Yeedi 2 Hybrid test: the cute robot vacuum cleaner

Our opinion on the Yeedi 2 Hybrid robot vacuum

Yeedi 2 hybrid

Yeedi 2 Hybrid Robot Vacuum Cleaner, 2 in 1 Vacuum Cleaner and Washer, 2500 Pa

Price as of: May 16, 2022 9 h 56 min

The world of robot vacuum cleaners continues to develop. A new brand, yeedi, arrives in force in this sometimes ruthless universe by offering a connected model, without a dump station, but compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant and who will get the better of the hairs that animals leave on hard floors or carpets. Let's see this new Yeedi 2 hybrid has in the belly.

Yeedi is a young Chinese brand, created in early 2020 and based in Hong Kong. It belongs to one of the world leaders, Ecovacs, several models of which we have presented to you. The team of young technology robot enthusiasts has made it their mission to improve our lives. Vast ambition!

Yeedi 2 Hybrid: an aesthetic robot


It's in a simple box, but no less than 5.5 kg all the same, what does the robot vacuum cleaner deliver? Yeedi 2 hybrid. At the front, only the logo of the brand which makes one think of a little man who eats to move forward (that's a bit like that in fact, he eats the dust and moves forward), as well as the brand and the nature of the container, are registered. No picture, no diagram. On the back, the logo proudly takes its place.

When opening the box, a thick cardboard plate protects the vacuum robot packed in a thin fabric pocket. By taking it out of its recycled cellulose mold, various accessories appear. We will detail them.

Out of the box, it's the Wow effect!

The robot vacuum cleaner Yeedi 2 hybrid is all dressed in white with just a dark touch on the front corresponding to the area where his camera is positioned. Indeed, Yeedi chose to use navigation technology Visual SLAM and provided his robot with a camera allowing him to map and move with ease without hitting furniture or objects. here only one card can be stored. No memorizable floors.

Designed entirely in plastic, it measures 34.7 cm of diameter for 7.7 cm high only since it does not have a laser range finder. A low height which turns out to be a real highlight for going under furniture. It displays 2.9 kg on our scale.

You just have a single function button positioned on the robot which will allow, depending on the situation:

  • put it into operation
  • pause it

These are the same functions as the action button on the app.

Le Yeedi 2 hybrid  is elegant with its touch of pink and blue colors that circles the camera.

To cushion frontal collisions, there is a front bumper system or "Bumper". It consists of a band of silicone material around the perimeter and a central plastic visor which protects the sensors against collisions.

On one side you find the ventilation grille and on the other the speaker.

Le Yeedi 2 hybrid is a 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner, capable of vacuuming but also washing, and has a water tank at the back. With a capacity of 240 mL , it is fully translucent and reveals its electronically controlled pump. Unsurprisingly, it is a well-known model that we have already observed on Deebot from Ecovacs, its parent company. Its capacity makes it possible to consider cleaning areas up to 260 m².

The transparency reveals the water pumping and drainage system positioned at an angle. To see if this will affect the diffusion of water on the wipe and therefore the effectiveness of cleaning.

Let's open the hood on top.

There is one:

  • main power button in red,
  • Wi-Fi operation indicator. Too bad it is hidden like this, forcing you to come and manipulate the cover to see if a network problem is not the cause, even if we understand the choice to leave the surface as uncluttered as possible. In fact it pierces the hood a little in broad daylight, but so weakly that you have to be upside down to see it. According to its status it indicates:
    • Slow blinking : disconnected or waiting for the Wi-Fi network
    • Rapid blinking : Wi-Fi connection in progress
    • Fixed : connected
  • dust bin : with a relatively comfortable capacity of 430 ml.
  • wire cutter housed in a dedicated location that allows you to always have it available without looking for it.
  • the QR Code which returns to the store to download the application.

With the general power button, we also find the button "Reset". One second press is enough.


The dust bin

It withdraws with the handle for emptying. Just press the red tab for the lid to open. On the hatch and sealed to the cover, a fine plasticized mesh acts as the first filtration, then a black foam and finally the HEPA filter capable of filtering 99% of dust and allergens of 6 μm.

Let's flip this Yeedi 2 hybrid, which as you will see, reminds us of a Deebot Ozmo 905 or 920.

A series of anti-fall sensors (six in total) circle the robot vacuum cleaner to prevent it from running down your stairs.

Side brushes

Here no brushes in advance, a bit of a shame, we could have hoped to have a game in advance. Two in number on this robot, they will return the dust to the central brush for suction in the bin. They consist of long thin synthetic strands of 7 cm curved (of which 3 cm are under flexible sheath) to better understand the surfaces on which they pass. The left and right location of each is identified by a color code that can be found on the very simple clip-on fixing system. And as they say: the red thread on the red button ......


