Skills Tutorial Alexa in French: to change skills store

A question comes up very frequently on the Alexiens Facebook community: how to change the language of your skills store Alexa. But, while Alexians love to come to the aid of new members of the community, it can sometimes be tempting to repeat the same thing over and over again. This is why we have decided to make you a short tutorial On the question. You will see, nothing too complicated in all of this… Follow the guide!

If your skills are in English, for example, and if you want to use Alexa in French with French skills, you need change the settings for the country of residence on Amazon. Fr.

Go to:

Your Account > Digital content and devices> Content and devices> Preferences> Country and region settings.

Once on this page, select France for the French skills store, or United States for the skills store US (Amazon. Com).

Attention, be sure to deactivate your routines before changing blinds! Indeed, these will no longer be available in your application. Alexa, but will continue to function regardless. You will understand that this can be unfortunate. Thanks to Romain, a reader, who drew our attention to the subject.

You can now access the French skills store. If, however, you still have some difficulty, do not hesitate to join us on our Facebook group to talk about it. There will always be an Alexian at your service.
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