Alexa et Amazon Echo : how to disable eavesdropping and erase recordings

Confidentiality on Amazon Echo et Alexa : delete your dataIf there is one subject that is making the headlines in the media, it is privacy of voice assistants. Accused, sometimes unfairly, of being a threat to our privacy, they record your voice commands before sending them to the cloud where they are stored.

You can of course physically mute the microphones of your Echo speakers even hide the camera on the Echo Show thanks to a button present on all the most recent models, but Amazon went even further by allowing you toerase your recordings Alexa, or even never save anything.

Although it is strongly advised to leave them to allow Alexa to get to know you better and above all to understand you, know that these short recordings can be used to improve services through human intervention. In other words, they can, for a tiny minority of them obviously, be listened to actively by employees ofAmazon.

Google and Apple are doing the same, because it is necessary to improve the artificial intelligences which, as you can imagine, feed on data to learn how to better understand us and above all serve us better. In fact, if you have already gone through the pages relating to privacy and the processing of personal data, you can neither ignore it nor blame Amazon et al for hiding this fact from you.

Update : May the 26 2022

Alexa & Amazon Echo : how to turn off listening and erase voice recordings

Since arriving in France, Alexa has always allowed listening and erasing its sound clips. The feature was already present in beta. Nothing new in the battalion therefore, except thatAmazon has greatly improved its portal « Alexa and my personal information " and now allows you to easily configure your personal assistant to protect your confidential information, or even "defense secrets". Little is known, but many users ofAlexa indeed work for the secret services and hold highly sensitive information!

To find out all about the subject, go to your application Alexa :

  1. Go to More at the bottom right ;
  2. See you in " Settings " ;
  3. Select « Alexa and your personal information " ;
  4. At the bottom of the page, select “Manage your data Alexa » ;
  5. You can adjust some settings such as :
    • voice suppression : which allows you to say " Alexa, delete what I just said” for example;
    • the retention period of the recordings : keeping certain recordings is useful in the short term, so you can decide to delete them after 6 months for example;
    • home automation history : these are the interactions related to your devices smart home linked to Alexa ;
    • help to improveAlexa : as beta testers, we have seen that these recordings are invaluable and really help to improve the understanding ofAlexa, but feel free to disable this setting. You can manage this setting for each family member.

Voice history: delete your conversations with Alexa

To control everythingAlexa save, click « Consult the history voice ».

In this menu, you can choose to delete some requests or recordings that you consider undue, for example, in particular those that have not resulted in any action and which may be snippets of daily life.

To do this, simply expand each of the entries, or make multiple selections to clear several. Additionally, you will notice a button "Activate voice suppression". The latter allows you to do without the application Alexa to perform these operations and ask directly to Alexa.

If you turn on voice suppression, then all you have to do is tell Alexa :

  • « Alexa, delete what I just said”;
  • « Alexa, delete everything I said today ”.

Home automation history: actions on your Amazon Echo and your compatible devices Alexa

Alexa receives ongoing information about the status and use of your third-party home devices, such as your connected sockets, your smart light bulbs, or your thermostats and others robot vacuum cleaners. A button offers you to delete everything. Radical!

Be careful, once again, deleting everything can alter your user experience.

Skills permissions

So few skills Alexa ultimately access our personal informations, you can still see what each can see if you haven't taken the time to read it and have given your permissions to the skill too quickly. It is surely the thing to be, in fact, the most careful even if many are unchecked by default. AlthoughAmazon does not allow developers to have extensive access to data collected by Alexa, some skills can indeed collect a certain amount of data. While the goal is usually to provide you with highly personalized service, it's good to know exactly what it's all about.

Note, however, thatAmazon thoroughly examines each of the skills submitted to him before you publish them and many developers will tell you that the approval process is far from easy. Suffice to say that you are unlikely to find skills Alexa really intrusive. Also, most of these permissions are not granted by default and it may be good, on the contrary, to give them to benefit from a more efficient service.

Participate (or not) in the improvement ofAlexa

Many users today finding Alexa largely fairly efficient, they will probably consider it superfluous to help it improve. It must be said that our voice assistant borders on perfection and has only a few flaws.

Amazon therefore offers you the choice of unchecking two options however essential to the improvement ofAlexa. This is to their credit, and ultimately unlikely to be a handicap for the company, which fortunately benefits from users who are aware that their exchanges with Alexaboring as possible can significantly improve their user experience. Among them, those who took part in the beta tests will confirm this: Alexa has improved dramatically by feeding off our wildest demands.

By unchecking these two options, you fall into the ordinary and do not help either humanity or Alexa, to progress. Yes, just that ! You are free to do so, however.
In conclusion, a little humor never hurts, we have greatly exaggerated popular psychoses, but know that refusing to Alexa to make progress and then complain about it is a bit like abstaining from voting and then criticizing the policy led by elected officials chosen by others. A good hearer!
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