Sichler test: connected air purifier Smart Life

Today, we are going to present to you an object that is out of the ordinary in home automation: a UV connected air purifier compatible Amazon Alexa et Google Home !

If it is indeed a glaring observation made after the weeks of confinement that have just passed, it is the significant drop in the rate of atmospheric pollution, going up to -49% for nitrogen dioxide NO2 (the gases of exhaust pipes), -12% for PM2.5 and -10% for PM10 (fine particles) on average according to the reference weeks in large cities according to the INERIS institute (French institute for the industrial environment and risks). By opening our windows, we were finally able to breathe less polluted air, and on the strength of this observation, we seek to continue to enjoy the benefits of optimal air quality in our connected homes. Because, as you know, many harmful products are present in our daily environment without our paying attention: formaldehydes in furniture glues, benzene in paints, cleaning products or room fragrances, they are called VOCs (component volatile organic compounds). And that's without counting on other allergens. In short, our lungs are not spoiled.

This is why we set out in search of a device to purify our interior and which is obviously compatible with our voice assistants. And it was the Sichler brand UV air purifier with ionizer function that caught our attention. Sold at the price of €149.95 on the fact Amazon. Fr, it promises us clean air thanks to six filters capable of getting rid of impurities but also odors. Let's see what it's all about.

Sichler LR-650: a connected UV air purifier

Unboxing: packaging minima

Delivered in a relatively anonymized shipping packaging that we open, we discover the device directly inserted into it without presentation cardboard. We will therefore not have to present the various faces and annotations to you. No Wow effect, to say the least! No design costs on the packaging, we feel that economy is in order.

So let's get this UV air purifier Sichler LR-650. Perfectly wedged between two polystyrene blocks, we discover the device whose white shell is shiny like a mirror on the front and the edges of an equally shiny black. It bears the brand's logo on the front and its upper part features a round control panel 3.7 cm in diameter. Of honorable dimensions with 33 cm wide et 18 cm deep for 50,5 cm in height, it displays its 4,8 kg on our scale.


Its handle molded into the shell on the back ensures a good grip and allows it to be moved easily. The stability of the purifier is ensured by two feet with silicone pellets to prevent slipping. The 1.5 meter long power cord allows us to plug it in at a reasonable distance from an outlet.

Le Sichler UV air purifier comes with a remote control requiring 2 AAA type batteries (not included). It is a plus in use. A bilingual German and French manual accompanies everything. It is very complete with about forty pages to perform the pairing in Smart Life of Tuya and use via triggers IFTTT. It must be admitted, this is the first device with such a complete manual for this application that we meet. A good point. On the other hand, it is unfortunate that there is no paragraph on the remote control. Granted, it's supposed to have the same functions as the buttons on the control panel, but that's a shame. In the meantime, let's continue to discover this device which should make our room healthy and free from allergens and other cigarette smells.

 The front cover is not glued to the device because it is from the sides that the air will be sucked in and treated. The placement will therefore be important: do not press the air inlet areas against a wall. The effectiveness would be felt. We can see in the free space the plastic packaging of the filters that must of course be removed before commissioning.


Let's open the hood to see what's behind it. This is maintained by a magnetic closure. A simple push from bottom to top and here it is in our hands.

We then discover the different filters. They are well packaged and marked. To remove the first frame, simply lift the four small latches distributed on either side of the sides.

The first frame includes:

  • on the front: the cold catalyst filter suitable for treating the effects of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) such as formaldehyde,
  • on the back: a honeycomb filter with activated charcoal (if you shake it, you will hear the grains of charcoal) effective in combating fumes and odors.

The white tab acts as a guide to put the frame in the right direction.

The second frame is more difficult to get out of its housing and requires a little dexterity to nab the packaging plastic without damaging the filters.

We therefore find:

  • on the front, a antibacterial filter (sky blue but the photo does not accurately reflect the color) effective against fine particles (our famous PM mentioned above), mites or bacteria,
  • on the back, the HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air) conventionally encountered to limit the harmful effects of pollen and other dust, allergens but also to overcome the spores and molds that sometimes go with it.

