With “Look and talk” on Nest Hub Max, a look is enough to activate Google Assistant

This is an interesting new feature that has just appeared on the latest beta version of the application. Google Home with the appearance of look-and-talk functionality which allows you to activate listening to Google Assistant by simply watching its Nest Hub Max.

Watch your Nest Hub Max to activate Google Assistant

Already spotted by a user in October 2020 as "Blue Steel", the feature Nest Hub Max “Look and Talk” just arrived on the latest beta version of the application Google Home (version 13.14). Thanks to it, users can trigger the Assistant to listen without having to say its name, just by looking at the connected screen, up to 1 meters away.

Great, but how does it work? According to 9to5Google, Google explains that “Your device relies on camera detection and analyzes your video to determine if you want to activate your assistant. The Assistant may activate when you didn't expect it to, if it incorrectly detects that you want its help. Your video is processed on the device and not sent to Google's servers. » The blog post states that “The assistant also uses Face Match and Voice Match, so Look and Talk will work just for you. »

New postings on Google Nest Hub coming soon?

Obviously, this interesting novelty concerns only the Nest Hub Max, then that it is the only device in the range to have a camera to date. Also, you won't be surprised to learn that the feature is currently only available for beta testers in the United States. When will it be available to everyone? It is likely to be within the year, perhaps with the arrival of the future NestHub 3 with detachable touch pad. In the meantime, we let you discover the functionality with Jan Boromeusz's video.

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