Zemi testsmart : a ZigBee switch without neutral and without worries!

Alexians come back to those damn connected switches so problematic in France. In a previous test, we presented you with a Zemi built-in connected switchsmart operating without neutral. One of the few available in France. The advantages of this type of product are however clear: managing a chandelier of 3 or 5 bulbs is not always easy, certain forms of bulbs are not easily found in connected, just like certain unavailable powers, lamps in series can also be problematic ...

We come back with something new in our bag, including a switch from the same brand with two advantages over the previous test: it works in ZigBee (it won't overload your Wi-Fi, but you need a Hub) and it does not require the installation of a capacitor. This switch is available in single, double and triple ways. Sold between € 19,78 and € 22,18 depending on the number of routes, except promotion, it's a whole new product tested exclusively by Les Alexiens !

ZigBee switch without neutral: a superb design

Our switch is packed in a neutral white cardboard without any specific identification, as the brand is used to. Inside, it remains well protected. We find there thelight switch, for an installation guide in english and two screws. The guide is quite detailed and explains the installation of a bridge (see also this ZigBee Tuya hub test / Smart Life for the procedure) and that of the switch. Indeed, as stated above, ZigBee products require the use of a dedicated gateway. THE'Echo Show 2 or the Plus also have a hub, but compatibility is not systematic between all ZigBee products.

Design level, it's really a very nice surprise. The Alexians

Design level, it's really a very nice surprise. We are on a switch that is out of the ordinary with its aluminum frame, rounded at the corners. The facade is in 8,6cm side tempered glass, with a white background, and has between one and three pressure zones depending on the number of channels. The depth is 3,4 cm including 1 cm front. It is quite sober and elegant, we like it a lot!

As with most connected switches, the "buttons" are used both to turn the light on and off by pressing a pallet of conductive material. We are not on springs, to avoid inadvertent ignition. The mechanical part is therefore limited to the maximum for avoid premature aging of elements, but electronic problems can take over. No system is perfect. For those who know, we are on a system identical to that of roller shutters with the difference that there is one "button" per channel. In our case, it is a double track that has been tested, but with a single installation in series.

It is quite sober and elegant, we like it a lot! The Alexians

The depth of the transplanting block isabout 2,5 cm (therefore depth suitable for French boxes), but as you can see, the transplanting block is square in shape with a side of about 5,5 cm. This can be problematic, even prohibitive in some cases, because there is only a small enough passage left to insert the switch into the flush-mounting box. This is THE problem with this product.

For the rest, nothing more standard: as no neutral, only phase arrivals are available. The transplanting blocks have a depth of 5 mm, which makes it possible not to strip the wires too much and to hold the cable well. No complaints.

At the level of technical characteristics : it works on alternating current 100-240V, 50 60-Hz and nominal power from 10 to 200 W. Her consumption as such is 0,3 W max. Avoid locations over 90% RH. Regarding the Wi-Fi connection: 2.4 GHz only, IEEE802.11b / g / n.

Fred, one of our readers whom we thank for this information, informs us that Zemismart now delivers the switches with a capacitor to avoid any flickering or residual brightness! Another good point, therefore, switches without neutral often having this drawback on certain installations.

ZigBee switch without neutral: an extremely simple installation!


The installation is no problem, really no, but respect a minimum of safety rules: cut the power or take a good life insurance. The Alexians

The installation is no problem, really no, but respect a minimum of safety rules: cut the power or take a good life insurance. The diagram to follow is really very simple because it plugs in like a standard switch. Connect the phase of your circuit to L et the return phase of your lamp on L1. That's all. If you have a double switch, the connection will be a little different (L, L1 for the first and L2 for the second) ...

Be careful, there is a caveat that the switch does not support fluorescent lamps. In our case, we installed it on a circuit with one LED and two halogens, without any problem. Avoid CFLs, but for once, the best is to try (changing a bulb is not bad, if your light allows it). You will notice that unlike our first switch test without neutral, there is no need for a capacitor, and therefore no manipulation to be done on your luminaire or its arrival.

In ten minutes, it's folded. If all is well done, the switch has a slight self-lighting in blue color. In fact, the “off” channel will be lit and will turn colorless when the light is on. It is a good system for locating the switch in the dark and in principle, with the light on, there is no need to locate it. If, on the other hand, you don't have a light when you turn on the power again, there was a problem with the wiring, a loose terminal or you blew everything up. If and only if everything works well (you can press the pressure areas without the faceplate to test but be careful not to touch the circuit, it stings a bit), you can tighten everything and put the cover in place.

ZigBee switch without neutral: use via Smart Life and a Hub

To use the switch, you need a ZigBee Tuya bridge. We used that of the brand Zemismart, which you will find here how to get started. To install the switch, it's very simple. First of all, press one of the "buttons" for a few seconds to enter pairing mode. It will blink. Then in Smart life, go to the pictogram your Hub, on the first page, and press "Add a sub-element". The app will take care of the rest, and that very quickly as you can see on the video, it cut my whistle.

Once installed, you will see that your switch will display 1, 2 or 3 virtual buttons that will have to be renamed in the application. You can also give the switch a general name if you want to turn everything off and on at once. Thanks to the app, you can set up timers for the switch or have it come on at certain times. You also have the possibility, via the scenarios, to turn it on or off at particular times of the day (sunset for example) or in specific situations (closing the shutters and switching on the light in the process). With Alexa, you are free to let yourself be tempted by a routine which is going well.

The very good surprise is that with the bridge, our switch goes up directly under Alexa and is controllable by voice without having to do scenarios and routines as is sometimes the case with unrecognized ZigBee elements. We refer you to the video to see in practice the installation and control of this product.

In use, there is no problem. It's extremely responsive thanks to the ZigBee. It's truly pleasent. In physics (useful if you don't want to talk or there's a network outage), it's instantaneous. It is ultimately a device that functions as a mechanical switch and, by network, with a very low latency.

To conclude, this switch is an excellent product: it works without neutral, it does not need a capacitor, it is very easy to install and it is very stylish. Usable on all installations other than CFLs, the real weak point is the size and shape of its transplanting block which can pose a problem. The price is also very attractive for a product of this quality, like Zemismart knew how to get used to it. Available on AliExpress at € 21 on average, it is an excellent quality / price ratio!

Earthsmart - Tuya Zigbee Hub

NS. 20 €









Price quality



  • Easy installation
  • Price
  • No neutral!
  • No capacitor!

The lessers

  • Transplant block format
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