“It is important to take a look at these filters from time to time to check that they are in good condition. "The Alexians

It is recommended to change the filters every 8 to 14 months depending on the signs of wear, if the color change of one of the filters is significant, if the cells of the carbon filter become clogged or if they appear. mold ... It is therefore important to take a look from time to time on these filters to check that they are in good condition.

The price of the filters is also an element to be taken into account depending on the frequency of renewal indicated: around 15 € each.

We finally find a 20 cm long UV lamp with germicidal effect, that is to say, it will break the DNA of microorganisms and therefore eliminate them. UV or Ultra-Violet, often called " black light " (used by forensic scientists) are invisible to the naked eye and emit on a wavelength between 400nm and 10nm. the Sichler UV purifier emits on the wavelength of 245nm (Nm = nanometer). The ionization function will create 10 million anions per cm3 (an ion charging in one or more electrons becomes an anion, its electrical charge having become negative) and increase the dust or allergens which will fall to the ground and therefore no longer be in suspension in the air. And the more negative ions there are, the better our well-being.


Sichler home appliances
Connected UV air purifier compatible with Alexa with ionizer function
Number of filters
Cold catalyst filter
for volatile organic compounds (aldehydes, gasoline, etc.)
Honeycomb activated carbon filter
for odors, smoke, etc.
Antibacterial filter
for fine particles, mites and bacteria
HEPA filter
for mold spores, dust, allergens, pollen, etc.
UV light
germicidal effect, wavelength 245 nm
creation of 10000000 anions / cm³
Air flow
160 m³ / h
Number of fan speeds
Absorbed power
40 W
33 x 50,5 x 18 cm
4,8 kg
up to 19m2
Compatible network
IEEE 802.11b / g / n (2,4 GHz)
230 V

Sichler LR-650 air purifier: quick and easy installation with Smart Life

The device is available with two user manuals on the Sichler site, one by pairing it with the dedicated skill Elesion and one with Smart Life. It is moreover with this second operating mode that the device is delivered. Note however that the skill Elesion of Pearl is available on the FR store and operates under Tuya environment. In order to avoid having one more application, we have chosen to install our purifier in the most widely compatible application in the world: Smart Life of Tuya.

Smart Life, Les Alexiens know well, this is the go-anywhere application for a number of connected objects operating over Wi-Fi. The Sichler air purifier therefore belongs to this large family and we will only have to add it to our account. If you do not yet have an account for this app, follow our Yuya tutorial / Smart Life to continue.

Once connected to the mains, the device goes into pairing mode, the wifi symbol flashes (if this is not the case, do not panic, a simple press on the Wi-Fi symbol button on the control panel will do sound a beep and the symbol will flash ready to start pairing.

From the home page of the application Smart Life, we press the “+” at the top right, then choose small device, then in the central section, air purifier.

The next page asks you for the password corresponding to your 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network and then confirms that the Wi-Fi symbol is flashing on the air purifier. Once done, the pairing search starts. Registration is then done on Smart Life.

The Sichler air purifier is recognized with a name that can easily be changed by clicking on the little pencil. It finally appears in the list of our devices on the home page.

When we enter the device page, we discover the representation of the device in the form of a pendulum with the operating state: gray page for off and sky blue background when it is in service. When we detail the representations we find the state of the air quality with the displays "bad," "good" or "great" with a small black ball which turns around like a second hand more or less quickly according to the selected fan speed, information also written under the circle with that of the timer if this has been programmed. On the right, the symbol of a small leaf is displayed to indicate that the action of the ions is in ON mode.

At the bottom we have the menus:

  • light switch : ON / OFF,
  • speed : to choose one of the three fan speeds,
  • timer : for programming from 1 to 12 hours in service,
  • settings : Allows you to activate or not the Anions or the setting in sleep mode which turns off the screen of the control panel so as not to disturb the night.

These menus exactly mirror those of the control panel. It is also possible to create scenarios which will go up in the application Alexa


Use: Simplicity?

