Ring Indoor Cam test (2020): a cheap and really compatible camera Alexa !

Although we were talking about the release of the new cameras yesterday Blink Indoor & Outdoor, it is not these models that we present today - they are still in our lab '- but a small camera from the sister company: Ring Indoor Cam. Very satisfied on a daily basis by our Ring Video Doorbell 3 smart doorbells et Ring Door View Cam, we were intrigued by this new cheap and compact model since offered to € 59.00 only on Amazon. Fr. After several weeks of tests of all kinds, here are our conclusions ...

Update: January 21, 2022 8 h 28 min

Ring Indoor Cam: a compact and efficient camera

Unboxing and presentation

Those who have a connected doorbell from the brand will not be surprised, the packaging of the Ring Indoor Cam is in the vein of the rest of the range. All dressed in white, it presents a visual of the product and the mention "Surveillance camera with connection". We are therefore warned, this model does not work on battery.


At the opening, we find a well-known packaging, the camera being inserted in a white cardboard and the accessories placed in a blue box, as for the doorbells. Ring is once again providing a sticker set in multiple languages ​​to alert intruders that our home is being monitored by cameras. Useful or not? It's up to you, but know that it is actually mandatory to affix them in some countries.

The packaging mentions "Compact indoor camera" and the brand is not exaggerating, the Ring Indoor Cam is a really compact model. Measuring 4.58 x 7.1 cm without support, it comes in the form of an elegant little tube that fits easily into any home.

At the front, we obviously find its full HD 1080p lens (1 x 920p) which offers a 140 ° field of view and, below, the recording LED, as well as a infrared sensor and the speaker / microphone combo for a directional audio - but also a integrated alarm !

If the camera comes with the stand attached under its lower part, you will notice a small cover on the back that allows you to consider a wall mount. However, it will surely be necessary to use a different cable in this case, the one supplied being quite short with only 160 centimeters. The foot allows you to give the camera a little angle and you can also place it upside down by inverting the image in the application.

Editor's note: the Ring screwdriver is not supplied, it comes from the previous one Ring test 3.

Finally, we find a QR Code to facilitate installation as well as an association button on the top. This association will be achieved via your home Wi-Fi, 2.4 GHz only, as we will see after a careful examination - or not - of the technical sheet ...


Indoor Cam
Full HD + 1080p / one_half_last]
Picture :
Color, auto white balance, auto exposure
Motion detection:
Camera sensitivity adjustment up to 6 meters
Drums :
2 AA Lithium batteries
Battery level indicator:
Battery life:
2 years for normal use, up to 5 years.
Night vision :
Temperature sensor :
bidirectional (integrated speaker and microphone)
Field of view :
110 degrés
Focal length spectrum:
Fixed (from 50 cm to infinity)
Conditions of use - temperature:
from -20 ° to 45 °
45.8 x 45.8 x 75 mm
Update: January 21, 2022 8 h 28 min

Ring Indoor Cam: easy installation as pie

Ring says so, but we can confirm it to you: installing the Ring Indoor Cam is as easy as pie.

  1. Position your Indoor Cam on a flat surface or a wall,
  2. Open the application,
  3. Select "Configure a device",
  4. Scan the QR Code located on the back of the camera,
  5. Connect your Indoor Cam to the sector,
  6. Enter your Wi-Fi credentials and it's over!

We confirm it, the installation of the Ring Indoor Cam is as easy as pie! It remains to be seen what it is worth in practice ...

The application then offers you to add one or more shared users, then to configure the "Snapshot capture" allowing the Ring Indoor Cam take a photo at regular intervals (30 seconds, 1 minute or 3 minutes). Finally you can pair the camera with other Ring devices.

And here we are, we now find our indoor Ring camera alongside the other devices of the brand already in our possession.

Note that the Ring Cloud is, like many, paying but necessary to benefit from video recordings. Pricing starts from € 3 / month (or € 30 / year) for a single device or € 10 / month (€ 100 / year) for an unlimited number of devices (cameras, doorbells, etc.).

At the level of settings, it's relatively simple. Too simple, perhaps even, since the video parameters boil down to four inputs with the impossibility of adjusting the image quality which is therefore always at the maximum.

