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Our opinion on the connected robot vacuum cleaner IQ Shark

Shark IQ Robot

Shark IQ robot vacuum cleaner with self-draining system [RV1000SEU]

Price as of: May 20, 2022 2 h 50 min

Robot vacuums with automatic dust collectors are fast becoming the norm. It comes out every week and you could see our tests of the Ultenic T10, Proscenic M8 Pro… All the players in the household appliance sector want theirs, even those who are not initially specialized in this type of product. This is the case of Shark, well known for the quality of its standard or cordless vacuum cleaners, which today offers us its Shark IQ Robot, code name RV1000SEU.

The latter is sold at a price of 499,99 € online and offers a base / dust collector, the camera navigation, management of card, suitable for all floors et managing animal hair well, he is from very easy to use. But for the price, are we getting our money's worth?

Shark IQ Robot: unboxing and presentation

The German brand has shown its know-how for many years thanks to its vacuum cleaners, cordless, hand-held, steam washer ... We had also tested their Shark wandvac which was rather successful. Shark relies above all on the quality of its products and wants to be faithful to its German quality !

Le Shark IQ Robot comes in a box of 49,5 x 41,5 x 26,5 cm and more than 8,62 Kg. It is fairly well pictured with a photo of the product, illustrating every notable feature like the U-shaped operation, use on all types of soil, the system Anti Hair Wrap, the management of carte... Other information is available on the sides such as autonomy ... In short, it is quite pleasant but bordering on kitsch.

All the different elements are packaged in recycled paper bags and interleaves made from recycled cellulose. The IR sensors are protected with recyclable glossy paper. So we are on true eco-friendly packaging.

The vacuum cleaner Shark IQ Robot is black in color, made of ABS-type plastic and of a rather particular shape. It is indeed curved on the front part, the one with the IR facade which in fact takes up half of its periphery. The latter is nevertheless protected by a silicone band, which tends to collect dust.

Its dimensions are a little more compact than those of the competitors with its 32 cm in diameter and 9 cm high and he weighs 2,88 Kg. This can be explained by the fact that this robot does not do a washer, but only a vacuum.

The front panel of the robot consists of a bumper in a semicircle. It includes a protective strip of silicone material as previously announced. It has 2 different sensors:

  • Un anti-collision infrared frontal sensor,
  • Un Pressure sensor which will activate if the robot hits an object.

However, we will see during this test that these do not work exceptionally well and that the robot has a tendency to rush into anything in its path.

Contrary to what is being done more and more, the Shark IQ Robot is not equipped with a lidar but with a sensor consisting of a ultra wide angle optical camera. The latter will not film strictly speaking, but will allow you to "scan" your parts in order to transcribe this in the form of a map in the house application, Shark Clean. This is the technology that is used in particular on the iRobot Roomba i7. However, it is necessary to have good brightness for your vacuum cleaner to locate and map correctly.
To allow better use, the brand has created its system IQ Shark Navigation. Thanks to it, your robot will not get lost and will return to its base without any problem.

On either side of the camera, there are two buttons.

The button " Dock »Will be used for:

  • Return the robot to the base when it is cleaning,
  • If you press it for 15 seconds, you activate the " drain & resume ". Every 30 minutes, the robot will go to its base to empty its dust container and resume cleaning.

The button " Chub " will allow :

  • Start a cleaning cycle with a short press.
  • Pause cleaning and resume it when in operation
  • If you press it for 15 seconds, you activate the " reload & resume ". The robot will go to its base to recharge and resume cleaning once at 100%. By default, the option is enabled.

To enter the robot into pairing mode, you will only have to press the Dock and Clean buttons for 5 seconds. There are also LEDs to indicate the battery charge status, possible errors and the robot's Wi-Fi connectivity.


The underside of the robot is both standard and at the same time full of good surprises. We find of course two tires mounted on a cushioning system allowing it to manage height differences of up to 2,5 cm. Sufficient to make the connections between parquet and tiling for example, or the doorsteps.

There are also two side brushes, but these are simple brushes. In use, they are quite practical for two reasons: they clean well and they do not spin too quickly, which means that the dust will not be expelled in all directions.

