Test Smart Remote LSC Smart Connect: the base of the remote control, or vice versa

You may remember our filament bulb testing and LSC brand security system Smart Connect, which you find in Action stores at a very affordable price? The price / quality ratio is generally very good, even if we stay on the basic. We have decided to present you an accessory that works with the brand's connected objects: the Smart Remote LSC, that is to say a radio remote control for 2,4 GHz Wi-Fi devices (bulbs, sockets, ceiling lights, etc.). This remote control, working exclusively with LSC products, will allow you to turn on, off and vary the intensity, for less than 10 €. Let's see together what we have for 10 balls.

Smart Remote LSC Smart Connect: sober above all

Unboxing and presentation

The entire range dedicated to Action is available in packaging that always uses the same code. That is to say, a qualitative packaging, with the visual of the product in glossy printing on the front and all of its characteristics on the sides and back. Surprisingly, the Tuya logo appears on the cardboard while this Smart Remote does not work in Wi-Fi and even less with an application ...

Inside we will find the remote control, two AAA batteries (very kind of LSC to provide them to us) and a user manual multilingual. It is very simple but gets to the point. No complaints.

This radio equipment is quite compact with a height of 11,5 cm, the 3,5 cm wide and 1,5 cm thick. She weights 52 grams on the scale with its two batteries. They are the ones who take up almost half the space of the system. The design is quite neutral, with no visible markings on the front. the matt white plastic is the same as for opening detectors for example. It is still of fairly good quality and the editing is neat.

The remote control as such is very simple: 4 buttons and that's it. The ON and OFF buttons surround the two buttons for increase and decrease the light intensity, symbolized by small "sun".

"The remote control as such is very sober" The Alexians



About the technical characteristics, we have :

  • Distance of use : 20 meters maximum,
  • Radio frequency : 2412 to 2472 MHz or 2,4 GHz
  • Maximum radio transmission : 17,5 dBm (milliwatt decibel)
  • Antenna gain : 2,5 dBi (isotropic decibel).

For information, dBi and dBm are units without magnitude. So, dBm for radio transmission is the ratio of our device's transmission to a benchmark. So 17,5dBm is roughly equal to 50mW. The dBi is the ratio of its power compared to a reference antenna, the goal being to concentrate the flow. It's like a reflector for the headlights. There you go… Is it clearer? No ? It does not matter, it will not fall to surprise control.

Using the LSC remote control Smart Connect

As said in the preamble, but we repeat it for those who are bubbling, this remote control will only work with LSC brand devices Smart Connect. If you have bought LSC filament bulbs, LEDs or even a ceiling light, you can very easily pair them. On the other hand, this is not possible with other brands, or at least with difficulty. We tested with Yeelight or other brand bulbs, without success. But if you are lucky enough to come across bulbs of compatible frequencies, it's a gift. We are still looking for the benefit of using it with an LSC plug. Because apart from switching on and off, no obvious interest.

First of all, put the batteries in place, that's about the hardest you'll have to do with this remote. Then, to match, turn on your LSC devices and within 20 seconds, keep your finger pressed on the ON button. You will see a solid blue light which will blink when your device starts to flicker 3 times. And now, it's over.

In terms of functions, we are on very basic:

  • Light up
  • Switch off
  • Vary the brightness by 20% by pressing by pressing the middle buttons.

That's all ... Indeed, no precise variation to the nearest percentage. This means that you will only have the choice between 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100% of the brightness. No possibility to choose a color either. You will have to go through the application Smart Life or LSC or by voice with Alexa. Yes, because your devices don't need to be under the LSC app for it to work. There is no problem if you have them installed on Smart Life.

In use, it responds very quickly, because it happens by radio waves, but we are still hungry when used with a multicolored LED. Of course, you are free to use it with this type of bulb, but it is a shame not to vary the color. To be preferred, therefore, with filament bulbs, which are simply white. You still have the possibility to put several bulbs or devices on the same remote control. To do this, turn everything on and within 20 seconds, perform the pairing operation. So that means that the devices will not be controllable independently but as a whole. Conversely, you can also associate a bulb or a device with 5 remote controls at most. You therefore have several options for managing your lighting.

In conclusion, LSC did not disappoint with this RF remote control. It is easy to install, very easy to use, of good quality, can control several devices but on the other hand, it remains very basic and is dedicated to the use of monochrome and non-multicolored bulbs. It is indeed not possible to manage the color change. Likewise, it is not possible to choose its light intensity with precision. But ultimately, for 9,95 €, it remains a very good value for money.


LSC Smart Connect - Smart Remote








Price quality



  • qualitative
  • Price
  • Very easy to install

The lessers

  • No color management
  • No 20% for intensity
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