If test Smart : a Tuya connected power strip / Smart Life

Si Smart - WiFi power strip

WiFI smart power strip, 4 x 3 USB multiple socket, voice control, application control and timer function, compatible with Smart life, Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT

Price as of: August 13, 2022 9 h 52 min

The connected sockets, Alexians like it and they especially need it! We present them to you regularly because there are all kinds: singles, doubles, multiples, operating either in WiFi or under ZigBee protocol. Today we present to you the test of a newcomer with the: Si Smart Smart Wi-Fi power strip. This is a power strip for indoor use and which operates via the 2.4Gh Wi-Fi network. Sold at a price of 33.99 €, on the site of Amazon, it is currently unavailable but will come back very soon! Let's take a closer look at this new brand which passes through our test lab.

Si Smart Wi-Fi power strip: the Wow effect!


Wow for the visual of the packaging which is very neat! Delivered in gray cardboard with metallic reflections, the cardboard is glazed and even waterproof. Our first impression is therefore more than satisfactory. A lot of care is taken in the presentation, and this is appreciable, even if that is not everything.

We find in the foreground the visual of our multi-socket with a huge pink dot indicating the number of USB ports and the product reference. On the back, the technical characteristics, but alas the whole is in the language of Shakespeare. Finally, on the sides, we find the symbols of the functionalities of our socket: power, control by Wi-Fi, 3 USB sockets, the flame retardant indication, automatic current adjustment… Hmm, that's good in anticipation . Note that the product brand is not mentioned anywhere on the packaging.

Rather reasonable size for a four takes with its  28.50 x 5.8 x 4 cm high, the power strip is made of fireproof ABS ensuring flame retardance. It's a good thing, but it's even better not to use it!

The design is nice and the soft harmony of colors is required with white on the front and light gray for the case shell, but also for the button. and for the 2 meters of power cord. The area of ​​the USB ports drawn in a fifth circle is made of gray plastic with a metallic appearance and is of the most beautiful effect. Here is a multiple socket that will not have to seek to hide absolutely. In addition to being pleasant to the eye, it exudes quality and respect for the customer. A small procedure for installation on theapplication Smart Life is attached but in English. A delicate attention from Si Smart which accompanies the shipment with a small gadget: a ring to be attached to the smartphone to hold it in place with the index finger.

Like most power strips, except the power strip Echiluck which is managed in blocks of three sockets, each socket here is individually controllable thus allowing to light only the one (s) of which it is useful. The three USB ports are considered as a single socket and managed together. Once connected to the mains, watch the color effects with this blue that appears inside the sockets type F or SchuKo. Even the power button lights up!

Designed to withstand at least 1000 insertions / withdrawals in the sockets and 5000 presses of the power button, it promises us to spend a long life by our side. USB ports have a smart charging technology that allow them to recognize the type of device that is plugged into it andadapt the power charging between 0.1 to 2.1A. CE and RoHS certified, protecting against overvoltages and short circuits, it has nothing but positive to present to us



Si Smart
Item Weight
640 g
28.50 x 5.8 x 4 cm
Number of USB ports
USB 5V 2.1A

Installation of this connected power strip ... If Smart !

The Si power strip Smart is Tuya compatible / Smart Life. It will be easy for us to install it by adding it to our already existing account. If you don't know this app yet, read this tutorial: how to tame Smart Life then find us for the rest.

From the home page of the application, we click on the + top right, then on the next page, the first menu called: electrical engineering corresponds to the sockets and multiple socket, we will click in the central part on the first of them "socket (Wi-Fi)". On the next page, you must confirm the Wi-Fi network 2.4Ghz on which the pairing must be done and indicate the mot de passe corresponding.

By clicking on next, the application prompts us to reset the device. Powering it on should put it in pairing mode straight away, otherwise you just have to unplug and plug in the plug, waiting about ten seconds in between. Once the power supply is back on, a simple press on the ON / OFF button on the power strip until it flashes slowly initiates the procedure. The new version of the application Smart Life, also asks for confirmation before continuing. If the button flashes as requested, all you have to do is check the small box provided for this purpose. Be careful, it does not always take the checkmark the first time, but a few click attempts for it to be taken into account should be enough.

The next page asks us to go to the wifi settings of our smartphone to temporarily "hang" the Wi-Fi of the multiple socket, it is as indicated a network with the mention: Smart-Life XXX then return to the app after selecting it. Upon return, the search for our new device begins.

Once the scan is done and the device recognized, the device appears with a generic name that it is perfectly possible to change by clicking on the pencil to give it a simpler name. We renamed it: Si Smart. This now appears on the home page of the application.


Pressing the icon allows us to access the functionalities it offers. And check out this visual of the power strip Si Smart in Smart Life! Isn't she pretty with her square turquoise buttons? Let's take a look at the possibilities.

Each take can be renamed with a click on the pencil next to its position (Switch 1 etc ..). The Schedule button corresponds to an alarm and allows for each outlet to establish a repetitive schedule, also to add a remark, a sort of post-it, to receive a notification during the execution (on his phone only). To cancel the alarm, a simple click on the programmed day (s) will cancel the programming. The button countdown is an ON or OFF timer depending on the need.



And with Alexa ?

Our catch is well reported in the application without intervention on our part. If this was not the case, a search for new devices should show it with the name assigned in Smart Life. Note thatAlexa don't like the name we chose "IF SMART ", She understands" C SMART », So we renamed it SMART...

The feeding mode is specified and since application Alexa it is also possible to turn on or off manually. But for an Alexian, the main thing is to use the vocal and let our assistant act for us. Our power strip can of course be integrated into routines that it will be possible to do for each socket and / or USB port block. The only regret that we have at the moment is that this product must have been a victim of its success because on the site ofAmazon, it is indicated as unavailable.

In conclusion, the power strip Si Smart has a nice design all in roundness with pastel colors and a good quality for a product working under the application Smart Life of Tuya. Alas is no longer available at the moment, but at this price it is a very good product that we can only recommend.



Si Smart Tuya power strip / Smart Life

NS. 25 €









Price quality



  • Nice design
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Application Smart Life
  • Convenient backlighting

The lessers

  • Currently unavailable ...
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