At the front, the two-tone omnidirectional wheel for 360 ° movement is placed between the two charging contactors which will come into contact with those of the dock when recharging.

The wheels

With a large clearance from 4 cm, Yeedi 2 hybrid is able to cross obstacles up to 2 cm of height difference. A height large enough to pass easily the threshold bars or climb on even thick carpets.

The central brush

Housed in its compartment, it is held in place by a grid which is plugged in with two fixing latches. On the support, four small velvet pads prevent friction with the ground. Two rows of rubber strips, six on the front and a much thinner one on the back, allow the robot to scrape the ground well, while two rods protect it from wires and hairs that could get tangled in its brush.
The central brush is composed of two silicone tabs flexible cut into three parts along their length alternating with two rows of very fine and very flexible bristles. The slats will scrape the ground to take off the dirt while the bristles will lead them towards the suction mouth at the entrance of the dust collection tank. It is the only brush that equips the robot. It is multifunction and the Yeedi 2 hybrid is able to adapt to the type of ground on which it evolves.
Be careful, however, Yeedi does not recommend using this robot vacuum cleaner on high pile carpets or very dark floors.
The washing function is provided with a sponge mop blue striped. It is attached to the plastic plate using a scratch system made up of three large bands, the end of the fabric inserting into the plate. The cleaning plate then clips under the water tank. The Yeedi 2 Hybrid also comes with five disposable wipes for dry sweeping or delicate surfaces.


The dock

To ensure its autonomy, very important from 3h30, the robot vacuum cleaner recharges its Lithium-ion battery 5200mAh thanks to the dock, on which it is placed. A thin plastic film protects the upper part and the underside for transport and must of course be removed for use. Here and on the robot, the contactors are positioned on the ground side and not vertically as they are often found on models with a dump station such as the Proscenic M8 Pro. The base measures 17cm wide x 13.2cm deep and 9cm high. On the back you find the socket for the power supply and two supports to wind up any excess cable.


Underneath, a foam strip protects potentially fragile floors from all scratches and scratches.

Power supply

These are two electric cables with a length of1m80 which come with the Yeedi vacuum cleaner. One with a UK version plug, the other with the EU version without earth connection.

Everything is accompanied by a multi-language safety instruction booklet, a declaration of conformity flyer and a English instruction manual but with a referral to the site for the French version


  • Brand : Yeedi
  • Model : 2 Hybrid
  • Colour : White
  • Battery : Li-ion 5200mAh
  • Autonomy : 200 min
  • Powers : 600/1200 and 2500Pa
  • Features :
    • Aspiration
    • Laundry
    • Suction and washing
  • Dust container : 430 ml
  • Electric water tank : 240 ml
  • Accessories : multi-surface main brush x1, washing mop x1, side brush x2, thread cutter x1, disposable wipe x5 electric cable x2 (1 UK version, 1 EU version)
  • Network : 2.4GHz Wi-Fi
  • Voice assistants : Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Installation and use of the Yeedi 2 Hybrid

After installing the side brushes, set up the dock leaving a space of 50 cm around and 1.5m in front to allow the robot to maneuver and come to recharge without hindrance. Then connect the power cord to the dock and to a power outlet.

Turn on the robot by turning the main power button to "on", a nice little music will be heard and the white Wi-Fi LED will blink.

Yeedi has developed its in-house application which can be downloaded from the stores Android et iOS. Once installed, you will have to create a user account. When opening the application, the region and the language are predetermined. Click next, accept the user agreement and confirm the privacy policy. On the next page, click Registration. Enter an email and a password (you can if you want to uncheck the sending of product recommendations). Click on Registration. Here is the home page is already there.

Now you have to register the device. It is very simple and very fast.

Click on the " + »Central (we can't miss it). Select Yeedi 2 hybrid. Activate GPS if it has not yet been done, otherwise just grant access. You will even be offered to access your Wi-Fi network. Accept, all you have to do is enter the corresponding password. Do not panic if a message tells you that your network seems to be on 5GHz, select 2.4 GHz and click on " Continue ".

Let's move on to the second step as indicated by the progression strip. It repeats the steps mentioned above, starting up the device, reset by pressing the gray button next to the Wi-Fi LED for 1 second. Confirm the action and a little music has been heard. The next step will consist in generating a QR code that will have to be read by the robot's camera. Click on " Generate Network Setup QR Code". Yes you will have noticed that the translation gets lost over the stages but still remains understandable even for non-English speakers.

