Tutorial Amazon Fire TV Stick: install NordVPN to overcome the limitations

Le Fire TV Stick 4K is without a doubt one of the best video streaming solutions today, with a quite unbeatable quality / price ratio. But, despite being a subscriber to many perfectly legal streaming services, you may experience some frustration about not having access to all of the content on your platform. The solution? It's NordVPN!

Likewise, there may be times when you want "Listen to ostis of good films" that you can't find with us, or even wanting to use your HDMI dongle in a hotel or vacation rental without risking your credentials leaking and exposing your equipment to hackers. In short, you may have understood, we are talking about the idea of ​​calling on a VPN for Fire TV Stick !

Eh? What's that? It's all done!

According to our dear Wikipedia, a virtual private network, VPN in English or VPN according to theQuebec office of the French language1, East a system allowing to create a direct link between remote computers, which isolates their exchanges from the rest of the traffic taking place on telecommunication networks public. This term is used in particular in remote work, as well as in the context ofcloud computing. In short, to sum up, it is a computer program that allows you to secure your transmissions… And above all to hide or choose the origin. It is this last point that will interest us here.

Obviously, Les Alexiens can not encourage you to misuse it and remind you that, no one being supposed to ignore the law, you remain fully responsible for the use that you can make of this tutorial and that we decline all responsibility for possible illegal practices. Our examples below are only intended to help expats to be able to continue to benefit from their services abroad, or to everyone of secure your exchanges and to be free from any follow-ups by content providers. Big Bother doesn't like it, but who cares! : )

Prerequisite: have a Amazon Fire TV Stick

We talk about it regularly: the key to streamingAmazon is ideal for connecting all televisions as we regularly explain in our tutorials and tests Amazon Fire TV.

Why use a VPN?

  1. Security : the use of a VPN is particularly recommended, not to say essential, on public Wi-Fi networks: hotels, bars, restaurants, libraries, train stations and airports. Indeed, open Wi-Fi networks are real playgrounds for hackers who wish to access your personal data, sometimes just for fun, but more often with bad intentions.
  2. Access French services from abroad and vice versa: more and more services are setting up geographic restrictions, including television channels, video streaming platforms like Netflix or Prime Video, music services like Spotify or Amazon Music Unlimited, and generally even banks! If you are traveling or living abroad, it may therefore be worthwhile to bypass this limitation. Note, however, that connections from abroad to consult your bank account in France may be interpreted as hacking attempts. So be careful.
  3. Overcome limitations: access the Internet without limitation in certain countries which filter communications such as China, to name but one, and secure your connection by encrypting it end to end.

NordVPN on Fire TV Stick: a simple, fast and cheap VPN

Install a VPN on your Fire TV StickIt is NordVPN that we have chosen as an example today. Why? Because it is one of the fastest and most reliable VPNs on the market, because the company has more than 5 servers in 660 countries, but also because NordVPN does not store our data as evidenced by its certification following its audit by PricewterhouseCoopers.

In addition, NordVPN is of a childish simplicity to put in place since it offers apps for all platforms : Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Android TV and therefore Fire TV. Usually you just need to install it and click on "Connect" for secure the device where you installed the app. We could not manage to be simpler!

There are free VPNs, but be aware that they do not guarantee any real protection of your privacy, most of them collecting your data to resell it to third parties. As we often say, when it's free, you are the product! In addition, none are certified and most have weak encryption protocols, bandwidth limits and a meager choice of servers.

NordVPN offers

NordVPN offers 4 offers simple and readable for individuals. They are decreasing according to the duration chosen, falling to the modest sum of 3.11 € / month to secure up to 6 devices. A straw !

  1. 1 month subscription: ideal for testing secure browsing with a VPN or for going on a trip, it will cost you 10.64 € / month.
  2. 1 year subscription: payable in one go, the 1 year offer is available at 74.65 € instead of € 127.63 if you opt for a monthly payment, i.e. 6.22 € / month and a saving of 41% compared to the monthly offer.
  3. 2-year subscription: payable in one go, the 2-year subscription costs 106.59 € or 4.44 € / month and a saving of 41% compared to a monthly payment.
  4. 3-year subscription: this is obviously the most interesting since it allows you tosave 70% compared to the monthly payment. Offered at € 111.82 excluding VAT instead of € 382.88, it costs you € 3.11 / month. This is the most popular subscription because it secures all transmissions for 50 cents per month per device.


“As we often say, when it's free, you are the product! " The Alexians

Installing NordVPN on Fire TV Stick

  1. Subscribe to NordVPN. From 3.11 € / month for a 3-year subscription
  2. Turn on your Fire TV Stick 4K
  3. Find the app on Fire TV or simply click on "Ship to" and choose your compatible device (s) Directly on Amazon. Fr.
  4. Log in with your NordVPN credentials
  5. Accept the request which will allow NordVPN to configure a VPN connection. A small black key will appear at the top of your screen while browsing when the VPN is activated (not during video playback, don't worry).
  6. Select your preferred country to connect to a VPN.
  7. Launch an app streaming media of your choice!

Well done, you are now browsing in a completely secure way on NordVPN's virtual private network. As you will see below, you can discover new content ... 😉
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