Zemi testsmart : a ZigBee remote control for your Tuya scenarios

Our opinion on the Zemi remote controlsmart

Earthsmart - ZigBee remote control

Earthsmart - Tuya Zigbee wireless stage switch - 18 stage remote control

Price on: July 6, 2022 10 h 06 min

If you are looking to simply "automate" your home, you are no doubt familiar with scenarios, those little logical conditions that allow you to perform an action such as opening shutters at sunrise. You can also create one to control by voice or in a simpler way a device that does not have certain functionalities (bulbs not going up under the voice assistants, impossible to change power…). The scenarios are very practical and can be activated by voice with Alexa or via the application, but it can sometimes be interesting to launch them physically. And that's what Zemismart offers with his scene switch or scenario remote control.

Even if it does not look like much, with its 6 buttons and their 3 actions, you can manage fingers 18 scenes that you will have created. Sold between 15 and 23 €, let's see what it's worth.

ZigBee Zemi remote controlsmart : unboxing

For this test, we had in our hands a model not intended for sale, especially by the fact that it did not have an indication on the buttons and that the central design was not finalized. Likewise, the packaging was not the final product and there was no notice. We will therefore not go into these points.

The remote control itself is relatively small and quite unappealing. We are on a square of 4,9 cm side for 12 mm thickness for 27 grams. You will also have a bracket that you can attach to the wall (no screws provided) in order to use it as a real switch, or almost. This support is 7,9 cm square and its shape allows the "zapette" to be placed and removed easily.

But let's be clear, everything is cheap with a very average quality plastic and finishes that could have been better (a little visible deburring). Likewise, the design is not really sought after with the central circle (which cannot be used) and the 6 buttons around it. The final versions with Roman numerals around the edge give a better visual though.

The switch works with two CR2032 batteries which are not provided. You will therefore have to install them by removing the rear shell, using a flat screwdriver. You will take the opportunity to see that there is a small button under the right battery that will be used for reset of the product and therefore to its installation. You will also have access to it with a fine point without removing the cover through the small dedicated hole.

ZigBee Zemi remote controlsmart : installation and use

This ZigBee remote control is compatible with ZigBee Tuya hubs. So we used the Hub Zemismart wireless. You can try with proprietary protocol hubs (Hue for example) but it won't work.

The set-up is quite simple. Firstly, press the reset button for 5 seconds in back. You will see a small red LED flashing on the front panel. This means that the module is entered pairing mode and it is from there that you can move on to recognition.

Then open your Tuya app or Smart life, select your hub, add " sub-elements »And the application will search for them directly once you confirm that everything is flashing. Once found, you will be able to give it the name of your choice.

As such, there is nothing you can do with it. We will therefore have to come and associate each button with a scenario. Thus, you can come and control any device found under your Tuya application / Smart Life, ZigBee or Wi-Fi.

Each button of the ZigBee remote control can be configured on 3 actions:

  • Short press,
  • Long press
  • Double click

To associate a scenario with it, on the home page of the switch, put you on the desired button ("Button 1", 2 ...) and press " AddIntelligence ”(Or“ add information, information… ”). Then choose the activation type and come create your scenario. If you don't know how to do it, we refer you to our tutorial Smart life, with the difference that the entry door for the creation of scenes that can be used with the button are created via the button and not via the general mode of the application. In our case, we made a scenario to light a group of bulbs.

If you have the skill Smart Life or Tuya activated, the scenario goes back directly under Alexa. Does this mean that the remote control can be controlled by voice (it says in the specifications that it is compatible with Alexa)? This is not true in the sense that it is the scenes that go back, like any that you can create with Smart Life (provided the option is activated). Thus, it is possible to activate a scenario by saying " Alexa, active "scenario X ". But it works even without a remote control.

You therefore have no configuration limit except for the 18 possibilities, which is huge ! This is very useful if you have a connected device that is difficult to control by voice. For example, you can start your robot vacuum cleaner in power 2 and washing by pressing button 1, turn on the air conditioning at 20 ° c with a double click... And, if you don't want to use Alexa by voice because it is late for example, you can press a button to turn on your living room.

In use, this ZigBee remote control is responsive and this is appreciable. The difficulty we found is the fact that the double click is not easy to master and that very often, you have to do it several times. But that seems to have been improved with the versions on sale right now.

Watch the test in detail with this video, and do not forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel… and to like the video of course!

In conclusion, Zemismart offers us a new product so she has the secret: inexpensive and innovative. Indeed, ZigBee remote controls are quite rare, but those with 18 possibilities are almost impossible to find on Tuya, except this one! It is a product, which fails to be design and qualitative in terms of its finishes and materials, will delight automation fans. It offers huge customization possibilities on condition of going through Tuya or Smart Life, in Wi-Fi or in ZigBee. The double click is a bit finicky, but it doesn't interfere with the use when you've got the hang of it. For this price, you would be wrong to deprive yourself of it. Practical and versatile, you will inevitably find a use for this ZigBee remote control.
Did i choose Alexa or did she choose me? Let's say that as a beta tester, it's a bit of both! And I do not regret having met our favorite assistant nor this adventure undertaken with Alexien Modo. Technophile, self-taught and loving popularization, I try to make our common passion easy to access!