Place your smartphone with the QR Code about ten centimeters from the camera. A sentence in English (like: "it's good, go ahead") is emitted. Select the box and click on "Next". The installation is complete and the robot vacuum cleaner is integrated into the application. It takes place on the home page. From this page you have two shortcut buttons:

  • the automatic cleaning button
  • the log of recordings

The Yeedi app

To see what the Yeedi 2 Hybrid is capable of doing, click on its icon or a first visual appears. The functions are accessible by clicking and holding your finger on the bottom of the screen, and by moving it up.

The first thing to do for comfort is to switch the device to French since the voice alerts are in English. Click on the arrow on the right, then on language and select French. You will appreciate being able to hear and understand it: " Ready to start". Note that you can also adjust volume. The slider is wide, but you will not have a large amount of volume. However, it has the merit of existing and if you want silence, you have the option of muting the volume.

The movements of the vacuum cleaner are visible on the application. Here no lines drawn to show its path in S but a passage in blue color when it has finished a round trip zone.

The different functionalities are in separate blocks, the first diverging slightly depending on whether the vacuum cleaner is on or off.

Stopped, you have the main functions with in the center the On / Pause button (the vacuum must be put back into service within 60 minutes otherwise the stain will be canceled). To the left, card management and on the right the one to return it to the base and three tabs:

  • areas : starts cleaning in the rooms in the order specified with one or two passages to choose from.
  • Automatic : it manages itself and goes everywhere.
  • custom : define an area where it should clean and whether it should pass once or twice.

depending, the three modes above are replaced by the number of M² cleaned and the duration. On the right “returned to the base” is replaced by “Finish” and cancels the cleaning. The lightning then replaces itself to allow it to be returned to the base.

Above the paving stone and personalized, the small blue terminal with a smile activates the robot speaker. Click on it while it's in action and you will hear it say 'ready to go'. It might be a way to spot it, but even modest engine noise drowns out your voice.

Card management

Access is unlocked from the first start-up but not yet operational. On the third pass, a map is available and it is possible to assign names to the zones according to an exhaustive list. Indeed, it is not possible to create names as a corridor or entrance that is not planned. It will be necessary to keep the letters (A, B, C…) to differentiate this type of room / zone. The cartography and the delimitations carried out are consistent and precise at the place.

Once the parts have been created, a click on card management allows you to define virtual limits so that the robot avoids passing over the area:

  • red barrier for fashion suction,
  • orange barrier for fashion mop.

This is great. Each of the two modes can have its own limits. Thus, by mopping, it will be possible to exclude a carpet, while in suction, it will be possible to exclude a play area where small parts would drag on the ground and risk being swallowed.

The boundaries are square or rectangular in shape, but can be adjusted with precision aided by the measurement that is displayed with the frame. To delete a virtual limit, a simple click on the cross in the right corner of it.

Cleaning history:

  • Cleaning mode activated
  • the number of M² traveled,
  • the time spent.
  • All records: clicking on the arrow opens the log of the various vacuum cleaner interventions.

When he has finished his work, he warns you and returns to the station (us at the first use, arrived in front of the station he asked us to place it manually on the station. At the same time a push notification is sent. Yeedi warns correctly in case of problems The problem? The dock socket was not plugged in correctly and during a passage, he had to pull on the cable not wound at the back.


3 suction powers :

  • Standard is the quietest mode with 600 Pa suction for daily use where there will be little dirt
  • Max  with 1200 Pa suction plus intended for use on carpet
  • Max+ with 2500 Pa of suction to go deep on medium pile carpets.

4 levels of water flow for washing :

  • Low
  • Average
  • High
  • Very high
The function only appears when the cleaning plate is placed on the robot vacuum cleaner.

Le Yeedi 2 hybrid has the simultaneous dual function of vacuum cleaner and washer (when the plate is obviously placed) if the mop-only mode function is not activated. A real 2-in-1 or the choice of different levels can be variegated.

Cleaning program:

It is possible to carry out programming either for automatic cleaning or for a zone, and this for:

  • Once
  • Everyday
  • From Monday to Friday
  • The weekend
  • Personalized (choice of day (s))

Voice alerts:

We saw it first: changing the language and adjusting the volume of the device.

Cleaning preference:

It is a very complete device that is offered to you with:

  • Continuous cleaning : If the function is activated, the Yeedi will resume its journey if it has to return to the charging station in use.
  • Do not disturb : indicate a time slot or you do not want a scheduled cleaning to start. This makes it possible, for example, to keep the programming while suspending it for one or more days, especially in the event of holidays.
  • Cleaning sequence : Activated, you can define a passage order in the rooms. Very practical, you can launch it before you have started to "tidy up" everything such as cables, which vacuum cleaners do not like at all.

