YUANGUO E27 7W test: a multicolored, warm white connected bulb… guaranteed!

E27 connected bulbs are now very present on the market, of all brands and at all prices, even if the average is in the 18 € for autonomous ... Moreover, they almost all look alike ... So at this level- there, how to differentiate when the consumer has the impression of buying white brands? It is not necessarily on the technical characteristics because they are almost all identical ...

So, we turned to YUANGUO and therefore chose to present to you today their connected bulb 7 W, E27 base, Wi-Fi, autonomous, 600 lm, multicolored (16 million colors, again ... but will check one day !?). We'll see if they manage to stand out like they did for their take ...

YUANGUO: integrated into your network via Smart Life

This bulb is delivered in a fairly nice gray / beige packaging, solid and including, in addition to the visual of the bulb, the QR-code of Smart Life and its compatibility with Alexa. Things are clear! You will find the bulb and instructions there. It is in English / German but it is extremely precise both on the installation and the pairing by Smart Life than for the Skill Alexa. It's rare enough to be stressed.

That said, it's still the same thing: create an account on the app and then download the skill on Alexa. Screw on the bulb, turn on and off via the switch 2-3 times to make it flash and follow the instructions of the app. 2.4 GHz network only. This is not where it stands out, so much the better because it is quite simple.

YUANGUO E27: a basic bulb like there are others ... or not.

Regarding its characteristics, it does not do better than most of its competitors: class A +, like many LED lamps, a power of 7W (equivalent to 60W). Its theoretical operating life of 20000 h (more than 2 years of permanent operation or 27 years if used 2 hours per day). Its light power of 600 lm and up to 6000 K. So quite basic, it is the minimum on the market ...

If we look at its design, there too, we are on a bulb almost identical to some others. A bulb with ¾ color Alu and at the end the plastic of the LED. I am not a fan of this type of shape or of colors which are less versatile than white bulbs. But this is a personal choice not taken into account in the rating. On the other hand, what must be given to the YUANGUO is the quality of its finish: the silver part is made of metal and the whole is very qualitative. It is also in the average of the other E27 connected at the waist level (7 cm in diameter and 9 cm when screwed).

It works with Smart Life, as seen above. It will allow you to adjust the intensity and heat of the light in color only but not in white. There is, in fact, only one "color" of white, warm white. This is a weak point because many of the competitors allow it. There are also a number of preprogrammed scenes each with their own particularity (Night (orange), Reading (cold blue), Party (red), Leisure (warm blue), scene 1 (green), scene 2 (slow color change). ), scene 3 (flashing red) and scene 4 (rapid color change) .There is also a programmer or even scenarios but this is from Smart Life and not bulb specific.

However, the big weak point of this bulb is its power in color ... While the white is very bright and warm (it is also variable in intensity but not in heat), as soon as we switch to the color, the intensity luminous fall exceptionally. So even at 100% visibility is much less. This can be a disadvantage for some, not for others, but while colors are often less bright than whites, it is rarely that much. The colors are dull, without intensities or luminosity… See on the 2 photos below, it is quite obvious.

To conclude, this E27 multicolored connected bulb is quite average if not for the quality of its finish and that of its unique white. Also note a very big strong point that made us test it: the fact that the brand takes the bulb back from you within 45 days without justification and you guarantee it for two years! Is it due to the quality of the finish that the manufacturer is ready for this? But does that compensate for its color gaps? Up to you…

YUANGUO Connected E27 bulb, 7W








Application (skill Alexa)


Price quality



  • 2-year warranty and 45-day return without justification
  • Very qualitative aspect

The lessers

  • Far too dull and bland colors
  • One warmth of white
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