#FrenchDays The Jeedom Atlas ZigBee home automation box at a reduced price

It is one of the most appreciated products by users of: the Jeedom Atlas home automation box. In addition to being 100% local, the solution is also from us. From Made in France on promotion for a few days with our partner Domadoo, the French specialist in home automation e-commerce. What to concoct a home connected to the small onions!

Jeedom Atlas: the ZigBee box at a reduced price

We often tell you about it in our tests, the new Jeedom Atlas home automation box has more than one trick up its sleeve. More powerful than a Raspberry Pi or an Odroid, the latest generation of the French box is equipped with a powerful hardware with a latest generation processor and a 32 GB eMMC storage which offers perfect stability to its optimized version of Jeedom. Embarking a ZigBee gateway with a high gain antenna, it is the ideal solution to embark on a 100% local home automation.

Although still very recent, the Jeedom Atlas ZigBee box is only 224.10€ for the French DaysEither 10% discount allowing you to save 24.90€. An offer to seize as soon as possible!
Jeedom Atlas test: the plug and play box that simplifies home automation

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