You will also notice the 360 ° roulette on the front, between the two brushes. You also have 4 vacuum sensors / floor detection which will be used so that the robot does not fall at the top of the stairs for example. The loading posts are located at the rear, on either side of the dust container.

There is of course the main brush, located in the middle of the robot. She does 14 cm wide, therefore in the low average for this type of accessories. The latter is protected by a coarse grid to avoid sucking up large parts and blocking the air inlet and the main brush.


The Shark brush has a special design: Anti Hair Wrap, or anti-coiling of hair / hair. It is a technology which involves a very specific shape and the use of flexible bristles and plasticized fabrics (in yellow) but also by a comb placed inside the housing of the brush. The latter will remove the hairs wrapped around the brush and make them vacuum. And you might as well say it right away, it works very well!

In terms of good surprises, the brand has endowed the underside of its robot with several fiber strips in order to clean both the floor for better suction but also to avoid clogging the brushes and sensors.

The dust container can be removed very easily. But we should say "mini dust bin" ... Indeed, ridiculous is no longer the word that comes to mind and we understand why, with its barely 100 ml, Shark set an option to drain it every 30 minutes ...

It is of course equipped with a plastic mesh prefilter and HEPA filter. The set can be removed completely to wash with clean water.

This filter HEPA, retaining 99,97% of particles larger than 0,3 µm, is supplied in a single copy.

Before moving on to the collector base, let's take a look at the accessories supplied with the robot. It will be quickly seen, there is almost nothing ...

You will have two spare side brushes. You will clip them very easily in case of need of change.

You also have a 2,5m magnetic tape (It changes from those who put 1 m to break everything). Corn… Does this mean that the application will not support prohibited virtual zones? We will come back to that.

You will also have a carpet to come and place your vacuum cleaner and your base. It's nice and it avoids dirtying the ground below.

And that's all. Yes, we told you, it's a bit stingy.

Now let's move on to the main accessory: the charging base also acts as an automatic dust collector. It's really practical. After cleaning and every 30 minutes, your robot will anchor there and it will automatically start. It will work without a bag. Advantage or disadvantage, the choice is yours… But the brand has put the package on the various and varied filters to avoid having dust everywhere.

The drip tray is advertised for store a month of dust. It is very easy to remove with a button on the left of the collector. The opening is done by pressing on a gray clip which will drop the bin out of the bin. It has a stainless steel filter at the air outlet.

She does 30 x 29 x 11,5 cm for 2,7 Kg which makes it one of the most compact that we have tested. At the sound level, the collector displays 74 dB when draining. It's noisy, but no more than a basic vacuum cleaner.



Since there is no bag to collect dust, Shark put filters everywhere. You have a HEPA filter and a sponge downstream of the engine, a cylindrical foam filter and a sponge upstream. All wash off with water and clearly, after a few days of use, they are well charged.

The base also has two illuminated displays. One to indicate that it is underpowered and the second to inform of the robot load. For a better use, it is asked to place it by sticking it to the wall approximately and to leave free 1 m on each side and 1,5 m on the front so that the robot can locate itself without difficulty.

This first handling of the robot blow the hot and the cold. We are indeed quite won over by the emptying station but also by the anti Hair Wrap system or the very quality of the robot which seems excellent. But it is clear that there are few accessories, that it only cleans and does not wash, that the multitude of filters will drastically increase the price per use when it will be necessary to change them. In addition, given the need to return to base regularly because of a ridiculous dust bin, autonomy seems quite compromised.

 Technical specifications

Brand name: SHARK NINJA
Model : RV1000SEU - Shark IQ Robot
Origin : China / Germany
Suction power : NC
Tank-Jug :

  • Water (ml) : N / A
  • Poussière : 100 ml estimated.

Variable power : yes, eco, normal and max.
Variable water flow : N / A
Dimensions in mm : 320 x 320 x 90
Weight 2,88 kg
Features : Suction
Cleaning :

  • simple cleaning. Suction force can be changed during cleaning.
  • cleaning of parts once the mapping has been done.