On the top banner, you will find the name of the device, the mode in which it is configured (here mop) and the remaining charge. Click on the three small dots at the top right to access the management of accessories and their wear.

By clicking on Help, the FAQ has different sections, but these are empty. The instructions for use are well searchable but in the English version.

With Amazon Alexa

You must obviously activate the skill yeedi, and link your accounts then leave Alexa discover new devices. When this is done, a message reminds you that only the Yeedi 2 Hybrid is supported and that your assistant will search for a new device… That's good, it's the one we're testing and… Bingo! Here it is.

In the list of devices you can find it, but not as a robot vacuum cleaner, and you have:

  • setting mode = return to the charging station
  • delicate fashion =? It is not possible to select this action and there is no robot reaction to this command.

Creating routines is, however, possible and works very well. An excellent point for Yeedi!

Voice commands:

Only the following commands are operational:

  • Alexa, start / light up  Yeedi or [name you gave him] for commissioning
  • Alexa, turn off Yeedi, or [name you give him] pauses the device in place

Indeed, Alaxa ,, stop / stop does not work nor Alexa, asks Yeedi to resume cleaning.

My Orders Alexa / Amazon Echo

We also tried to return the vacuum cleaner to the base, but without success

Alexa, send / ask Yeedi to go / return to recharge / to his base does not work. Sending it to vacuum or clean in a named room does not work either.

With Google Assistant

The account must also be linked here Google Home to that of Yeedi by installing the eponymous Add-on which can be found by clicking on the " + "And then" Configure a device " and "  Works with Google". Enter the email and password used to create the account for the Yeedi application… And presto, it's good. When you return to the main page the robot is present. You can add it to a room to better find and manage it.

Here Google recognizes the device as a vacuum cleaner, unlikeAlexa. In touch, the functions are slightly different since here it is the return to the base that is planned and not a stop on the spot. On the other hand, no routines possible.

Voice commands :

Here the vacuum cleaner is reassembled with its full name, and to activate it you have to say the full name, if you do not rename it, which of course you can do by going to the parameters, via the star wheel.


  • “Ok Goggle, turn on / start Yeedi 2 hybrid or [name you give it] to start it. "
  • "Turn off Yeedi 2 hybrid or [name you give it] to pause it." "
  • "Returns Yeedi 2 Hybrid or [name you give it] to base." "
  • "Hey Google, send Yeedi 2 Hybrid or [name to him] to clean the kitchen or [other room recorded in the map]"
Google Assistant / Google Home commands

In use

During his first reconnaissance pass, the Yeedi 2 hybrid tends to bang anything he comes across. Not strong, but still. Subsequently, there are still a few stamps, but nothing bad. Big surprise, on the other hand, concerning the noise, the latter being really not very noisy in standard mode with approximately 45 dB. This corresponds to the noise of a park. Even in Max + mode, the volume is not excessively high at 58 dB, which is the level of a quiet office.

In aspiration, standard mode is more than sufficient on a daily basis. Powerful, the Yeedi 2 Hybrid picks up the dirt it has to deal with well. This is obviously even more true in Max mode for rugs and carpets, or Max + for particularly dirty areas where it makes full use of its suction capacity of 2500 Pa.

Washing is correct, but if you have large, stubborn spots it won't work wonders, be aware of that. Our fears about the diffusion of water have been raised. The distribution is carried out perfectly and the "very high" mode really delivers a significant flow, but the system must be allowed time to prime.

When the vacuum cleaner is in wash mode and returns to the base after its work, it asks you to remove the cleaning plate. But this does not prevent the recharge from taking place. We appreciate receiving notifications push indicating the end of the work which in our opinion is more useful than removing the cleaning plate.

With voice assistants, we note slower responsiveness via Google Assistant than with Alexa. But we note that each of the assistants has its own particularities when it comes to stopping or returning to base. In voice Google scores two points since it takes into account four commands : start / turn off (for on-site shutdown), return to base and send the vacuum to a designated room.

In conclusion, Yeedi is entering the connected robot vacuum cleaners market in force! With a design pleasing to the eye, the Yeedi 2 Hybrid integrates without difficulty and, if it is regrettable that it can only map a single map, allows you to combine suction and washing simultaneously with just one device. Simple to install and use, the fact remains complete and efficient. In short, for a reasonable price of 300 € excluding promotion, it is a very good choice, especially if you are looking for a model compatible with your voice assistant.
Simple user and novice fallen into the pot Alexa, this one fascinates me and thanks to the boys, Jean-Christophe and Alexien Modo, I learn a little more every day. Loving the different aspects ofAlexa, I turned to skills to share my discoveries with you.