To the maximum of what she can do because, it must be admitted, without being bad, the image quality is not crazy in low light. The image is a little "burnt" as they say, but the contrasts are there and we have always managed to recognize the people filmed without the slightest difficulty ...

Rest assured, the Ring Indoor Cam doesn't do too badly at night… Moreover, its detection remains very effective, which is far from being the case with all cameras in the dark.

In broad daylight, on the other hand, the picture is really beautiful, and the color rendering is pretty accurate, as you can see in this exterior shot. Yes, it's an indoor camera, but it gives you an idea of ​​what it's capable of!

Finally, let us specify that three detection zones can be created in order to orient the surveillance on predefined spaces and that it is of course possible to define a activity planning to determine when to turn the camera on and off. From the Ring what!

Ring Indoor Cam: operation with Alexa et Amazon Echo

The brand owned by Amazon, Ring products do not work with Google Home. It's a bit of a shame, we must admit, but it is very likely that this is more the fact of Mountain View than the will of Seattle. It is time for this little war to end, consumers are the only victims. That being said, let's see what it comes down to using the Ring Indoor Cam with Amazon Alexa and Echo Show...

We will not go four ways: as with doorbells, Ring cameras benefit from the best possible integration to date with Alexa. Concretely, this translates into a immediate recognition - cf. capture the notification on the Ring app after installation - and the ability to create routines with the camera as trigger. Otherwise, Alexa can warn you at any time of motion detections across the entire range Amazon Echo with a minimum latency.

The display on Echo Show is very fast, more than the average compatible cameras Alexa, and unlike many other camera models, no buffering does not appear even after long minutes of use. In this test, we let it display the stream a (very) long time while writing this article, and at no point did the camera have to refresh its feed. Here too, latency is extremely low and there is no annoying lag as is the case with the Netatmo Welcome (champion of lag on the cloud) or, to a lesser extent, the new Blink cameras.

In short, it is a excellent camera for users ofAlexa and D'Amazon Echo, it's obvious. Be careful, however, to benefit from a quality connection because, like any object in the cloud, the images pass through the Blink servers. Only one regret, but it would be the only one capable of doing it on the market, the camera Ring Indoor Cam does not propose no direct display of the stream on Echo Show (yet?) motion detection as on the brand's doorbells. The option is present, but not yet functional, which suggests that we will be able to benefit from it soon. It would be a definite plus!

“In short, it's a great camera for users ofAlexa and D'Amazon Echo, it's obvious. " The Alexians

In conclusion, even if we expected a little better, the Ring Indoor Cam is a good choice, especially for users ofAmazon Alexa, if you are willing to invest in a subscription.

Without a cloud, the camera is really too limited in our opinion, due to the total absence of a local storage solution, like the brand's connected doorbells. However, you should know that the Ring cloud works really well and that, unlike some doorbells, the Ring Indoor Cam is able to record a few seconds before the onset of movement, allowing you not to miss a thing.

La image quality is average, it must be admitted, but sufficient in our opinion and the integration with the other products of the brand is frankly a plus. If its integrated siren is somewhat anecdotal with only 70 dB (A) on average and a mandatory manual activation for only 30 seconds, we appreciated being able to place it in a hallway and order an activation after the detection of movement on the front door. This allows appreciable monitoring of the situation.

We also regret the impossibility of being able to rotate the camera at 360 ° C, but above all theno optical zoom. Note, however, that it is possible to zoom in on the image in the Ring app. An application also very responsive, the camera warning us very quickly each time, which is far from the case on the Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera 360 for example ...

In short, if you are a Ring user and Alexa, you can go, this camera presents a interesting price / quality ratio since it is offered to only 59.00 € excluding promo on Amazon. Fr. If not, turn instead to other models presented in our connected camera tests...

Ring Indoor Cam Surveillance Camera

59 € excluding promo









Price quality



  • Very compact design
  • Very good image quality
  • Simple and efficient application
  • Compatibility Alexa and automatic display on Echo Show

The lessers

  • Cloud docks mandatory = no local backup
  • Anecdotal mermaid
Fascinated by Alexa since the day I received it in beta test, I gradually became passionate about the subject, before deciding to go further by creating a site with Jean-Christophe. An activity that allows me to quench my thirst for new technologies and share my discoveries about the nicest of communities: Les Alexiens.