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Winter is coming! And it can be cold, very cold… And it can be expensive, very expensive… The Alexiens will give you the usual recommendations on good insulation of the attic, windows and other, because the editorial staff is totally incompetent on this point, but we are going to show you one of the ways to save money: the connected thermostat!

For this tutorial, we took the Nest 2, why? Because following the release of the Nest 3, you can find it at a relatively affordable price and it has a lot of advantages. This tutorial will give you some ideas for the connection (even if it is advisable to have it done by a professional so as not to freeze to death this winter) and for the configuration.

The installation of Nest learning

What do we find in the box? Nest learning, wall mount with bubble level, wall plate, Heat Link, USB plug and cable. There is of course also an installation guide!



There are two ways to plug in the Nest: either to the location of an old thermostat or to a wall plug (hence the presence in the pack, but can be used if you buy a stand later). This is the first solution that will be presented.

First of all, it is necessary to turn off the boiler and dismantle the old thermostat. Check that the arrival is on 12 V. The real first step of the installation will consist in connecting the Heat Link. It is this box which will give the instructions to the boiler. It is therefore directly connected to it. It will be attached to the boiler and the power supply. It may be necessary to cut the power cable and put a domino link / boiler / socket. It is then connected to the boiler control system (in our case, we connect to the domino already in place because there was already a thermostat).


The link is finally connected to the wiring going to the old thermostat. It is of course necessary to fix the Link next to the boiler.



The next step is to fix the thermostat as such. To do this, attach the protective plate and put the Nest support on it, leveling it well and making the connections. When everything is ready, you can insert the thermostat there.


Now get started!



The Nest 2 isn't tactile, it works by rotating the outer ring and pressing the screen, like a push button.

First, turn it on by pressing and turning the ring to select the parameters. From there, in the parameters, you will be led to choose the location in the house (bedroom, living room ...) but this is only of real interest if you have several zones, as well as the units, the places ... but most importantly, the Wi-Fi. Select your network and enter the code by turning the ring and pressing to select the letter or number… Quite tedious if the Wi-Fi mdp is long and varied…

Once connected, there is an update and a restart of the Nest.

There you go, your thermostat is online and functional. You can then make a number of adjustments directly on the Nest, but the easiest way is to do it on the app. Smartphone, the information will be transferred to the thermostat via the internet.



Pairing with the Nest app and the "Works with nest" skill

We recommend that you download the Nest app before setting up your thermostat and set it up while your thermostat is updating.

You will first have to create an account (email and mdp) and then set up your home (the interest is for the rest, at the level of self-absence).

You can also choose to receive your monthly consumption.


The next step is to add your Nest hardware to your app. For that, either by scanning a DR-code, or, the most complete, by adding it manually. This is what we are going to do. Press the + and then press "continue without scanner". Then select your Nest learning thermostat.

There are two types of thermostat, you have to select the right one. Then choose start the installation. You will have to enter a unique thermostat code by following the application procedure. First, choose the Heat Link.



And there you have it, once the installation is complete, your thermostat appears on the home page of the application. By clicking on it, you can now access various parameters so the set temperature and the desired programming. By going to the parameter section, you can activate the management mode for absences, family (if no one is at home, the heating turns off), eco ...



To set up the programming, we recommend that you do it on the website, which is more practical than the application and the thermostat itself.


You can already use your thermostat with your smartphone. Now, to use it by voice, you need to activate the skill "Works with nest". Enter your email if you are not already recognized. Alexa will then detect your thermostat which will appear in the list of connected devices under an English name. You can rename it by going to settings. Choose the right one to allow you easier voice control.


Your Nest Thermostat is now connected and ready to use with Alexa. You can already ask him for the temperature in the room, to put in absence mode, to switch on, to switch off or to set to a given temperature. And that's enough to spend a nice winter, but that's another story.
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