You can activate the device in 4 different ways:

  • by pressing the control panel,
  • using the remote control,
  • with the app Smart Life,
  • in vocal with Alexa (but limited functions).

During use, the device systematically switches to maximum ventilation, activated ions / UV displays the red symbol on the device then, after a few minutes, changes to orange and finally to green. The operation to go from red to green lasts about fifteen minutes with disconcerting consistency.

Note that if you move the Sichler air purifier by unplugging and reconnecting the power outlet, the Wi-Fi connection will take a few seconds to hook the signal again, but don't panic, it should reappear quickly.

We spare you the scholarly formula corresponding to the calculation of the air flow but know that here it is 160M3 / h treated which are announced for a room up to 19m2. Without CADR (Clean Air Delivry rate) reference provided by the manufacturer, we can only trust these capabilities. Be aware that the main thing is that the higher the number, the better the processing of the room volume will be and it will be faster as well. Information taken, the range of the field of action is about 4m.

Let's take a look at the different features of the Sichler LR-650 air purifier :

Fan mode

With its 3 speeds available, the air is rejected at the back of the device so that it will not come right in the face. The air outlet is almost the width of the device is 25 cm x 6.5 cm.

The ionizer functionality

Activation is optional. In service, the action of negative ions will attract and agglutinate suspended particles, dust, hair, allergens and cause them to fall to the ground under the effect of the weight. It will then suffice to vacuum. Why your robot Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 920 which our Facebook community plebiscite so much?

Sleep mode

It turns off the screen but then blocks the level of ventilation at the speed where it is. A bit of a shame for a so-called sleep function. That this turns off the control panel is a very good thing, but it should not create a hedge on the ventilation function. You must therefore first set it to the lowest level, then activate Sleep mode.

The Timer

As its name suggests, the Timer allows the device to be put into service for up to twelve hours. Steps of 0.5 are possible up to 10 a.m., then a one-hour step up to 12 noon. The countdown will be displayed in hundredths and not in minutes. So, for 1 hour, 1 the starting point then 0.9 for 54 min, 0.8 for 48 min remaining etc. will be displayed successively.

Note that when you press this button and enter the function, to exit it without making a choice, you must turn off the device by pressing the ON / OFF button. No “go back” mode.

What about the remote?

Supposed to have the same functions as the control panel, the remote control has two buttons: anion et sterilized. The fonction sterilized corresponds to the sterilizing action of the UV lamp and Anion to that of the ionization we are told. OK. But the control panel does not separate the two functions. Either we activate the whole, or we turn it off… well that's how it looks.

An efficient air purifier?

This is where the problem lies ! No information on the product sheet indicates a reference to the CADR. It only reports a clean air flow of 160m3 / h, but this is not certified by an independent body. We asked the seller to tell us how the sensor could determine whether it had to act with force and engage maximum speed or if on the contrary, but he replied that the manufacturer had not communicated this information to him and that he could not therefore transmit them to us. Of which act.

Wishing to be sure to purify our interior, we decided to make our own readings with our Netatmo weather station which comprises in particular a CO2 sensor. . We therefore decided to make our own readings with our Netatmo weather station which includes a CO2 reading. Did you remember? It is carbon dioxide (or carbon dioxide) that is found among other things in smoke but not only there. Well our ionizer purifier equipped with an activated carbon filter to be effective in this area, we wanted to measure at least this parameter ourselves, failing to be able to do more. And we are going to have our 2nd surprise!

We wanted to do our reading as correctly as possible. We therefore took the measurements on our Mezzanine, the device turned off at 11:07 a.m., the Netatmo sensor - this is the additional module from the station - placed 10 cm to the side, where the air enters the purifier. It can be noted that the CO2 concentration is qualified as good with a reading of 454 ppm.

We turn on our device, it automatically engages at maximum speed and displays the red light on the control panel. it is 11:08 a.m.

Then at 11:11 am the purifier estimates that the quality is better and changes to orange. Our CO2 rate remains at 454ppm.

Finally at 11:22 am our purifier considers that the quality is good, displays a beautiful green logo and… oh surprise, our CO2 rate recorded on our station is certainly still green too, but with a slight increase in the number of parts per million! It is difficult to explain how or why the station rises when the device considers that things are better ...

