Shelly H&T test: a hygrometer and a thermometer that curl up!

Our opinion on the Shelly thermometer / hygrometer

Shelly-temperature and humidity sensor

SHELLY - Shelly Wi-Fi Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Being able to follow the temperature and humidity of a room, a cigar humidor or whatever you want is always very nice. But find one specificWith actionable data and cheap is even better. This is why we present to you the Shelly H&T WiFi thermometer !

Vendu € 20,99 at Domadoo, this sensor will also delight home automation fans because it offers Open API's and can therefore work with home automation boxes such as Home Assistant, Jeedom, Eedomus, Domoticz, Homey… It also works by voice with Alexa and Google Assistant! So it has everything to please?

Shelly H&T: a complete WiFi thermometer / hygrometer


Brand specializing in the design and sale of products for home automation, Shelly is well known to home automation and automation aficionados, but also around the world. This mark belongs to the Bulgarian Allterco Robotics.

Le Shelly H&T comes in a small cardboard packaging of 6,5 x 6,5 x 4,5 cm in glossy print, white and blue, quite nice. The following are highlighted: the operation in Wi-Fi, SSL connectivity, cloud service... and a cool pun with MAKE IoT SIMPLE, IoT being the acronym for Internet of Things or Internet of Objects (IoT in French).

Wedged in a foam insert, you will find your little Shelly H&T ball. Yep, its design is out of the ordinary and that's a good point. Especially since it is relatively compact with its 4,5 cm in diameter and 3,5 cm in height. count 34 grams, with battery. The H&T, for Humidity & Temperature, works with a battery (CR123A), not supplied.

White plastic, the quality is not crazy but it is not a product that will be manipulated. Let's say it looks like it 3D printed at home. It unclips to allow access to the battery compartment but also to a button that will be used for installation. There is also a small LED which will give the status of the whole.

Le Shelly H&T complies with the European standards in force 2014/53 / CE (making radio equipment available on the market), 2014/35 / CE (relating to the voltage of these products), 2004/108 / CE (CE marking for this which concerns electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)) and RosHS2.

Goes everywhere, it will find its place in the smallest space. Let's look at the characteristics of this sensor.


  • Brand Name : Shelley
  • Origin : developed by Allterco Robotics, made in China
  • Dimensions in mm : 45x45x35
  • Food : CR123 A battery, not supplied. 18 months service life max.
  • Connectivity :
    • Wi-Fi IEEE802.11 b / g / n 2.4 GHz
    • Frequency: 2400 to 2500 MHz
  • Application : Shelley
  • Measuring range :
    • Temperature: -40 to 60 ° C +/- 1 ° C
    • Humidity: 0 to 100% RH + / - 5%
  • Voice use : yes, via the Skill Shelly Cloud for Alexa and Shelly add-on Smart Home for Google Assistant.
  • Remote upgrade :OTA
  • Programming : Yes, via the app. It is perfectly suited to home automation and API's.

The characteristics are in the standard of what we usually find but the big highlight will come from its application, which allows it to be integrated with various boxes. However, it is astonishing to see such deviations tolerated, especially for humidity, with +/- 5%! So if it is displayed 60% RH, you can be between 55 and 65% RH ...

Shelly H&T: installation and use

The Shelly app


Allterco Robotics has developed the Shelly application to drive all of its products and thus provide them with a single ecosystem. As much to tell you right away, it has advantages, but the installation system is downright lousy. So much so that we almost ended the test before we even started it. It took several days for us to successfully install this product.

It is first necessary to create an account under the application. In order to proceed with the installation, it is also necessary to create one or more parts. In fact, the products installed must necessarily be associated with a zone in order to be able to be used. To create these parts, select « Add room » and let yourself be guided. You can come and put the photo you like, name it ...

At the same time, put the module in pairing mode. To do this, press the black push button for a few seconds. A red LED will light up and should flash slowly. This LED will have different statuses:

  • Fast flashing: pairing mode AP
  • Slow flashing: mode STA (without cloud)
  • Fixed: connected to the cloud (STA)
  • Once connected, fast flashing: update

Once done, in the app, tap « Add device », select and enter your Wi-Fi settings then let it be. Once the module is detected, select it and add. You will return to the home screen and you will have to wait for a message to tell you that the product is available for the future and linked to your Wi-Fi network.