Surface : NC.
No-cleaning zone : yes, via the app. Square or rectangular shape.
Resume cleaning from the point where the last cleaning was stopped : Yes
Virtual card : Yes.
Filter type : HEPA
Turbo Brush: No.
Navigate : by optical camera, IR and bumper.
Remote upgrade : Yes, OTA
Brushless motor : NC
Cleaning planning : Yes
Autonomy : 90 min maximum for cleaning.
Charging time : Between 4 and 6 hours
Battery : 2800MAH Lithium-ion battery
Voice operation : Yes with Alexa and Google Assistant, but not yet available in France.
Application : SharkClean
Noise : 64 dB in cleaning mode and 74 dB for emptying.
Charging station : station with low contactors, acting as an automatic dust collector.
Dimensions of the collector in mm : 290x300x115
Collector weight : 2,7 kg
Collector power : NC
Type of collection : dust container
Connectivity : Wi-Fi IEEE802.11 b / g / n 2.4 GHz
Accessories : 1 x HEPA dust container filter, 1 HEPA collector filter, 2 x collector filter foams, 4 x side brushes, 1 x Anti Hair Wrap brush, 2,5 m of magnetic tape, 1 x placement mat

Regarding the specifications, it's a bit of a cold shower. We are on very basic for anyway 500 €... Only 3 cleaning levels, no floor washing, no automatic power, no targeted cleaning, no peripheral cleaning ... Fortunately he is mapping your home, otherwise, we could cry scandal. On the other hand, having a automatic dust collector is a big highlight.

Now let's look at its use.

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Shark IQ Robot: home installation and application

Shark decided to use his own app Shark Clean to use the S.IQ.R. It is therefore necessary to start with create an account using your email and a password (numbers and letters)… You will receive a link by email to come and activate your identifiers. Back in the app, re-enter your information and that's it. The application immediately offers you to install your robot. Activate of course the GPS of your smartphone and switch to the Wi-Fi network that will be connected to the robot.

Shark Clean lists you a set of actions to perform in order to proceed with the installation such as putting the vacuum cleaner switch in the ON position, to make sure you are on a 2,4 GHz Wi-Fi, to press the buttons of the robot for 5 seconds, to put it on the collection base (it also on thanks to its own switch). the Shark IQ Robot has its own Wi-Fi network that your smartphone will come to retrieve and to connect to it. Leave it and enter your Wi-Fi access when asked. If something goes wrong, go to your phone's Wi-Fi settings yourself, manually connect to the robot and return to the app.

Once done, you will be able to give a name to your Shark IQ Robot and choose your language. The application also offers you to come and configure an emptying every 30 minutes and then gives you a list of tips to help you have an optimal cleaning.

The main page sets the tone: stripped down and simple. If you have trouble with apps offering settings all over the place, reassure you, this one isn't. And to add a little more, she is very slow. There are actually 2 pages of home pages.

  • When cleaning: you have access to power, start / stop and search for the robot. Even once created, the map does not appear on the reception or even during cleaning.
  • When it is on the base: you will have the possibility to launch a cleaning (by choosing the parts once the mapping has been done), to program it and to manage your card.

To make a first mapping of your interior with the ultra wide angle camera (not to be confused with a colonoscopy), it is necessary to do a first complete cleaning and let the robot come back to base on its own. You will then have access to a grayish card, which you can rotate 90 ° and that you will possible to split into different parts square or rectangular (from the Latin rectus right and angulus angles).

Each piece can then be named as you wish, deleted, split again ... And when launching a cleanup, you can choose where to send the Shark IQ Robot. And, it must be said, it works very well !

You can also create virtual forbidden zones where the robot will not be able to put the wheels! It's a nice surprise because when we saw the magnetic tape, we were pretty sure the robot was not going to have this function. And yet yes! The band will be used more for a very specific place like around the bowls of the cat or the dog. Again, it works well!

In the settings, nothing very folichon. You will be able to program it, manage your plans or have access to the history. For programming, choose the time of day and time. The history is really more than limited and uninteresting. You will just have the data related to the last pass and the schedules of the previous ones (and let's not talk about bugs like making 1 m² in 73 min). Point. That or nothing ...