Noise measurement

We have obtained the information of a level of 18 dB (A) for this device. But it is clear that our ears judge that 18 dB (A) seems very little to us given the noise they perceive. So we wanted to do our own readings.

We measured with a sound level meter application on our smartphone and this one placed at about 1 meter, respectively: 35 dB (A) with the fan in position 1, 45 dB (A) in position 2 et 50 dB (A) in position 3. Not at all the 18 dB (A) announced therefore. Be careful, that doesn't mean it's excessively noisy, though! Tested in our room, at speed 1 of course with a programming of one hour, it did not prevent us from falling asleep. We did not even hear the beep announcing the end of the programmed countdown. To give a comparison of the calculated noises, know that 30 dB (A) corresponds to the whisper noise, 40 dB (A) to that of a waiting room while 50 dB (A) to that of a washing machine or dishwasher. In fact, the 18 dB (A) we found them approximately when the device was…. Off!


Anti odor action

Put into service in the kitchen while we were cooking some fat, we could see that the odors were not excessive and to check if the device was picking up something, we placed our pan (after serving its contents on our plate of course, the goal is still to eat) in front of the ionizer purifier. While it was operating at intermediate speed (orange symbol on the control panel) it immediately switched to red and put its ventilation to maximum for a new cycle of about fifteen minutes to return to green. When we returned to our kitchen, we noticed the absence of any odor. This observation makes it possible to consider meals in the evening where the strong odors of fat can be reduced or even completely eliminated (depending on the importance of the said odors) before going to bed.

And with Alexa ?

Well, as we have seen previously the device goes back into the application Alexa. But because there is a but, not all functions are compatible with the use of voice. We can only ask Alexa  turn the purifier on or off. It will not be able to intervene in a change of speed, use of ions / UV or intervene in night mode. However, through a routine it will be possible to turn the device on and off and choose the fan speed. When the routine is activated, a beep sounds as well as when changing the fan speed and when switching off. It will be necessary to take this into account in a room for those who are a light sleeper and who wish to go through this mode of operation. Note the systematic activation of negative ions and UV lamp.

Our opinion on the Sichler LR-650 air purifier

A perfect manual for programming via Smart Life or IFTTT, but absolutely empty of information on the behavior of the air sensor, its analysis methods to determine if it is good or bad. We must trust the only LEDs: green, orange and red for analysis without measuring element. The supplied manual just indicates the functions of the buttons.

In the absence of a means of checking the operation and efficiency of the air quality sensor, of which no information is available to the customer, can we trust the manufacturer as to his assertions on their efficiency? The readings that we made with our weather station which, for its part, provides a quantified measurement with a simplified reading by color pictogram correspond exclusively to those that we could do by ourselves and concern only the CO2 but the results leave doubtful. Regarding filters, we cannot give an opinion on the effectiveness of these. You have to wait a few months to see their wear or the creation of mold ...

The air flow of 160m3 / h is not the highest, but the device is advertised for use in rooms up to 19m2, so on this point nothing to complain about, however, this figure which nevertheless remains a manufacturer's data. and is not certified by an independent body. To be taken there also with a grain of salt. And what about the remote control which displays two distinct functions? Pressing one or the other of the keys turns the same function on or off: ion et UV lamp. On the control panel, the two functions are actually just one button ...

After all this, what can we say if not that too much information is missing here. It is better to go your way and avoid this product!

Sichler Haushaltsgeräte - Connected UV ionizer air purifier

NS. 149 €

Use Case


Care instructions






Price quality



  • Portable
  • 6 different filtrations

The lessers

  • Lack of information on the air sensor, advice on use
  • Partial compatibility with Alexa
  • frame with 2 threads - obligation to change everything when renewing
  • No housing to store the remote control
Simple user and novice fallen into the pot Alexa, this one fascinates me and thanks to the boys, Jean-Christophe and Alexien Modo, I learn a little more every day. Loving the different aspects ofAlexa, I turned to skills to share my discoveries with you.