Aqara launches its European servers and its connected T1 ZigBee 3.0 socket

You know if you follow us diligently, we greatly appreciate the Aqara brand for its quality products. We have been talking about it for several months and the time has finally arrived: Aqara has just launched its European servers for its home application Aqara Home. Already available on Xiaomi Home servers, the Aqara home automation is now unbridled and fully efficient in Europe thanks to these new servers. Taking advantage of this event, the brand adds to its panel of connected objects the Aqara T1 EU ZigBee 3.0 connected plug which will not be ported to Xiaomi servers. Let's see what it's all about!

Aqara Home: launch of the application and servers in Europe

It's been done since yesterday: Aqara officially opened its European servers and the Aqara Home application to all its users in the old continent. Available on Android et iOS, the application is finally revealed to us and allows the use of all devices compatible with the EU-gateway.

Tried at the start of the year, the launch will have experienced some delays due to the global health crisis and the difficulty for the Chinese company to fully comply with our very demanding General Data Protection Regulation, better known by its acronym. GDPR.

If European users of Aqara connected objects were previously invited to use Xiaomi Home servers, the company now offers us unlock all features of its connected objects by using them with the application Aqara Home.

Among the advantages of the Aqara Home application and its European server, we note in particular:

  • the presence of more parameters : adjustable times for the conditions of the Aqara door and window sensor, for example,
  • la support for voice assistants Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, or the integration of third-party services such as Sonos,
  • la support for some devices which are not available on other systems (the Aqara T1 connected socket Smart Plug for example, and others in the future ...),
  • a connection faster and more stable.

Aqara T1 EU Smart Plug: a ZigBee 3.0 connected socket

Along with the launch of European servers, the company is also announcing in Europe its Aqara T1 EU connected plug Smart Plug long awaited. Like all the most recent Aqara products, this connected socket uses the protocol Zigbee 3.0, which makes it more complete in terms of compatibility and connectivity, and also allows it to offer even lower latency.

The T1 EU plug has a maximum power of 2300W, which makes it compatible with a large majority of household appliances, including the most energy-intensive electric heaters. Equipped with protection against overvoltage and against overheating, the Aqara T1 EU connected plug provides maximum protection.

In addition, this compact and attractive model offers the monitoring of electricity consumption allowing you to view detailed reports that can help us save significant amounts of money on our electricity bills.

We will come back very soon to all Aqara news and in particular on the ZigBee hub, the brand specifying that it brings great importance to the European market and promises us many new features in the months to come.
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