RENPHO RF-SM002 test: an essential oil diffuser at a low price

It is an article tinged with soft fragrances that Les Alexiens offers you today with the test of the RENPHO RF-SM002 essential oil diffuser. A device that seduced us with its low price and its possibilities of voice control with Alexa.

RENPHO RF-SM002: unboxing and installation

The diffuser is presented in a pretty cardboard with pastel colors which put us, from the start, in an atmosphere imbued with softness and "zenitude" ... Yes, well, we are perhaps exaggerating a little, but it is probably because the relaxing effects of the aromatherapy session that we have just "undergone" to carry out this test! Still, the presentation is pleasant. The packaging includes the main characteristics of the device, as well as the logos Amazon Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT. You can therefore use them indifferently with these two voice assistants, but also with the famous web service if you do not have a voice assistant as powerful asAlexa! Follow my gaze ...

Shipping is design is simple and efficient. Composed of PP / ABS / PC plastics, its matt white color allows it to fit almost anywhere, and especially to highlight its LED lighting provided by 5 diodes. Compact, it measures 10 cm in diameter et 14 cm high for 320 grams. The device has two buttons on the front. The first, devoted to lighting or "LIGHT", will allow you to select your favorite color or to opt for a gradual variation of the light spectrum. The second button, meanwhile, offers you to turn the device on or off and select the duration of the broadcast (1 or 3 hours), as indicated by the inscription. "MIST" or fog. Two modes are also available in the application: light and intense. Two LEDs accompany the whole thing, one indicating whether the diffuser is connected or not to the Wi-Fi 2.4GHz, the other specifying its on / off state and the diffusion mode 1h (red) or 3h (green) selected. This device being connected, you will of course be able to refine all these settings in the application.


Its reservoir can hold 120 mL of water for a vaporization period included in 3 and 4 hours depending on the intensity chosen. This vaporization also takes place cold, ultrasonic, which allows the device to be extremely quiet (around 25dB announced in intense mode) and to always remain cold. This allows in particular to keep intact all the aromatherapy qualities of your essential oils, and will avoid any risk of burning or overheating of the device. You can also activate it and leave your house with peace of mind, it will stop when it has used up its water tank. Practice! Another good point, the device is supplied with a container for pouring water, which is quite practical and appreciable.


As for the installation, you just need to download the application. renpho Smart for Android ou iOS and activate skill Smart Life… Indeed, you will not fail to notice that theRenpho app Smart is provided by Tuya Inc. A good point, it must be said, because this application has proven itself as evidenced by numerous tests on our site. So you can just as easily use application Smart Life if you want to limit the number of applications on your smartphone. Unlike in renpho Smart, you will have to select "other" in the type of device, but the functions will be the same, don't worry. Personally, that's what I did, having a lot of compatible devices already.

In either case, installation is extremely fast, and once again, entering the Wi-Fi key remains the most tedious unless you have already entrusted it to the app. Detection by Alexa is here also almost immediate. If necessary, you can refer to the video proposed by Renpho on YouTube and which precisely details the whole process.

Alexa : your in-house aromatherapist

You just have to put about 120 mL of water and add a few drops of essential oils. Alexians strongly advise you to opt for soluble oils, and while to do, from theorganic farming. It's a little more expensive, but it seems to be better!

As you can see in the video below, voice control is really responsive. You can activate or deactivate the voice broadcaster, ask Alexa to turn on or off its LED lighting, but also to change its color or intensity. The application offers 8 color modes with 2 tones, i.e. 16 modes, as well as a light ride with random variations. Ah yes, you obviously have the possibility to choose among… 16 million colors! Speaking of light, we have a little tip for you ...

During our first tests, in fact, we could not get the lighting to work in voice. Pity. Then, relaxed by our aromatherapy session on the banks of the Mekong, we noticed that the application had two on / off buttons in the "Light" section, including one whose name you can choose (on the right)! But what can it be used for? Well, precisely, to name at your convenience the integrated LED lamp. Then all you have to do is ask Alexa to detect a light in "Connected home", and the name chosen will appear as if by magic in your application Alexa, proof if necessary that you can indeed control the lighting functions of this device by voice!

Finally, the application allows you to program a timer and insert into routines. Ideal for creating a cozy atmosphere or a romantic atmosphere with a well-felt play of light. That's the case to say. By doing some research on the web, you will easily find the most suitable oil for the atmosphere you are looking for ...

In short, we can only warmly recommend this diffuser which has excellent value for money and innovative features thanks to its application and Amazon Alexa. A low price to create a cozy atmosphere in your home: life on the planet is not good Alexa?




RENPHO RF-SM002 - Essential oil diffuser

39 € approx.









Price quality



  • Very easy to install
  • High performance application
  • Can act as a mood lamp
  • Diffusion of essential oils very pleasant

The lessers

  • Not all functions can be used by voice
  • All-plastic device
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