supported Bluetooth codecs : SBC (basic codec with a lot of loss) and AAC (less loss, especially with Apple products) and… that's it.
  • Frequencies : from 20 to 20 Hz. That is to say all that can perceive the human ear, therefore a very vast sound.


  • Bluetooth : 5.2 and 2,4 GHz.
  • Multipoint connection : yes, two devices.
  • NFC: DON'T
  • Voice Assistant : no, which is incomprehensible… No possibility of launching that of your phone.


  • Reading autonomy : 28 h without active reduction (ANC) and at 50% of the volume, on condition that they are recharged in the box (possibility of charging them up to 4 to 5 times with the box at 100%). In single use, 6 hours without the ANC. It is really an excellent autonomy !!
  • Loading time : 2,5 hours to charge the case in wired mode and 60 minutes to charge them in the case. In 10 min, you can charge the case enough for 3 hours of listening.
  • Batteries: 35 mAh Li-ion for the headphones and 470 mAh for the case
  • Noise reduction : yes, hybrid and dynamic active reduction, digital via chips and microphones. There are 3 microphones per device so a little less than the competitors. 3 reduction modes:
    • Transportation : the most powerful reduction
    • Store, park : to avoid outbursts of voice
    • Office : to cut off conversations.
  • IP X4 : therefore resistant to rain and sweat. But not with direct water.
  • Color : white or black / dark navy blue
  • Type of navigation : touch
  • Application use : no app needed.
  • Type of connection : USB-C or induction.
  • Auto-off : yes, the headphones cut when you take them off. You can see the sensors on the middle part.

The technical characteristics are quite interesting for a product at this price. The autonomy is excellent and we not only have ANC, but it is adaptive. Which means the headset AI will choose the mode best suited to the situation. To this, add two specific modes: the transparent mode (without ANC) and the voice or enhanced mode which will highlight the ambient noises. Great for a product at 40 €! But it is not that simple. Indeed, these options are only available with smartRedmi and Xiaomi phones. And, even there, it will only work with devices with version MIUI 12.5. Otherwise ? We'll see that right away.

Redmi Buds 3 Pro: our opinion

Daily use

The installation of Redmi Buds 3 Pro could not be simpler because there is none… It will be different if you use a Smartphone Redmi / Xiaomi or not, but the purpose and possibilities are the same as long as you don't have MIUI 12.5 or higher.

We installed on two types of smartphone:

  • One Plus North 5G : activate your Bluetooth and your GPS, go to the bluetooth settings then select " add a new device". Then press the button on the box for 2 seconds to make them enter pairing mode. They go straight back to your phone so that you can select them with the “associate” option. From there, you can only come and choose the type of audio codec to activate (SBC or AAC, presented as HD by Redmi).
  • Notes redmi 8 Pro : it's even simpler, activate your Bluetooth and your GPS and press the box for 2 seconds and presto, they magically appear on your phone. Press on "Connect" and There you go. In seconds, they are installed. But there is even less option than with the One Plus. Strange…

There is no app to use them. You can only manage them through the Bluetooth settings of your Smartphone. But where some headphones like Tronsmart ApolloAir allow you to configure touchscreen shortcuts or other, the Redmi Buds 3 Pro does not allow any of that. We are on basic from basic, even simplistic. Which is a pity. What does it mean ? That if you don't have a MIUI 12.5 phone, you will not be able to take full advantage of the ANC dynamic because not configurable, that you will remain limited to the tactile shortcuts which are very… limited.

Indeed, these shortcuts have only a few options:

  • On appeal : take or hang up a call.
  • Music : two taps to pause. 3 to go to the next music.
  • ANC : a long press to activate it or switch to transparent mode.

That's all. The ANC is not configurable, no equalizer ... If you want to tweak the sound of your headphones, it will have to be done through your audio or video streaming application. You will surely have noticed that there is no possibility to vary the volume in touch. You will have to go through your phone for this. Very basic, maybe too much for some. It really is an individual choice. Some people prefer to have something very easy to use, not to worry, while others want to change everything. We do not have the possibility to launch the connected assistants of your smartphone!

With the Redmi Note 8 Pro, is it better? Not at all. Even worse, because we do not manage the audio codec. The phone in our test is in IMUI 12.0.5 and not 12.5, so it does not allow dynamic ANC management under any circumstances. Would we dare say that it is deplorable that a brand like Redmi develops a product with certain quality but usable only by a minority of users, and not even by all the owners of smartbrand phone? Yes, we can say that. It's incomprehensible. We were unable to test the full functionality of the Buds due to this unwelcome elitism.

The atria are 100% tactile so it's better if it works fine. The capture zone is on the outside and you do not risk activating it inadvertently. In use, they answer pretty well although it is often necessary to do it twice for the long press to activate and deactivate the ANC.

Besides, about the latter, active reduction is rather efficient. Even if we were not able to test the three modes announced, we are fortunately surprised by the rendering, particularly on low and medium frequencies. Indeed, the treble will be less well treated, like many devices of this type. In noisy transport, they reach their limits. Maybe because we could not have access to transport mode ... One thing is certain, it is that the hybrid ANC (passive reduction, given the type of speaker, does most of the work) is really surprising for a product at this price.

Regarding the sound, there too, it's a very good surprise. The rendering is enough balanced and detailed even if the bass could have been more present. They are dull, do not explode, no sensation of vibration. So play with the equalizer of your streaming applications. The stereophony is very good but they lack spatialization. That said, for headphones in this range, it's frankly top. Of course, don't expect Hi-Res audio - far from it. An Apt X codec would have been welcome, but let's not be too much of a killjoy. THEautonomy of Redmi Buds 3 Pro is excellent and this is an excellent strong point. The 6 hours announced are quite close but with the ANC, count 1h30 less, easy.

A downside however, they are annoying and you may find it difficult to wear them for a long timeespecially if you have small or sensitive ears. The fault with the relatively large intermediate part at the level of the concha of the ear.


For devices, they are extra. The sound is clear and very audible. Of course, this also depends on the device of the person you are talking to.

To get an idea of ​​these earbuds, take a close look at our video about the Redmi Buds 3 Pro. do not forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel !

In conclusion, the Redmi Buds 3 Pro in-ear headphones offer you a Adaptive ANC of 35 dB at less than 40 €. You will get for this price a very satisfying and balanced sound, even if the bass is a bit tight and it lacks depth because of its single AAC "HD" codec. Very compact and with an excellent finish, they are very easy to use because they are 100% tactile and not configurable. Besides, they do not support connected assistants ... In order to use them fully (adaptive ANC, management of the 3 reduction modes), you must nevertheless have a Redmi or Xiaomi phone with IMUI 12.5, which puts aside a good part of the potential users. A surprising policy coming from Xiaomi and totally incomprehensible because, if necessary, you will only have basic or even simplistic headphones, without an app to make them work fully. Nevertheless, a powerful ANC and a very correct sound for only 39,99 €, it remains very interesting.
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