Use with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

It is possible to use it with Amazon Alexa, but not in France. Indeed, the Skill is not available on the French market. We are therefore waiting for the brand to release the French version in order to use it.

For Google Home, the add-on is available, but the account cannot be activated. It seems to be that we are, again, attached to France. Everything therefore seems to be a matter of time, more than of software or means.

Even if we tend to say that the voice function is more of a gadget than anything else, because we can much less than have the application, theThe application being so little evolved and the configuration so simple that such use could have finally been really interesting. Pity !

You may find us a little harsh on Shark, but let's keep in mind we're talking about a $ 500 product. We could therefore expect a faster application, with more options and more features. However, it is perfectly suited to people who do not want to take the lead and use the robot very quickly. In one case, that would be a real highlight. Like what, it all depends on the angle of approach.

Our opinion on the Shark IQ Robot

So what to think of Shark IQ Robot, its capabilities, advantages and shortcomings?

We will first judge a robot vacuum cleaner on the quality of its cleaning. And for once, it is good, see very good, without being exceptional. Indeed, Shark is renowned for the quality of its suction and the IQ Robot is no exception.

The Anti Hair Wrap System works surprisingly well. No cat hair (in our case, but it could be the same with your roommate) came to wrap around the brush. It is bluffing! It is, so to speak, the only robot that reaches such a level.

The floor is cleaned very well, even in normal mode. We never used max mode during our testing. To be more precise, it is very clean where the robot has gone ... Hey yes ... Because there are sometimes mistakes. It's not every time, but it's not uncommon. The robot forgets certain areas without really knowing why… Too much sun? Too much shade? This remains a known concern with optical cameras ...

The Shark IS Robot manages to find its way relatively well to return to his base without problem. Considering the size of the dust collector, it is recommended to have it emptied every half hour. It is quite practical and finally, this shortcoming happens to be balanced. But this will influence autonomy. Besides, the 90 min is a great maximum. This can be a problem if you have a large area because it will take a minimum of 4 hours before full charge (the robot returns to the base at 20% charge). Fortunately, you have "off-peak" hours when the Shark won't turn on.

A point to highlight, however, is that the robot will bump everywhere. Its IR sensors work less well than its bumpers. It's quite heartbreaking to see him smash with glee on the table legs, along the furniture… That doesn't prevent him from cleaning well, but it hurts us for him. Also note this noise of an old moped ... Rather than hearing a purr as with the competitors, you will have a permanent clicking ...

We have the right to S cleaning standard that the brand tries to sell us as a novelty. Having said that, it works well and that is the main thing. Where it is very strong is that unlike its competitors, it will not roll up in the curtains, get stuck on a thick carpet ... It handles all types of soil excellently and it's a real pleasure! Hats off to Shark for this feat!


Of course, the automatic dust collector is a real asset. It is ultimately relatively quiet and empties the robot's dust container very well. The different filters also work great and after 2 days they were already black! It's scary but in a way it's reassuring! Compact and efficient, this collector has everything to please.

You can see the test in pictures of this product on our following YouTube video (subscribe, it's not for lack of saying it!) And like (same)!

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It is not so easy to conclude on the Shark IQ Robot. It's all going to depend on the user's point of view actually. If you are looking for a vacuum robot easy to use, after complicated to configure and who provides you with a efficient cleaning over time, this is the one for you. If, however, you are looking for a customizable product with an unbeatable value for money, it is not for you. Indeed, keep in mind that for 500 € you will have a vacuum cleaner that only sucks (no washing) and with few options. In the end, we can consider that his rvalue for money is not very good... It remains however very efficient in terms of suction power, cleaning quality and versatility. It goes everywhere and even if it is very or even too simple, it can totally delight users wishing an easy to use product. When the use with voice assistants is really effective, it will undoubtedly gain in possibilities!
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Did i choose Alexa or did she choose me? Let's say that as a beta tester, it's a bit of both! And I do not regret having met our favorite assistant nor this adventure undertaken with Alexien Modo. Technophile, self-taught and loving popularization, I try to make our common passion easy to access!