Be careful, there is a subtlety. To be able to move on, you will need switch on the module again by pressing the interior button again, the latter having gone to sleep. One push is enough.

Does it sound simple? Wait for the continuation. Now we have to wait for the banner " Discovered devices »Is displayed ... Which may never happen. We made several attempts, used several telephones, without success. Not to mention the times when devices disappear. The module was put back in its box for several days and a last test was done ... And there, miracle, everything worked. Why ? Mystery. Quick, as long as it works, you have to select module by clicking on the banner and choose the room where you want to install the probe.

The installation is therefore complex at will: install the module on your Wi-Fi and then install it in a room. Add to that cloud connections all over the place and an unstable app, which loses settings along the way and you end up with a lousy installation procedure that makes you want to throw everything away. And don't think you can change the room if you got it wrong! Hopefully the rest is at the level ...

Fortunately, yes. By selecting the room where you have installed, you will see the Shelly H&T and clicking on it will enter its settings.

These are fairly supplied:

  • Sensor Setting : you can define limit values ​​from which to trigger alerts via the application or choose the unit of measurement (° C or ° F). Here you can calibrate the thermometer and hygrometer forward or remove a few units if you realize that the values ​​are over or underestimated.
  • Internet Security : you can come and assign a fixed IP to the module, manage the network connection, etc. Very practical for home automation.
  • I / O URL Actions : useful for automations via API's.

For the daily monitoring of parameters, the application is excellent! You will have a visual for the day, week, month, year and depending on the temperature and humidity curves. The degree curve is twofold: minimum and maximum temperatures over a period. For% RH, the blue curve is also very readable and visible. This is a very big strong point! A real pleasure !

With Amazon Alexa

Activate the Skill Shelly Cloud with your Shelly credentials and let the app search for compatible equipment. Your device will appear in your application.

Of course, you will not be able to control it by voice. But you will have the option to ask Alexa to give you the temperature, by voice. But only the temperature. The inability toAlexa to give you humidity endures, but it is not not the fault of the Shelly H&T... In return, you will have the temperature displayed on the application Alexa.

With Google Assistant

To use it, activate the add-on Shelly Smart Home. The device goes back under Google Home, but no temperature or humidity display in the app. On the other hand, by voice, Google Assistant will give you humidity and temperature! Amazon should take the seed ...

While asking, " OK Google, give me the temperature [humidity] of Shelly H&T", The parameters will be displayed whether you use a device with a screen or your smartphone.

The daily use of our device is a real pleasure thanks to its advantageous curves. The values ​​were compared with other devices of this type and they appear fairly representative and precise. But for this type of product, it is above all the monitoring over time that is important and, at this level, thehe Shelly H&T is perfect.

With home automation boxes

As we indicated above, Shelly is renowned for the possibility of using its connected objects in local WiFi on many home automation software. Thus, you can do without the cloud as its chaotic application, and use the Shelly H&T directly with your Home Assistant installation, Jeedom, Domoticz, or even Homey.

Just like his famous relay Shelly 1, the installation is very fast and the device uses your local network to communicate with your home automation box. It's pretty awesome and that's what makes the strength of the brand!

We invite you to get a more precise idea of ​​this WiFi thermometer by watching our video (like, subscribe to our youtube channel, it's nice):

In conclusion, the Shelly H&T WiFi thermometer is a real success. His precise data (but quite important EMT) will delight people wanting to have a monitoring of humidity and temperature in a room, an enclosed space or other. The Shelly Cloud app allows for presentation of values ​​in a great way but is quite simply deplorable for the whole installation part, to put it another way. Nevertheless, this small connected ball is an efficient hygrometer and thermometer for Amazon Alexa et Google Assistant, but also and above all for those looking forlocal Wi-Fi devices for a home automation box. Offered to € 20,99 at Domadoo, it is an accessible and very useful product.
Did i choose Alexa or did she choose me? Let's say that as a beta tester, it's a bit of both! And I do not regret having met our favorite assistant nor this adventure undertaken with Alexien Modo. Technophile, self-taught and loving popularization, I try to make our common passion easy to access!